Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Accounting Degrees 2018

A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting will prepare students for Superhero status.

Don’t believe me? You’ll be crunching numbers by day, helping people financially, keeping small businesses alive, and by night catching white-collar criminals! But wait, it gets better – you’ll make the dreaded “Tax Day” less like a scene out of a horror movie for individuals and families. We all know the tax and legal system is migraine-inducing, so if you can navigate those waters, you will be a great asset to many.

An undergraduate degree in Accounting can also prepare students to seek a graduate degree. Many undergrad Accounting majors move straight on to the Master’s in Accounting. Others may pursue a related major such as Taxation, Finance or Law.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the demand for accounting professionals will continue to rise based on growing populations and globalization. Couple that with an overall larger economy, and it’s clearly not hard to see the need for this career.

And more good news: the employment of accountants, auditors, and other financial professionals is projected to grow 11% from 2014 to 2024, adding nearly 150,000 more jobs in that same time frame. Salary growth (or lack of) is something to consider for long term career planning. While there are opportunities available for students who have earned an associate’s degree, the expected salary can be twice or even three times the amount for those with a four year bachelor’s degree.

Every business, nonprofit, and government entity needs accounting of some kind.

Lastly, there are many choices for online education in the diverse field of Accounting. Earning a Bachelor’s in Accounting online can be a flexible way for working adults to get the skills and education they need to start on this career path. Moving forward with an online grad degree in Accounting can be a smart way to open up even more job opportunity. You’ll find specializations pay far higher salaries than entry level positions.

Accounting Degree Review researched and ranked over 200 online bachelor degree programs. These Top 30 programs are all regionally accredited and affordable. Online tuition for most of the schools was found to be in the range of $200- $500 per credit hour for non residents.

Our Most Affordable rankings are listed in descending order based solely on cost per online credit for non-residents.

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Fort Hays State University

FHSU opened in 1902 as the western branch of the Kansas State Normal School, now known as the Emporia State University. The campus was initially formed on the former Fort Hayes Military Outpost which had not been operational since 1889. FHSU began to move its campus in 1904, when the first building was erected in Hayes, where it began primarily to address the need for an agricultural institution, but quickly developed into a normal school or teacher’s college. In 1951 the entire campus was nearly destroyed by the Great Flood, when the Kansas River took over the town of Hays, and forced students and staff to evacuate in the middle of the night. Since then, FHSU has flourished, and continues to be a model institution for accessible and affordable education with innovative avenues for students to find new ways to thrive.

The Fort Hays State University expresses it’s motto on nearly every programs website, “Forward Thinking, World Ready,” which holds an absolute relevance in their online Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting Degree Program. This program prepares students for a successful career path in accounting related fields, in both the public and private sectors, including governmental positions, as well as financial, auditing, among many others. Graduates of this program will walk away the the credentials and experience to forge a path in the accounting industry in an entry level position. All 124 hours of coursework are offered online, and although the program is new, it holds the same reputation as the high quality in-person Accounting program at FHSU.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $213
Accreditation: HLC


Western Governors University

Western Governors University is a private, nonprofit institution, that specifically offers online programming. WGU is a collaboration by the state and the University, designed to offer greater post-secondary access to Indiana state residents in 1997. They have since become nationally known, and serve students throughout the United States. WGU is known for the adaptive technology that is employed in their mentor-guided online learning model that allows students to contribute their lived experiences to advance their coursework. Each student has access to a personal mentor who is available for one-one-one coaching and support throughout the student’s academic journey.

This program gives graduates everything they need to successfully enter the accounting field as an auditor, tax accountant, or staff accountant. The program is designed to meet the needs of busy adult professionals, as the schedule is flexible, and specifically accommodates students who have already completed some college coursework and/ or have worked in the accounting field, with a goal of achieving a BS to take their experience farther. Students must have the capacity to devote a minimum of 15 hours of work per week to be successful in the program. One exciting component of the program is the required capstone project, that not only shines on a resume, but also provides a real world outlet for students to apply all of the learning they have gleaned from their coursework.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $240
Accreditation: NWCCU


American Public University System

American Public University and American Military University have collaborated to form the private online institution called American Public University System (APUS). Their corporate and academic offices are in Manassas and Charleston Virginia. APUS has many degree offerings, which include associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s, as well as dual degrees and certificate accreditation programs. Over half of the students that participate in APUS programming have served in the military, many of which use their GI benefits towards their education. This institution was originally founded to attend to the unique needs of military personnel, including coursework in counterterrorism efforts and military intelligence, and classes consisted of correspondence work, making the transition to online learning in 1998.

