Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting

Top-30-Affordable-Online-Bachelor’s-Degrees-in-Accounting-2016Accounting Degree Review has researched affordable online bachelor’s degrees in accounting and ranked the top 30.  All the programs in the ranking are regionally accredited and the tuition ranges between $5780 to $12,750 annually.

Recommended Online Bachelor’s in Accounting Programs

We thought students who are looking for affordable tuition and a flexible program would find this ranking helpful.  Students will find there are a variety of schools in the ranking such as public, private, not for profit, big and small.

Unlike other universities, Western Governors University is a competency based, nonprofit, online program.  Founded by 19 U.S. Governors, the university has been around since 1997.  The program is designed for adult students who desire to pursue bachelor’s or master’s degrees but a traditional university program does not work for them.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting program at Western Governors University will provide students with knowledge in financial and cost accounting, tax, audit and other accounting areas.  The program is designed for students who want to pursue careers in corporate accounting.

The program is a 121 competency units or equivalent to the traditional credit hour.  The program is designed to be flexible and allow students to choose when and where they complete their coursework.  Once a students shows competency in a subject area, they can move onto the next course.  Students will be assigned a faculty mentor, who will help them design a personalized plan to help them move through the program.

Annual Tuition: $5,780

Chadron State College was founded in 1911 in Chadron, Nebraska. Located in the small town of Chadron the university has about 2300 undergraduate students.  They offer a broad range of online programs such a business, counseling, education and much more.

Program Overview

Chadron State offers two degree options in accounting.  Students have the choice betweens a bachelor of arts with an accounting option or a certified public accounting path.  The accounting option covers courses in accounting information system, cost accounting, personal income tax and more.  The certified public accounting path is designed for students who are interested in sitting for the CPA exam. The program is 150 credit hours including 10 accounting courses to help prepare students pass the CPA exam.

Annual Tuition: $7,380

A public institution, Southern Oregon University (SOU) was founded in 1926.  SOU offers traditional, online and hybrid programs. Students can finish their degree 100% online or choose hybrid courses.  The hybrid course is a combination of online coursework and on-campus or two way video meetings.

Program Overview

Southern Oregon University offers two accounting tracks.  The first option is a public accounting track.  This option is for students who want to choose careers in public, private or government accounting.  The second option is a management accounting track.  This option is for students who are interested in accounting from a management and systems perspective.  Students who are interested in becoming a CPA eventually should look at track one.

Annual Tuition: $7,380


Founded in 1854, Central Methodist University is a private institution.  Located in Fayette, Missouri, they offer learning opportunities ranging from high school dual credit to graduate degrees.  They have over 5200 students enrolled across the state.  Depending on the course you choose, classes run 8 or 16 weeks in length.

Program Overview:

Central Methodist University offers a Bachelor of Accountancy with a integrated approach, so students will be prepared to enter accounting and related fields after graduation.

Students will learn to research financial accounting, tax and audit literature as well as analyze, interpret, and communicate accounting information.

After the program some students will want to pursue different certifications such as the CPA, CMA , or CIA (Certified Internal Auditor).  Students will need to research what requirements are needed for the certifications.  Upon graduation students have also gone to work for a variety of organizations including local, regional, national/international public accounting firms.

Annual Tuition: $7,500


One of the most affordable online schools, Western International University or West cut their tuition by 51% in 2013.  West offers synchronous online sessions along with recorded sessions.  More than 89% of their students attend their school online.

Program Overview:

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting program provides the curriculum needed for students to pursue graduate level course work and professional certifications.  Students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to work in public, private or non-profit accounting fields.

Each state has different requirements to sit for the CPA exam, students should research verify West meets their state requirements.

Annual Tuition: $7,500


Offering more than 350 accredited online classes and 27 accredited online programs, Columbia College is an affordable and convenient way for students to pursue their college education.  They were founded in 1851 and now have nearly 16,000 students who take at least one online class each year.

Program Overview

Students majoring in accounting will need to take 18 credit hours in accounting courses.  The main focus of the program is to prepare students for entry level positions and advancement in a variety of occupations and careers.  The program also prepares students to pursue graduate level studies.

Classes are taught in 8 week sessions, with five sessions offered each year.  Students can start right away because multiple sessions are offered.

Annual Tuition: $8,250

Located in Bemidji, Minnesota, Bemidji State University is a public institution.  Bemidji State offers a wide range of bachelors degrees, masters degrees and various online learning options.  For the seventh year in a row, Bemidji State has been ranked one of the best midwest colleges and universities by U.S. News and World Report.

