Top 5 Accounting Degree Programs in Illinois (Bachelor's)

Why consider an accounting degree? The accounting degree gives students a foundation in business with an emphasis in accounting. Students will receive an well rounded education. Accounting is used everywhere. Students will be able to pursue careers in government, industry, corporate and non-profit. Within these areas students can work in auditing, forensics, cost accounting and much more. This degree is full of opportunities to pursue a fulfilling career.

To create the top 5 undergraduate accounting programs in Illinois, we gathered information from Tax Talent, Public Accounting Report and U.S. News and World report. All the schools listed are accredited by the AACSB, the leading accreditation agency for business schools worldwide. Tuition rates are included in the ranking and are only an estimate. Please contact the school for more information about their tuition rates.

The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign is a research intensive university. They are a public flagship school for the University of Illinois system. U of I was founded in 1867 as a land-grant school. They have the second largest university library in the nation.

They have been ranked #11 for public university and the #41 national university by U.S. News and World Report. Their accounting department has been ranked #2 for undergraduate and #4 for graduate programs. They have 15 colleges and instructional units and offer more than 150 undergraduate and 100 graduate and professional programs.

The College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Accounting program. This program prepares students for graduate programs in law and accounting. They use an active learning method that strengthen critical thinking skills. They stress analytical, decision making, judgement and inquiry skills. Students will gain a broad understanding of business with an accounting framework needed to utilize the information for various areas of business decision making.

The University of Illinois is accredited by the AACSB, the leading world accrediting agency for business schools.

Annual Tuition: $31,998

Located in Dekalb, Illinois, Northern Illinois University was founded in 1895. They are a public research university with satellite locations in Hoffman Estates, Naperville, Chicago, Rockford and Oregon. They have over 19,000 students enrolled in their seven colleges. They are ranked in the top 125 public schools by U.S. News and World Report.

NIU's College of Business offers a nationally ranked Bachelor of Science in Accounting program. Their curriculum gives students a broad general education with a solid foundation in accounting. Students will gain technical competence, problem solving skills, communication skills and ethical accounting practices. They offer career services, internship program, and a career fair for accounting majors. Students can also have opportunities to join student organizations that encourage professional orientation.

Northern Illinois University is accredited by the AACSB, the premier accrediting agency for business schools worldwide.

Annual Tuition: $18,931

Illinois State University was founded in 1857 and is the oldest public university in the state. Located in Normal, Illinois, they are 137 miles from Chicago. They are one of the top ten largest producers of teachers. They have over 20,000 students enrolled in their programs. Based on their quality of life and professional opportunities for students, ISU is ranked one of the top 50 college town in America. U.S. News and World Report has ranked them #78 for America's best public national universities.

The College of Business at Illinois State University offers a bachelor program with four accounting sequences. They are Accounting Information Systems, Accountancy-Business Information Systems, Accountancy-Career Specialty, Accountancy-Financial Accounting. Depending on which career path the student want to take will determine which sequence they choose. Accounting Information Systems focuses on information technology and evaluating information from the perspective of the internal and external auditor. The Business Information Systems sequence prepares students for entry level accounting jobs with a focus on business information systems. The Career specialty sequence allows students to specialize in an area approved by the accounting department. The Financial Accounting sequence meets the minimum requirements for the CPA exam.

Illinois State University is accredited by the AACSB, the leading business school accrediting agency.

Annual Tuition: $22,215

The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) is was formed in 1982 and is the largest university in the Chicago area. They have 15 colleges with 83 bachelor's, 93 master's, and 64 doctoral degrees. Currently they have over 29,000 enrolled in their programs. UIC also houses the largest medical school in the nation.

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting at UIC prepares students for careers in accounting in both the private and public industry. Students will take courses such as financial accounting, auditing, tax and ethics. They will build a solid foundation in accounting. Depending on the career path they choose, students will have a wide array of courses too choose from. Students who finish program will have the skills to prepare tax returns, organize financial reports, audit businesses and much more.

The University of Illinois Chicago is accredited by the AACSB.

Annual Tuition: $30,212

Located in McComb, Illinois, Western Illinois University is a public institution founded in 1899. They focused on teacher training in the beginning but now offer bachelor's and master's degrees in a variety of areas. The Princeton Review has ranked them one of the Best Midwestern Colleges. They were recognized by U.S. News and World Report as a top tier Best Regional University. They started out with 229 students but now have over 10,000 students enrolled in their programs.

Western Illinois University offers a Bachelor of Business in Accounting program. The 120 credit hour program focuses on management accounting and prepares students for the CPA, CMA and CFE. This program will prepare students for personal and professional growth, academic excellence and ethical conduct. Students also have the opportunity to complete a fifth year and earn a Master of Accountancy degree. They must qualify to get into this program. Students who complete the fifth year will meet the 150 credit requirement to sit for the CPA exam.

Western Illinois University is accredited by the AACSB in both business and accounting.

Annual Tuition: $16,533