The online accounting program at APUS was designed for students to learn how to address complex accounting inquiries and industry needs, and gives students a comprehensive background in research, practical skills and theoretical accounting related concepts. This program has earned a specialized ACBSP accounting accreditation, and was designed in collaboration with leaders in this incredibly in-demand field. The coursework is up-to-date with industry trends, giving students all of the necessary skills and tools to be successful in the many relevant accounting career paths. There is no application fee, and prospective students must have a high school diploma to meet application eligibility.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $270
Accreditation: ACBSP


University of Northwestern Ohio

The University of Northwestern Ohio, also known as UNOH, is located in Lima, Ohio, and is a private, nonprofit university with open admissions. The campus boasts 200 scenic acres, and the student population represents all 50 states, plus 16 other countries. The university opened their doors to students in 1920, and slowly developed the five colleges that exist today, including: College of Applied Technologies, College of Business, College of Health Professions, College of Occupational Professions, and the Graduate College. Online degrees are available in most disciplines. UNOH is known as an entrepreneurial institution, intended to provide students with access and accreditations for successful entrance to the workforce.

As CPAs are in such high demand, and act as critical advisors every business and organization, UNOH is committed to offering the best for their students success in climbing to the top of the field. This program invites students to transfer an associate’s degree from another accredited institution in the area, as they want to work with each individual and their particular educational and life experiences to be successful. The curriculum gives participants an opportunity to engage many learning styles, as there are a range of instructional techniques employed, including effective application of technology, applied skill development, effective communication strategies, and sustained personal attention.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $275
Accreditation: ACBSP


Athens State University

Originally known as the Athens Female Academy, founded in 1822 and became co-educational, changing its name in 1931 to Athens College, and then Athens State University in 1998. Located in the heart of Athens, Alabama, ASU is an upper-level, two-year university. They offer 33 different majors to juniors and seniors from three distinct colleges including Arts and Sciences, Education, and Business. The campus is named in the National Register of Historic Places, and the on campus building Founders Hall is specifically noted on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage. The school’s mascot is Hebrew the Bear, and they have a student population of approximately 3,500 students per semester.

The accounting program at Athens State University is offered both online and in person. The online program is proud to offer the same level and quality of education as the traditional classroom-based program. Online students will have access to recorded lectures, personal attention from faculty who have a tremendous amount of skills and experience in the field, and use of innovative technology as a learning tool. Students who complete the coursework will have everything they need to for the Certified Public Accounting Exam in the state of Alabama. Students are also invited to take the accounting minor, which does not, however, meet the requirements to sit for the exam.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $284
Accreditation: ACBSP


West Virginia State University

West Virginia State University, generally referred to as “State,” or “West Virginia State,” is located in the Charleston metro area, and was founded as a historically black public university in Institute, West Virginia. It was one of the original African-American land-grant colleges, initiated by the second Morrill Act of 1890, however, African American students are now the minority among the student body. The institution is a member-school of the well-known Thurgood Marshall College Fund. The campus was once a slave plantation, and was owned by Samuel I. Cabell, who married his slave Mary Barnes. Following Cabell’s passing, Barnes sold the land to the West Virginia Colored Institute, later becoming West Virginia State University.

West Virginia State University offers the bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration-Accounting, which administers the entirety of coursework online. The competencies provided for the accounting discipline, provide students with the fundamentals of decision making related to accounting quandaries and challenges. Graduates of this program will be qualified for a myriad of career paths including: Business analyst, Controller, Tax Specialist, and will be eligible to take the CPA exam and go on to become a Certified Public Accountant. Prospective applicants must have a prior GPA of 3.0 or greater to qualify and provide official transcripts or GED accreditation. Transfer students will be evaluated based on their previous academic record.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $301
Accreditation: ACBSP


Columbia College

Established in 1851, Columbia College was once a two-year Christian, all women’s school situated just west of the Mississippi River. In 1970, it became co-educational and a four-year institution, and went from being called Christian Female College to Columbia College. Currently, Colombia is non-sectarian and non denominational, though they do still have a relationship with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ. The school is spread throughout 36 campuses, with the main campus in Columbia, Missouri, and offers extended campuses in 13 states and Cuba (Guantanamo Bay). The online programming is extensive and far reaching, with over 5,000 students enrolled from across the country.