Program Overview

Students can finish the accounting program in as little as two years if they have an AA, BS, or BA degree.  The accounting major requires 71 credits.   Cost Accounting 1 and 2, Accounting Systems, and Business Law 1 and 2 are some of the required courses students will need to take.  Online students receive the same curriculum and is taught by the same faculty as their on-campus peers.  Students in the online program are able to interact personally with the faculty through email, chat, and phone.

Annual Tuition: $8,588

American Military University is the number one provider of education to the U.S. military, but civilians can also attend.  Their asynchronous format allows students to log in and work at their own schedule.  Classes begin every month so students can start earning a degree right away.

Program Overview:

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting is a 122 credit hour program and is 100% online.   The program is reviewed by an advisory council of experts to make sure it is relevant to today’s industry.  Analyzing and preparing financial information, discussing General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and articulating basic knowledge of business and legal terms are some of the objectives students will learn through this program.

Annual Tuition: $8,638

Both American Public University (APU) and American Military University are part of the American Public University System, which is why they both have the same tuition price. Either school is a great choice if you are looking to save money on your online education.

Program Overview

The 122 credit hour accounting program at APU requires students to take 18 credit hours in major courses and 36 credits in core courses.  Students will take Intermediate Accounting I, II, and III, Auditing, Tax, and Cost Accounting.  Upon completing core and major course requirements, students will need to take a course called Senior Seminar in Accounting.  This course is designed to examine a number of real world cases using the knowledge they gained in their completed accounting courses.

Annual Tuition: $8,638

One of New Jerseys 11 senior public institutions, Thomas Edison State University was founded in 1972.  They offer Associates degrees, bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as professional certificates online.

Program Overview

Thomas Edison State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in accounting for students who wish to become accountants and auditors.  They also offer a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting/CPA for students pursuing a CPA certification.  The program provides students with knowledge in financial, managerial, cost accounting, analyzing earnings performance and auditing.  Students will also understand the principles of finance and business.

Annual Tuition: $9,352

A non-profit private institution, Southern New Hampshire University is one of the fastest growing universities in the country.  They have over 3,000 students on-campus and over 60,000 online students.  Since 1932, they have been renovating higher education tirelessly and have gained national recognition.

Program Overview

Southern New Hampshire University offers a Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a concentration in forensic accounting or a fast track program.  The accelerated program is designed for students who want to finish their bachelor’s and masters quickly and sit for the CPA exam.  The forensic accounting concentration focuses on detecting fraud and theft in financial records.  This concentration emphasizes analysis of accounting information that directly applies to the workplace.

Students also have the option to receive a bachelor’s degree in accounting finance.  This program will prepare students with financial accounting theories and principles as well as investment and budget strategies of finance.

Annual Tuition: $9,600

A private, Catholic university, Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is located in Standish, Maine.  They were founded in 1912 by the Sisters of Mercy.  They have over 2,000 students currently enrolled online.  They offer degrees on campus as well as online.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting prepares students to work in the field of accounting.  The program prepares students with all the prerequisites to pursue a Master of Accountancy degree if the students wishes to do so.  Students will need to complete 128 credit hours with 25% of it completed at Saint Joseph’s College.  The specialization in accounting requires students to take 5 courses, which consist of Intermediate Accounting I and II, Federal Income Taxes, Managerial and Cost Accounting, and Auditing.

Annual Tuition: $9,640

Situated in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, Clarion University offers classes on campus as well as online.  Ninety-one precent of their students receive some sort of financial aid.  They offer over 100 academic programs.

Program Overview

Clarion University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration  with an emphasis in accounting prepares students for graduate studies, business and law.  Students who specialize in accounting will need to take 24 credit hours.

Annual Tuition: $10,152

Indiana State University was founded in 1865.  They offer over 60 online programs and students will receive the same curriculum as their peers on campus.  Students can access the program any time of day or night and have 24 hour services to aid in course completion.

Program Overview

The online Bachelor of Science in Accounting program prepares students to become a CPA.  The program is 120 credit hours which includes coursework in accounting plus electives in areas like accounting information systems, auditing, and financial and management accounting.  Students will also complete core business courses and the University’s Foundational Studies Program.  The program teaches students critical thinking, leadership and interpersonal and communication skills.  Students have a choice in attending full time or part time.

Annual Tuition: $10,476

Baker College is one the then largest private colleges in the United States. They are the largest, independent, not-for-profit college in Michigan.  They have been around since 1911.

