50 Best Podcasts for Accountants

What a brave new world we live in – Apple stopped making the iPod in 2017, but the podcast carries on. Ask anyone who loves podcasts; there's an overwhelming amount of great material out there. Podcasts to entertain, podcasts to educate, podcasts to expose the truth, podcasts to create an art form. And, believe it or not, there are a lot of accountants and financial experts who are perfecting the art of the podcast – for accountants, by accountants.

What's a Podcast?

Podcasts are radio for today – talk radio, anyway. Unlike radio, where you're at the mercy of the programmers, podcasts allow you to listen to what you want, when you want. Unlike, say, satellite radio, most podcasts are free. Like the name implies, the form started alongside the iPod, when a convenient digital player combined with the internet to form a convenient alternative to radio. With simple digital recording technology and digital editing software, anyone could record a podcast, host it online, and make it downloadable to anyone in the world. If you have a laptop or tablet with a pre-installed microphone, you can record a podcast. (That doesn't mean it'll be a good one.)

What Are the Best Accounting Podcasts?

Accounting podcasts are a surprisingly rich vein of content that hundreds of podcasters are taking on every day. Podcasters are a diverse lot – some podcasts are hosted by working CPAs who are passing on their hard-earned experience for others. Some are hosted by financial journalists covering the most important money and business news of the day. Others come from hard-core entrepreneurs and gurus who are there to motivate and inspire.

Some of the best accounting podcasts are like little master's classes all on their own, with solid discussions of complex topics like the new 2018 tax laws, or how blockchain technology is changing accounting. You can learn tips for passing the CPA exams; for specializing in areas like bookkeeping, taxation, or actuarial science; and even for choosing higher education options that work for you. (Of course, even the best podcast is not a substitute for a good degree in accounting.)

Most of these are for accountants, by accountants, but many podcasters keep their content clear, accessible, and entertaining even for non-professionals. Whether you're looking for practical advice for growing your business, helping your clients, and managing your employees, or for news, entertainment, and even a little controversy, there's an accounting podcast that'll keep you engaged for the commute home (or those late tax-season nights in the office).

Accounting Degree Review has put together our list of the podcasts we think are the most interesting, accessible, and useful to accountants and other financial professionals.

Note: profiles are presented in alphabetical order; they are not ranked in any way.

The Abacus Show, hosted by Bob the CPA from Abacus U, brings top accounting professionals, influencers, and experts into informative, entertaining financial podcasts. Bob, whose Abacus U offers online courses in topics like resume building and using LinkedIn effectively, covers crucial issues for accountants and accounting students like joining professional organizations and going digital.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a worldwide professional organization for accountants, finance officers, and managers. The ACCA sets standards for ethics and transparency in accounting through their courses and through ACCA certification. The ACCA Podcasts cover topical issues for accounting students and trainees all over the world, from getting a job offer out of an internship to taxes in the UK, South Africa, and Malaysia.

The Lifestyle Accountant podcast, Accountants Doing Cool Sh!t, is about exactly what its title implies – accountants who are using their skills, knowledge, and creativity to do some interesting, innovative, unusual, or just plain cool… you know, stuff. Lifestyle Accountant, a worldwide networking group, provides services to accounting freelancers and entrepreneurs, including the economic podcast, populated by exciting new voices in the field.

Steven Bragg is an author, entrepreneur, and, of course, CPA who runs AccountingTools, Inc, a service providing accounting courses and books. Bragg’s podcast, Accounting Best Practices, has more than 3.5 million downloads, and covers the most current information about standards in accounting. ABP’s financial podcasts are brief, bite-sized chunks of solid gold info, usually running no more than 8 minutes, but packed with goodness.

Kym Nitzchke, an Adelaide, Australia-based accountant, developer, and investor, hosts the Accounting Insider, one of the best business podcasts dedicated to building wealth. Nitzchke interviews a slew of successful entrepreneurs and investors, including some of his own clients, to uncover the secrets of making money, accumulating wealth, and turning wealth into something greater.

Accounting Play is a website created by CPA John Gillingham, a history major turned accountant who based Accounting Play on his own struggles as a student. Accounting Play finds and creates effective tools for accounting students, especially visual learners. The Accounting Play money podcast, on the other hand, is audio, but it’s also focused on helping accountants and accounting students Learn Different – that’s the tag line.

The Accounting Success Podcast is sponsored by HaydenRock Solutions, a financial advisory firm based in New Jersey. Hosted by HaydenRock partner Ian Welham, this weekly economic podcast brings in some of the most successful entrepreneurs, financial advisors, and accounting experts to discuss everything from running a successful firm to getting a TEDx talk.