Within the Bachelor’s of Arts or bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration degrees at Columbia College, students have the option of majoring in accounting, entrepreneurship, healthcare management, or human resource management, among other things. This program is located within the Business Administration Department. The goal of the program is to give students high level skills and experience to apply to an entry-level position, from which they can continue to grow. The program is offered entirely online and students are required to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours. Completion of the prescribed Professional Core and general education requirements are mandatory. There is a maximum of 27 credit hours that are transferrable for the BA program, and a maximum of 48 for the BS are transferrable.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $305
Accreditation: HCL


Bemidji State University

Bemidji State University sits on the shores of lake Bemidji in Bemidji, Minnesota. Established in 1919 as a preparatory school for teachers, it had many incarnations and took on many names, until 1975 when the name officially became the one we know today. The Bemidji Beavers are no strangers to bizarre traditions, like the entire football team running from the football field to lake Bemidji to take a victory dip after winning homecoming game. Maybe that’s why they win so many games? They are known internationally for their writing program and are proud members of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

Bemidji State has an exceptional and affordable online Bachelor’s in Science in accounting degree program, that accommodates students with other life commitments, as it is designed to fit into the student’s schedule. The program can be completed within the minimum of a two year period if taken on a full-time basis. Online students are granted in-state tuition, regardless of where they reside, and there are many supports in place for the students that study remotely to access the same services and accommodations as on-campus students. The Center for Extended Learning at BSU can help guide prospective students through the application process. Career services are also provided for current students and graduates of the program.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $314
Accreditation: IACBE, HCL


Southern New Hampshire University

Placed between Manchester and Hookset, New Hampshire is Southern New Hampshire University, also known as SNHU. It first opens its doors in 1932, as the New Hampshire School of Accounting and Secretarial Science. In 1968, the school became a non-profit and in 1969 they took on the name they still carry. The school has three regional centers, including the main campus in Manchester, and offers extensive online programming. The US News and World Report ranked SNHU as #1 in Most Innovative Schools, and #101 in Regional Universities North. They also ranked with companies such as HBO, Apple and Google as most innovative.

SNHU was ranked one of the Most Affordable Online Colleges for Accounting Bachelor’s Degree programs, from the SR Education Group. On top of affordability, this program is known for its multi-faceted approach to accounting, while giving students the ability to specialize if they want to go beyond general accounting; additional options include forensic accounting and fraud examination. Students walk away from the program with auditing and taxation skills, as well as the ability to decode complex business and accounting issues, and a foundation in financial analytics. The online learning format makes the classroom accessible 24/7, with a lot of embedded support provided from the academic advising department.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $320
Accreditation: ACBSP


University of Massachusetts Lowell

On both sides of the Merrimack River, just 25 miles northwest of Boston is the campus of UMASS Lowell, a nationally ranked public research institution. The student population is over 18,000, with almost 1,500 faculty members. They are part of the University of Massachusetts system, and the second largest public institution in the state. UMASS Lowell is organized into six schools and colleges including the nationally recognized Francis College of Engineering and the Manning School of Business. Their offerings include 122 bachelor’s degree programs, 43 master’s, and 36 doctoral. They have made a name for themselves as a leader in online education.

UMASS Lowell offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, intended for adult learners seeking the flexibility to achieve a BS while still being able to show up to their life responsibilities. Students are able to tailor the pace to their needs, and coursework is available throughout the year. The program is provided by UMASS Lowell’s Robert J Manning School of Business, through the division of online and continuing education. The program can be completed entirely online, or with a hybrid model that is incorporates in-person coursework. There are many opportunities for students to focus their studies on accounting in this degree program.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $332
Accreditation: AACSB


SUNY Plattsburgh

The State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, also known as SUNY Plattsburgh is part of the State University of New York System. Established in 1889 as a normal school, it was placed on land known as the “former athletic grounds.” A large structure in the center of campus, known as “Normal Hall,” was constructed by the Brown Brothers of Mohawk, New York, who also built the courthouse in downtown Plattsburgh. A fire ripped through campus in 1929, and Normal Hall was demolished, to be replaced by Hawkins Hall. The student body at this well-loved institution numbers close to 6,500.