Program Overview

Designed to build a strong foundation for students, the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting is taught by professionals in the field.  The combination of classroom studies and actual work experience, allows students to learn accounting theory with practical applications and business skills.

Online courses are normally six weeks long and students will work on reading and writing assignemts as well as participate in class discussions with classmates and instructors through the computer.  Typically instructors will include questions related to the topic at the end of their lecture.

Annual Tuition: $10,800

A top Christian university, Liberty University has been providing distance education since 1985.  They are the nation’s largest private, non-profit online university.  Liberty offers more than 160 degrees and specializations.  They have more than 90,000 students earning degrees through their online programs.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting program prepares students with the knowledge to think critically and problem solve to come up with solutions to real world problems.  Students will also understand complex accounting issues.  The program is 120 credit hours and 50% of major courses must be taken at Liberty.

Annual Tuition: $11,250

SUNY Empire State College was founded in1971, where they focused on nontraditional teaching and learning.  The school values learning achieved through life and work experience.  They have a process in place to evaluate life experience and learning to award credit if the experience qualifies.

Program Overview

Empire State College offers a Bachelor with a concentration in accounting.  The program is 124 credit hours and students can choose to complete the traditional accounting concentration or choose an individualized concentration to meet their needs.  Depending on their career path the student can choose to  take courses to prepare them for Forensic Accounting, Government, Non-profit Accounting, Internal Auditing, or Management Accounting careers.

Annual Tuition: $11,340


Established in 1890, Washington State University (WSU) is a non-profit, public institution.  Their online program has been around since 1992 and has 1,700 online students.  The program is taught by WSU faculty and instructors.

Program Overview

The College of Business at WSU is accredited by the AACSB.  The online bachelor’s accounting program stresses intellectual and technological innovation.  Students will take core courses in financial management, business strategy, taxation, and auditing.

Students will need to take the university’s common core requirements and then they must take 30 semester credits to become certified in business administration with a concentration in accounting before advancing to upper level business and accounting courses.  Students will be placed in rank order based on their cumulative GPA and the top students will be certified based on the number of spots available that semester.  Students then can proceed to take their business core, accounting core and accounting electives.

Annual Tuition: $11,386

The University of Minnesota, Crookston is one of five campuses in the University of Minnesota system.  The Crookston campus is the first to offer online bachelor’s degrees in the University of Minnesota system.  They are a four year public institution with 900 students enrolled on campus and around 900 students enrolled online.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program provides knowledge about the fundamental and advanced techniques needed to assist clients and firms with financial reports.

The program is 120 credit hours, and 63 of them are required credits within the major.  Students will learn communication, leadership, analytical, and theoretical skills to advance their career in public, private and government sectors.

Annual Tuition: $11,530

A Christian liberal arts university, Belhaven University was founded in 1883.  U.S. News and World Report ranked Belhaven University as one of the Best Online Education Programs in 2016.

Program Overview

The online Bachelor of Science in Accounting program is designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their career.  After taking the 124 credit hour program, students will be able to sit for the CPA in Mississippi.  Students in other states may need to take additional courses to meet the 150 credit hour requirement.  They should contact their state board of public accountancy to make sure they qualify.

Annual Tuition: $11,650

Regent University is a Christian institution founded by Pat Robertson.  They are a private research university.  They are ranked one of the top 20 Best Online Bachelor’s Program by U.S. News and World Report.  Regent offers more than 95 undergraduate and graduate degrees on campus and online.

Program Overview

Regent’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting is a 120 credit hour program.  Students will take 49 credits of general electives, 33 credits of accounting, 18 credits of business core and 20 credits of additional electives.  The program is designed to prepare students to sit for the Virginia CPA exam.  Students in other states will need to find out their state requirements.

Annual Tuition: $11,850

Founded in 1930, Indiana Tech is a comprehensive institution with a wide array of academic programs.  Indiana Tech started offering correspondence courses for adults in 1982.  Today they have over 5,400 students enrolled in their evening/weekend/online undergraduate programs.

Program Overview

Indiana Tech offers a Bachelor of Science in Accounting program with three different ways of earning the degree.  They offer a traditional program, professional studies program which are held in the evenings and weekend, and an online program.

Indiana Tech’s faculty have experience in both the private and public sectors and stay up to date with the latest policies and regulations in accounting.

After graduating from the the undergraduate program students can enroll in Indiana Tech’s MBA with an accounting concentration program.  This program will prepare students to sit for the CPA exam.

Annual Tuition: $11,880

New England College is a four year private institution founded in 1946.  Their campus is located in Henniker, New Hampshire.  Students who enroll in their online programs will get the same comprehensive, high quality curriculum as traditional on-campus students.