Accounting Today is the leading periodical for accounting professionals, bringing the latest in news, advice, and useful information to an audience of more than 350,000. It stands to reason that Accounting Today would be able to attract the highest level of guests to the Accounting Today Podcast, a weekly business podcast that features interviews with game-changers and explanations of the most current regulations, technologies, and procedures.

The AuditCast is a financial podcast by accountant Brad Thompson dedicated to helping accountants “survive Public Accounting.” The purpose of the AuditCast is to help answer the kinds of FAQs that young accountants and auditors might be too embarrassed to ask their managers. The AuditCast is a free public service designed to help accountants navigate their careers – a smart, experienced friend who won’t laugh at even your dumbest questions.

The Big 4 Accounting Firms is a blog about – bunny rabbits, obviously. The Big 4 dominate the accounting industry, and The Big 4 Accounting Firms Podcast covers the goings-on of the Big 4 in quick, rich segments. From the precautions Price-Waterhouse is taking with the Oscars, to the impact of blockchain technology on the Big 4, Big 4 Podcast has the low-down.

The Bigger Pockets Podcast, hosted by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner, is about growing wealth with smart investment. Dorkin and Turner take on investing like smarter morning drive-time guys, with wonky humor and in-your-face enthusiasm. Previous topics include negotiating (with an FBI hostage negotiator) and real estate investing. To paraphrase Chief Brody in Jaws, you’re gonna need bigger pockets – for all the money you’ll make.

Real estate developer and master investor J. Massey has done the work, made the moves, and won the game, and his Cashflow Diary blog and podcast tells you how. One of the most popular investing podcasts on the net, Cashflow Diary brings the goods with the smartest entrepreneurs, investors, and financial advisors to teach you how to bring it home.

The international accounting firm PwC is easily one of the best sources for professional development and new ideas on the internet. The CFOdirect site is designed specifically for the enlightenment of working CFOs, with experts podcasts, webcasts, and instructional videos. CFOdirect’s financial podcasts bring PwC’s partners to inform CFOs about the newest regulations, the most important current events, and the best new accounting tools.

Australian accountant Heather Smith is a content creator whose Cloud Stories podcast interviews fascinating people doing fascinating things in accounting. Smith’s expertise is obvious, and her business podcast demonstrates the power of cloud-based solutions for accounting professionals. There’s something for everybody in the industry, from developers to entrepreneurs.

Love him or hate him, Jim Cramer looms over financial news media like no one else. From his long-running CNBC show Mad Money, Cramer has built a media empire that spans across TV, the web, radio, and podcasting. The Mad Money Podcast brings everything that you expect from Jim Cramer to your earbuds – hot takes, bold advice, and unfiltered opinion. Nobody does it like the Madman.

If anybody needs money advice, it’s Millennials hitting their post-college years deep in student loan debt. That was Robert Farrington’s insight in 2009, and his blog The College Investor was one of the first to specifically reach Millennials. The College Investor Audio Show covers getting out of debt and making the most of your income in short, fluff-free podcasts.

Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PIPCA), CPA Conversations is a podcast for important discussions, advice, and ideas. Conversations with CPAs from Pennsylvania and elsewhere covers topics like accounting ethics, taxes and audits, technology in accounting education, and the goings-on of the PIPCA. Straightforward, clear, and never excessively long.

The CPA Guide Podcast is extremely focused – it’s all about passing the CPA exam. Host Bryan Kesler has set up the CPA Guide Podcast as an in-depth, intimate discussion of exactly what it takes to pass the CPA exam. Blood, sweat, tears, and all, Bryan uses his own experience and that of other successful CPAs to show listeners how it’s done.

Dave Ramsey is the world’s foremost prophet of debt-free living, spreading a message of how to get out of debt, save, and live smarter with money. Since selling books out of his trunk in 1992, to hosting one of the most popular personal financial podcasts and radio shows in the nation, Ramsey has never stopped telling it like it is – and helping others achieve their dreams.

The Digital Entrepreneur – a podcast from Brian Clark’s Rainmaker.fm, the internet’s hub for 21st century entrepreneurship – gives listeners the lowdown on running a digital business. Hosts Sean Jackson and Katy Katz bring in experts from across Rainmaker’s network of partners, friends, and mentors to cover topics like Google Analytics, digital marketing, and starting a successful podcast (which they should definitely know).

The Disciplined Investor is a blog and podcast series dedicated to making smart investment choices – retirement, cryptocurrency, stocks, and more. Host Andrew Horowitz has decades of experience advising individuals and companies, and has a wide-ranging media presence from cable TV to his own podcast. Sensible guests and up-to-date commentary make The Disciplined Investor one of the best investing podcasts out there.