The University of SUNY Plattsburgh offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, with the program initiating its first cycle in fall of 2017. This program allows students to use credits they have earned at other institutions as transfer credits. Students have access to the coursework 24/7, as the program is entirely online, affording students flexibility, giving them many opportunities to prepare for a successful career in accounting. Recent graduates of the program have passed the CPA exam with scores well above the national average, and at such an affordable rate, the return on investment for SUNY Plattsburgh is high. Applicants must have an associate’s degree with a focus on business, and several prerequisites outlined on their website.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $333
Accreditation: AACSB


Clarion University

Clarion University was came to fruition in 1887, when it was known as the Carrier Seminary of Western Pennsylvania. It went from being a normal school to a college-level institution in 1920. Currently, it is a public co-educational university, located in Clarion Pennsylvania, and is one of fourteen schools affiliated with the Pennsylvania State University System. They have just under 5,300 students in enrollment, 900 of whom are graduate students, with 4,330 are undergraduates. According to the US News and World Report, Clarion University has one of the best online education programs in the country, and is also ranked in 2013 online college rankings.

Clarion University offers extensive programming in accounting, including the Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting, as well as a minor and a Master’s program. The BS/BA can be achieved in a traditional classroom format, or online. These programs give students the skills to develop interdisciplinary competencies that can be applied to business and economics, as well as marketing and financial management. Analytical thinking and evidence interpretation in collaboration with businesses and organizations is another key competency that the program supports. This highly acclaimed online BA/BS in Accounting also gives students the tools to be successful in graduate school, if they choose to take their accounting degree to the next level, or if pursuing business or law is the next step.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $337
Accreditation: AACSB


Colorado State University-Global Campus

Colorado State University-Global Campus, often referred to as CSU-Global, or CSU-Global Campus is an online academic institution founded in 2007. Using a $12 million loan from the CSU Board of Governors, Colorado State University-Global Campus was intended as an effort to provide access to higher education to a diverse range of adult learners in the state of Colorado and beyond. They do this by offering high-quality, online classroom experiences targeting adult learners and adult professional students who may not be able to attend on-campus courses for a variety of reasons. The global campus is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, which is in the Denver Metro area.

CSU-Global Campus offers an exciting Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting program, that gives students the tools and critical competencies in ethics, leadership, and legal compliance, among many other key concepts that inform successful accounting. This online degree program sets students up for a career path in accounting on all fronts, including the private sector, non-profit, government organizations, and public accounting. The online course design allows students to access the portal at all hours and all days of the week. This format provides the flexibility needed to complete the coursework within the schedule that works with their lifestyle and other commitments.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $350
Accreditation: ACBSP


University of Toledo

University of Toledo is located on a 1,400 acre campus is located in the Ottawa neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio. The university was originally established in 1872, and was called the Toledo University of Arts and Trades, and from there had many incarnations until it developed from a trade school into a university at the turn of the century. UT is known for being a comprehensive research institution, highly revered for their programming in the disciplines related to STEM fields, among many others. They have over 300 student organizations through which they promote an active campus community. The US News and World Report Consistently rates the Business and Engineering programs highly.

The online Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting Program at the University of Toledo has an exceedingly high rate of graduates who pass the CPA exam. Exam Candidates must take a minimum of 150 credit hours before taking the test and each student has their own success coach who and advisors who guide them through the program with the support of interactive faculty. Students also have access to critical resources found in traditional learning environments, but that are adapted to the online program, like an elibrary, etutoring, and an IT Help Desk. Students are given a liberal arts background, while taking core business courses, and the opportunity to specialize, making this well-rounded and affordable degree a great investment for the business minded online degree-seeker.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $360
Accreditation: AACSB


Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is a private Roman Catholic liberal arts school that was founded in 1889. It is located in Saint Leo, Florida, 35 minutes north of Tampa, on a once 100,000 acre Roman Catholic Colony. The institution is associated with the Holy Name Monastery, a Benedictine Convent, and Saint Benedictine Monastery, and remains one of the five largest colleges in the United States. One exciting fact about Saint Leo is that they were one of the first universities to provide distance learning opportunities in the US, which has turned into a comprehensive Center for Online Learning. They are also known as a leader in educating active duty military officers and their families.