Program Overview

New England College offers a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  The program teaches students core strategies, analytical and critical thinking skills, and ethical practices.

The online program provides online chat rooms, streaming videos, discussion boards and email so students can have real time interaction.  Students can also download lectures and watch anywhere.  The online faculty and student support are great ways for students to engage in their educational experience.

The program is 120 credit hours.  Students will take courses such as Cost Accounting, Financial Reporting, financial Accounting and Auditing.  Through this knowledge students can seek jobs as accountants, revenue agents, insurance underwrite and much more.

Annual Tuition: $12,150

Founded in 1920, the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) is a private, not-for-profit institution.  They offer an MBA, one of seven baccalaureate degrees, 11 associate degrees and seven diplomas online.  UNOH’s residential campus is located in Lima, Ohio.

Program Overview

UNOH offers three different bachelor’s degrees for accounting.  Students can choose the Accounting CPA track, Forensic Accounting track, or Accounting track.

The Accounting CPA track is a five year program that gives students the extra credits needed to sit for the CPA exam.  The Forensic Accounting track prepares students to sit for the Certified Fraud Examiner exam.  The third track is Accounting and this program provides an intensive study of the accounting and finance field.

Annual Tuition: $12,150

Limestone College is a four year, Christian liberal arts college.  They were established in 1845 in Gaffney, South Carolina.  Limestone has more than 3,500 students enrolled, making it the largest private regionally accredited university in South Carolina.

Program Overview

Limestone College offers a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.  They offer eight week terms with six terms per year.  Students are able to take two courses each term.

Business Finance, Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, and Business Law are some of the courses students will take in the program.  The program is 123 credit hours.

Annual Tuition: $12,240

Established in 1966, Bellevue University is a private, non-profit institution.  Their main campus is located in Bellevue, Nebraska and they have over 10,000 students enrolled in their 15 campus locations and online.  Bellevue’s transcripts and diplomas are the same for on-campus and online students.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree at Bellevue is a 127 credit hour program.  21 hours of upper level accounting courses must be completed at Bellevue.  The program will provide students with the knowledge needed to enter into professional accounting careers and to prepare for the CPA exam.

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), a reputable accrediting organization for business programs.

Annual Tuition: $12,245

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) is the flagship campus for the Southern Illinois University System.  SIUC was founded in 1869 and is a comprehensive, research university.

Program Overview

SIUC offers a degree completion program for its Bachelor of Science in Accounting that is approximately 60 credit hours.  Students can finish the program in as little as 18 months.  The courses run eight weeks and students can take two courses at a time, but if the load is too much students can take one course at a time.

The SIUC program is accredited by the AACSB, which is a highly sought after accreditation.

Annual Tuition: $12.307

Colorado state University Global is a public university that is 100% online, offering undergraduate and graduate programs.  The global campus was started in 2007 and now have over 10,000 students enrolled.

Program Overview

Students who enroll in the Bachelor or Science in Accounting at Colorado State will gain knowledge in finance, marketing, leadership, economics, legal compliance, and quantitative decision-making.  Students have the option to customize their degree with a specialization in a specific area.  They will take an additional 15 credit hours of upper division courses.  The program has numerous specializations such as Computer Programming, Criminology, and Information technology Management to name a few.

Annual Tuition: $12,570


Established in 1857, Upper Iowa University (UIU) is a private, not-for-profit institution with a residential campus and online programs.  Currently UIU has 1,,206 undergraduate online students enrolled.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting prepares students with knowledge needed to sit for the CPA exam.  Students will learn to  prepare and analyze financial information, understand public and non-profit accounting, and gain knowledge of taxation requirements.

Students who graduate with an accounting degree can find careers in auditing, taxation, corporate accounting and budget analysis.  Sample courses students will take are Financial Accounting, Federal Taxation, and Auditing.

Annual Tuition: $12,690

Located in Hobbs, New Mexico the University of the Southwest (USW) is a private four-year institution founded in 1962.  Students who enroll in their online program can access their courses anytime through the latest technology using blackboard, e/pop web conferencing and MediaCAST.  Students are able to communicate and find support from professors and classmates through a virtual environment.

Program Overview

USW offers a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting.  Students will need 120 credit hours, 41 general electives, 9 institutional requirements, 10 electives, 30 major courses, and 30 emphasis courses.  Sample courses students will take are Computerized Accounting, Cost Accounting, Personal and Corporate Income Tax, and Auditing.

Annual Tuition: $12,750