One of the best sources for long-form journalism and discussion about politics and economics, The Economist’s reputation is unparalleled. The Economist Radio takes all of that and turns it into an audio format – the podcast version of long-form journalism, with all of the reputability, fact-checking, and immersive information that the Economist is famous for.

EconTalk, the podcast of the Library of Economics and Liberty, is an educational resource hosted by Russ Roberts, noted economist and educator. This award-winning podcast brings guests from around the world, from Nobel Prize winners to professors to business leaders to discuss topics as varied as Burning Man, baseball, and Buddhism – all related to economics.

Entrepreneur on FIRE is a different kind of business podcast, a daily glimpse into the life and journey of some of America’s most amazing entrepreneurs. Hosted by John Lee Dumas, the FIRE podcast has a format that never fails to be fascinating – the guest’s lowest moment as an entrepreneur, the “ah-ha” moment that turned it around, and how they rebuilt better than ever.

Hosted by business consultant and speaker Jaime Masters, the Eventual Millionaire is the podcast for everybody who knows they have it in them to be a millionaire, but are still figuring out how. Featuring interviews with some of the most successful millionaires in the world, The Eventual Millionaire focuses on how it’s done – the habits, characteristics, and confidence of the millionaire.

Financial Sense Newshour host Jim Puplova has been bringing financial advice to the masses since 1987, when the Financial Sense TalkRadio program debuted. In thirty years, the technology has changed, but not the message: common sense, practical advice, and a little comic relief alongside some of the smartest minds in finance. It’s not get rich quick – it’s one of the investing podcasts in history.

If you like to walk on the wild side of numbers – and who doesn’t? – you know Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics. Dubner is the host of Freakonomics Radio, which covers all the weird and unwieldy in the world. Wonder how much thinking costs? Or why we don’t have a universal language that works? Look no farther – Freakonomics Radio has the unlikely answers.

A raw, “no-hold barred” accounting podcast might sound a little like an oxymoron – but this is Australia, where the butterflies can kill you. Unlike a lot of “experts” who have no experience in the real world, From the Trenches hosts Paul Meisner and David Boyer know the real day-to-day of the accountant, good, bad, and ugly, and all of it is up for grabs in one of the most outrageous business podcasts out there.

Danetha Doe is one of the Millennial generation’s top thought leaders and ambassadors, attracting attention from Huffington Post, Xero, and Wells Fargo for her expertise. Her podcast, Future of Accounting, is targeted to young people heading into accounting, including students and young professionals just starting their careers. Danetha Doe doesn’t just host the Future of Accounting – she is the future of accounting.

John Garrett isn’t too humble to call himself the world’s “funniest accountant,” since, in his words, it’s like “driving the fastest minivan.” This self-described recovering accountant does stand-up, emcees corporate events, and hosts The Green Apple Podcast, where he talks to professionals who are killing it in and outside the office.

Being an A-1 accountant doesn’t necessarily mean being a great businessperson; super-professionals can still struggle when it comes to running their own practice. That’s why hosts Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan started the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast. Made by accountants for accountants, Grow My Practice is a source of advice and motivation from people who have done it right.

Growing Your Firm, a podcast from Jetpack Workflow, is hosted by David Cristello and dedicated to helping accountants improve their business practices. Jetpack is one of the top software applications for managing an office, and the Growing Your Firm podcast takes it a step further with guests who share their secrets for doing more in fewer hours, stopping hackers, and branding, branding, branding.

With the resources of the Harvard Business Review, one of the world’s top business journals, the HBR Ideacast brings some of the world’s leading experts to talk about crucial topics in business, economics, and politics. Host Sarah Green Carmichael interviews authors and thinkers on topics as wide as trust and technology, women in business, and doing vacation time better.

The InvestTalk Podcast’s motto is “Above Average Investing for Average People,” and that’s the mission – to spread clear, common-sense investment advice to everyone who can benefit. Sponsored by KPP Financial, InvestTalk is hosted by Steve Peasley and Justin Klein, KPP’s leadership. From stock tips to retirement planning, InvestTalk is one of the best financial podcasts for advice and explanation.

The Investors Podcast hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen believe in making complicated ideas understandable. It’s what The Investors Podcast is all about – covering the most recent developments in the finance industry, the stock market, government regulation, and business with the industry’s top experts. Engaging guests and practical advice make The Investors Podcast one of the nation’s best business podcasts.