Saint Leo University provides prospective accountants with a thorough and supportive BA in Accounting online degree program, that sets students up for an entry-level accountant career upon graduation. Students will gain the skills to work in the nonprofit sector, for government organizations, or private companies or organizations. The curriculum engages all of aspects of accounting, including personal or organizational income taxes, audits, and business law. This online program offers many leadership opportunities and training, all of which align with Saint Leo’s traditions and core values. The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education has accredited this program, and they are a well-known entity that supports student-centered post-secondary institutions globally.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $360
Accreditation: IACBE


Old Dominion University

Located in Norfolk, Virginia, Old Dominion University, also referred to by the nickname ODU, is a well-known public research university. It was founded in 1930, and has slowly become one of the largest universities in the state of Virginia. The campus is comprised of over 250 acres, just five miles from downtown Norfolk. They are known as one of the largest providers of online education in the country, and have been offering distance learning courses since 1994, with the then program TELETECHNET, which existed as a satellite delivery system. Currently, the online program offerings utilize technologies including web-conferencing, video streaming, and online delivery.

ODU Online, is the online education arm at Old Dominion University, and they offer an affordable Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a focus on Accounting. This program is broad-reaching, giving students critical technical accounting knowledge, communication and enhanced tech related skills, and analytic problem solving strategies. Students in the online program receive the same resources and education opportunities as the traditional on-campus learners. The same faculty that teach in person, also teach the online classes, and the diploma does not specify whether to student learned online or on campus. Graduates leave the program prepared for a new career in accounting with significant skills to contribute to many institutional and cultures.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $369
Accreditation: AACSB


Belhaven University

Located in Jackson, Mississippi, Belhaven University is a private Christian university with a liberal arts focus that was established in 1883. The university is known for not only their traditional majors, but also their pre-professional and certification programs that span a variety of disciplines, including Christian Ministry, Dentistry, and Nursing. The five most popular majors have included Business and Business Administration, Visual and Performing Arts, Marketing, Education, and Psychology. The on campus sports teams are known as “the Blazers,” who formerly competed in the NAIA. The men’s soccer team won the NAIA National Championship in 2012, an event that brought on celebratory events throughout the campus community.

Belhaven is responding to the high demand for skilled accountants by offering a highly comprehensive Bachelor of Science in Accounting Online Degree. They have a high success rate for graduates securing competitive positions upon completion of the program, and current students securing internships that set them up for successful employment upon graduation. The online program is flexible, with many support systems in place that provide students with everything they would get in a traditional classroom setting. Graduates of the program will have taken all of the necessary courses to qualify for the CPA exam in the state of Mississippi.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $370
Accreditation: IACBE, SACSCOC


Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Southern Illinois University Carbondale was established in 1869, and is the flagship campus for the entire Southern Illinois University system. Located in Carbondale, Illinois, it is often referred to as SIU Carbondale. It is categorized as a research university with high research activity in the Carnegie Classifications of Institutions of Higher Education. The US News and World Report ranked SIU Carbondale as a “National University,” which means an institution that grants many doctoral degrees and has a focus on research. Their student body is enrolled from all 50 states and 100 additional countries. They offer 192 undergraduate degree programs, 80 master’s, and 32 doctoral, as well as professional degrees in law and medicine.

SIU Carbondale’s School of Business offers an affordable and comprehensive online Accounting Program, giving students the opportunity to complete the last two years of their accounting degree one hundred percent online. They are the only Illinois-based public university to offer an opportunity for students to complete their degree online. Students are given the option to take 60 course credit hours in 20 courses, at their own pace and schedule. It is possible for students to finish in a minimum of 18 months. Prior to entering the program, students should have a minimum of 60 college-level transferrable credits, and a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $390
Accreditation: AACSB


University of Minnesota Crookston

The University of Minnesota Crookston is also known as UMC, and is one of five campuses in the University of Minnesota system. The beautiful 108 acre campus grounds include research plots belonging to the Northwest Research and Outreach Center. It is located in the primarily agricultural region centered in the Red River Valley. The school is known for their slogan, “Small Campus. Big Degree,” highlighting the intimate atmosphere the school has invited with small class sizes and low faculty to student ratio, while offering a competitive degree that is recognizable by employers. Another interesting fact about the campus is that it is also the home of many regional partner organizations and agencies.

Employers have said that graduates of the Online Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting program at UMC have entered their organizations and agencies more prepared than other employees. The online program has many exceptional opportunities, including the option of studying abroad while participating in this online degree program, offering a more global and diverse understanding of the field. Students of the program are also given a wide variety of hands-on opportunities including internships and research opportunities. There is no such thing as out of state tuition in this program, no matter where the student lives. The job placement rate for graduates the UMC accounting program is above 90 percent, making the affordable in-state tuition rate for online students a great investment.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $395
Accreditation: AACSB


Indiana State University

The Indiana State University is located in Terre Haute, Indiana, and was established in 1865. The campus is colloquially referred to as ISU. They offer over 100 undergraduate majors with over 75 advanced degree and certification programs as well. They are also known for their commitment to public service, and they were subsequently named the National Non-Profit Leadership campus in 2013. They have also gained national attention for their field campus, an outdoor learning, teaching, and research area that spans 93 acres and includes 18 man-made lakes. For 13 years, the Princeton Review has named ISU the “Best in the Midwest.”

Indiana State University’s Online Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting is considered one of the best preparatory programs for the CPA test, and paves the way for a successful career as an accountant in a variety of settings. This is also known as a foundation degree for students who want to go on to pursue an MBA in Accounting upon graduation. ISU’s affordable online program includes 120 credit hours, with a focus on problem solving, taxation, auditing, information systems, non profit accounting, and financial management, as well as electives and the university’s Foundational Studies Program, which offers many leadership experiences. The program can be successfully completed in four years on a full-time basis, though students can also study part-time with a tailored timeline.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $401
Accreditation: AACSB


New England College

New England College, also known as NEC, is a private nonprofit institution, situated in the town of Henniker, New Hampshire. They are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. They have a total enrollment of just under 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Originally, when they opened their doors in 1946, their focus was serving the needs of military personnel, using the GI Bill to seek higher education following World War II active duty. Currently, they offer a wide variety of academic programming, including 37 Bachelor degree programs, and 12 Master’s, with 40 full-time faculty and a 13:1 student to faculty ratio.

NEC wants to set accounting majors up for success with this affordable, thorough, high quality Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting Program. This 100 percent online program prepares students for all aspects of the accounting field including private sector, public, nonprofit, and small business to large corporation. They highlight coursework in Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, and Financial Accounting, and prepare students to play a variety of roles including Revenue Agent, Financial Manager, and Financial Agent, as well as Insurance Underwriter. This program is cutting-edge as it continues to update itself, in order to allow the new trends and technological advances of the industry to be the educational focus of students in this program.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $405
Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)


Bellevue University

Bellevue University opened its doors in 1966, and has had a consistent focus on providing high quality adult education and educational outreach since its inception.Therefore, it is not surprising, that in 2011 80% of the undergraduate student body was 25 or older. Located in Bellevue, Nebraska, BU is the fourth largest school in that state, since 1974. Today, the learning community totals over 10,000 students both graduate and undergraduate, online and residential. According the US News and World Report, they have been rated in the top 10 online education programs in the nation, and 7th in the country for the top online schools ranking for the Guide to Online School in 2013.