Published by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA), the Journal of Accountancy has long been one of the world’s top accounting publications. The Journal of Accountancy Podcast, in turn, brings all that expertise and knowledge to audio. From student loans to fraud prevention to the thrilling (yes, thrilling!) history of accounting, the JoA Podcast has nothing but quality.

A consulting firm based in Virginia, Manager Tools consults with Fortune 100 companies, training managers for success in high-pressure positions. Mark Horstman and Michael Auzenne’s podcasts, Manager Tools and Career Tools, bring their well-honed techniques to managers all over the world, drawing on years of experience making managers their best.

Laura Adams, MBA – better known as Money Girl – hosts Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life, and damned if it doesn’t deliver. Money Girl’s millions of listeners will agree: Adams gives practical advice that makes sense and keeps it positive. From repairing your credit to buy a home, to stopping impulse buying to save more, Money Girl gets to the point and helps keep your money where it belongs.

The Motley Fool – brothers Tom and David Gardner – has been helping ordinary investors make the most of their money since 1993. Their website, books, investing services, and podcasts make investing and saving simple and even fun. Five podcasts hosted by The Motley Fool include Motley Fool Money, Market Foolery, Motley Fool Answers, Industry Focus, and Rule Breaker Investing – all well worth the time for lovers of investing podcasts.

Planet Money has been bringing NPR listeners the information they need about the economy since the 2008 crash, and 10 years on, it’s more relevant than ever. From how much money legalized cannabis adds the the economy, to why sending money electronically is so dang hard, Planet Money can explain – and keep it entertaining.

Pricing Power founder Steve Major hosts the Pricing Power podcast, interviewing experts from across the accounting, business, and finance fields who have found better ways to run their firms. Pricing Power consults and advises with major accounting firms to find new, innovative ways of improving employees’ lives and making more value with better values.

Joshua Sheats, of Radical Personal Finance, takes his listeners and readers very seriously. Radical Personal Finance provides a serious, in-depth, advanced financial podcast for well-educated professionals who want to improve their financial literacy. More than 500 podcasts strong, RPF covers everything from cooking on the road to save money, to making the most of an Roth IRA.

Host Pat Flynn brings all of the insights of his Smart Passive Income blog – featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and Lifehacker – to the Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast. Flynn teaches listeners how to use his experience to create passive income and enjoy what they really love in life – family, hobbies, travel, and fun.

Entrepreneur magazine’s top female-hosted podcast of 2017, So Money is one of the absolute best financial podcasts – female-hosted or not. Farnoosh Torabi, an internationally-renowned finance journalist, brings a fresh voice and an impressive slate of guests to So Money. Focusing on the financial needs of young people, Farnoosh covers personal finance topics like investing in retirement, paying off a mortgage, and teaching your children to save.

Joe Saul-Sehy and his many partners in crime (against boring financial podcasts) bring the world Stacking Benjamins, an award-winning money podcast that answers all the embarrassing questions you have about personal finance. Should you buy a car? Should you pay off your student loans? Will you ever be able to retire? Fun questions? No. Fun answers? Absolutely.

Produced by a crack team of digital journalists, StartUp is a documentary podcasting series about the day-to-day realities of starting a business. Most podcasts make it sound simple and easy to make a fortune – StartUp takes listeners into the nitty gritty. StartUp also inspired an upcoming sitcom on ABC, Alex, Inc.

Jason Blumer became what he likes to call a “cliff jumper” in 2007, when he started the THRIVEal blog, a guide to getting past just surviving, and learning to thrive. As a CPA, Blumer uses the THRIVEal podcast to encourage listeners to take their own plunge with topics like marrying emotions and analytics, and how to stay punk even after making it big.

Host Dave Cain’s unsuitable podcast challenges business suit culture and the musty old business practices it represents. Unsuitable comes from Rea Radio, of Rea & Associates, one of Ohio’s most prominent accounting firms, and Cain draws on all the experience and knowledge of Rea’s 300+ associates to cover everything you need to know about taxes, finance, and investing.

Where Accountants Go in Texas is an all-around resource for accountants in the Lone Star State, with job boards, educational events, certifications, and a highly informative blog and podcast. The Where Accountants Go podcast, Life in Accounting, is laser-focused on the needs of Texas accountants, including job market advice, best accounting practices, and continuing education.

New Zealand’s Xero is one of the fastest-growing software companies in the world, and one of the most trusted sources for cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. For the needs and interests of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and accounting nerds, Xero hosts several podcasts: Xero Gravity (about entrepreneurs who made it against all odds); Xero In (about small businesses in Australia); and The Rod & Gary Show, hosted by Xero’s tech geeks Rod Drury and Gary Turner.