Bellevue University’s affordable online accounting degree program offers opportunities to excel in every aspect of the accounting field. The degree can be taken either online or in a traditional classroom setting, both offering high quality resources and access to hands-on learning experiences, including internship and research opportunities. Students are also given an option to take on an additional specialization of a minor in Taxes. Graduates will be set up to continue their education in the Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting Program, with the recommendation of applying for this degree program in the junior year of undergraduate coursework. Undergraduate students are also invited to take up to 12 credit hours of graduate level coursework in their senior year.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $410
Accreditation: IACBE


Indiana Wesleyan University

Headquartered in Marion Indiana, Indiana Wesleyan University, also known as IWU is an evangelical Christian based liberal arts institution, actively affiliated with the Wesleyan Church denomination. IWU happens to be the largest member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, and also the largest private university in Indiana. On campus is the notable Wesley Seminary, an evangelical entity that offers a Master’s in Divinity, as well as other theological degrees. IWU has over 87 undergraduate degree offerings, and many master’s and doctoral opportunities. They have over 15,000 students enrolled across disciplines. Interestingly, the campus at IWU has won awards for their 345 acres of new and old construction including expert design.

Indiana Wesleyan University Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree, can be taken online or on campus. The program is designed for adult professionals who require a certain level of affordability and flexibility to accomplish a bachelor’s degree in addition to concurrent life responsibilities. This program is broad in reach, with emphasis in accounting theory, taxation, and auditing, and the coursework lays the foundation for successful CPA certification. This academic department finds ways to incorporate the larger school’s Christ-centered vision in all of their coursework. The cohort model of learning that this program employs adds an additional layer of support for student collaboration and success.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $432
Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission (HLC)


Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University, also known as UIU is a private post-secondary institution with a 100 acre residential campus located in Northeast Iowa, near the Volga River, in Fayette Iowa. The university is known for their distance education programming, which includes an online program, an independent study program, and 15 nationwide centers of learning. Their total enrollment, including 900 residential students, is around 6,000 students with a student to faculty ratio of 24:1. They offer many undergraduate and graduate degree programs, with over 40 majors. The semesters span 8 weeks, giving students the opportunity to take twice the courses per term.

The Bachelor’s in Science accounting major at Upper Iowa University thoroughly prepares students to successfully pass the CPA exam, while preparing them for a lucrative and fulfilling career in accounting. Graduates of the program have gone on to become Auditors, Budget Analysts, Corporate Accountants, CPA Preparers, among many other career paths. They have received many accolades for having high quality, affordable online programming, specifically in service to veterans of the armed forces. The online program in accounting offers a tremendous amount of flexibility with the same support systems in place that residential students receive. Coursework may include: Managerial Cost Accounting, Auditing, Federal Taxation and Financial Accounting.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $441
Accreditation: The Higher Learning Commission (HLC)


Liberty University

Liberty University, which is also referred to as Liberty or LU is a private nonprofit christian research institution situated in Lynchburg, Virginia. It is classified by the Carnegie Classification as a doctoral research university. LU is known as the largest evangelical christian university in the world, while also making a name for itself as the largest non-profit university in the nation. In 2017 enrolled 15,000 students, and their Lynchburg Campus had an enrollment of 110,000 students including online learners. The university was founded in 1971 by Jerry Falwell, as the Lynchburg Baptist Church, and they achieved university status in 1984.

Liberty University is known for many of their outstanding programs, including the Bachelor in Science in Accounting degree program. This affordable professional degree program is offered 100 percent online, and is designed for students to become fully literate in the language of business, economics, and accounting. The online learning experience provides flexibility and offers the same rigor and quality of an on campus learning experience. Students may transfer in with up to 90 credits, and 30 hours are required to be taken at LU. The program can be completed with a minimum of 120 credit hours. Students will be prepared to take the CPA exam upon graduation.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $455
Accreditation: ACBSP


University of Memphis

The University of Memphis is also known as the U of M, and is located in the Normal Station Neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee. Established in 1912, The University of Memphis’ student body hail mostly from Memphis and West Tennessee, though many current undergraduate and graduate students have come from public and private schools across the southeastern United States as well as from all the other states and about 100 other nations. With residential and online enrollment of above 21,000 students they have close to 930 faculty members, and proudly boast a 22:1 student/faculty ratio. They are known for being the home of the Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI). The U of M Tigers also have a costumed mascot called Pouncer who is present at athletic competitions and away games. The Tigers are known for their high athletic performance and subsequent traditions.

The School of Accountancy sits within the Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis, and is one of six departments within the comprehensive business school. In fact, it happens to be the only fully accredited college in the Memphis area by the AACSB. The online major in Accounting is offered by the Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree program (BBA). Graduates of the program will have the key competencies if they choose to take the CPA exam. The program requires a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate. They gladly accept transfer students from community colleges and other institutions for transfer credit enrollment.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $480
Accreditation: AACSB


Regis University

Located in Denver Colorado, Regis University is a private institution with a Jesuit Roman Catholic foundation, founded by the Society of Jesus in 1877. The original institution was located in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and was named Las Vegas College. They are a proud member of the 28 institution Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. The university is divided into five colleges including: Regis College, the Rueckert-Hart College for Health Professions, The College of Contemporary Liberal Studies, The College of Computer and Information Sciences, and The College of Business and Economics. The school is known for it’s long history of charitable service.

Regis University offers a highly revered accelerated Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree that can be taken on campus in classroom settings, or can be completed fully online. There is also an option of completing this BS degree program and concurrently be working towards a Business and Economics graduate degree program. Students have the option of taking a 12 credit minor, and the completion of the major requires 120 credit hours of coursework. There is a strong focus on ethical practices of accounting as well as effective communication strategies. Jesuit learning is embedded into the program, as it is the foundation of the value system for which the university is built.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $490
Accreditation: HLC


Linfield College

Linfield College is a four-year private college located in McMinnville, Oregon with an additional campus in Portland. They are liberal arts and sciences based with a comprehensive adult degree program online, as well as in eight learning communities throughout the state. Their early history includes the organizing of the Oregon Baptist Educational Society in 1849, to open what was then known as Oregon City College. The name changed to Linfield College in 1922, following a generous donation from Francis Eleanor Ross Linfield, in her late husband’s name. With the goal of promoting Christian education in his honor. In 1975 the Division of Continuing Adult Education began, offering adult degree programs.

Linfield College offers an Accounting Degree Program through their Online and Continuing Education academic arm. This comprehensive program is designed for adults who are seeking flexibility and generous financial aid packages, so current careers and family obligations can still be prioritized while pursuing a degree. Students in the program have access to excellent support services from faculty, and online tutoring, as well as library resources. Students who wish to take the CPA exam will be given an excellent foundation to do so in this course of study, while also building tools to have a successful career in the financial sphere as an accountant or otherwise.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $495
Accreditation: NWCCU


University of Maryland - University College

University of Maryland University College, also known as UMUC is an American public not for profit university situated in Adelphi, Maryland, which is in Prince George’s County. They offer an extensive list of courses in their Academic Center, located in Largo, while also supporting satellite campuses in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, throughout the state, with locations also in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. UMUC is known as one of the largest distance-learning institutions in the world, and serve over 90,000 students internationally. They are a member of the University System of Maryland, which consists of 11 distinct institutions.

The University of Maryland University College offers an affordable Bachelor’s of Arts in Accounting that has an online option. Students can alternatively participate in this program seeking a minor in accounting. The program was developed in collaboration with the input of accounting professionals, many of whom continue to play a role in the programming as advisors or guest speakers. Students engage in coursework related to statistics, economics, income taxation, auditing and business law. Students who major in the Accounting Program, are also required to minor in Business Administration. There are many experiential learning components that link students to real-life scenarios to disciplines that tie into the accounting field.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $499
Accreditation: AACSB


Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University can be found in downtown Trenton, New Jersey, as it is one of New Jersey’s eleven public post secondary institutions. The innovative college is proudly named for the well known inventor Thomas Alva Edison, who spent the majority of his life living in the state of New Jersey, and did most of his academic work through self-directed learning. Forbes Magazine recognized Thomas Edison State University as one of the top colleges and universities in the country to use technology to create learning opportunities for adults. Recently changing their name from Thomas Edison State College, to Thomas Edison State University, hey are known for being an early adopter of online learning and administration.

Thomas Edison State University offers an online Bachelor of Science Degree for Accounting, geared towards adult learners who want to pursue a career in auditing or accounting. This program has an easy portal that can lead students to the CPA or Master’s, with a program called Master’s of Science in Management, that includes a specialization in accounting. The foundations of finance are embedded in the coursework, and include topics like: Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Analyzing Earnings Performance, and Auditing. Business Ethics is stressed throughout the program, and is a recommended course. The online format allows students to have flexibility while accomplishing this complex degree.

Cost Per Online Credit hour: $499
Accreditation: ACBSP