20 Best Online Bachelor's in Management Accounting 2019

Areas of focus in the field of accounting help employers distinguish between a driven accountant and just an accountant. Management accountants (also called managerial accountants) are the people who use their smarts to make things work or to help other people make things work. They analyze the financial data of a company or organization and determine the best course of action and implementation strategy. For the bachelor level professional, there are a few degree types would-be accountants can choose from.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and the Bachelor of Business Administration are two that provide the skills and expertise for the management side of the job while laying a strong foundation in finance and accounting as well. The professional organization for Managerial Accountants is a division of Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) called CIMA or the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. These are the folks who will help you get started with everything you need to know.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, accountants make an average salary of $68,000 per year. With so many entry-level options for accountants to choose from, any demonstrated focus area like Management Accounting will considerably add to the value of the degree. This added value will make graduates more desirable to hire and allow them to be pickier about which job and what salary they ultimately choose. By the year 2022, accounting jobs will increase by 13% adding more jobs more money to the field. Sectors that employ Management Accountants specifically include non-profit organization boards, government budget departments, corporate financial risk management firms, financial consulting firms, and accounting departments and firms.

Online BSBA vs. BBA

When it comes to entry-level accounting jobs, a BSBA vs. a BBA is a big decision. These four years of school can amount to the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in salary upon graduation. The major differences between a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration are BBA course subjects often include more theoretical coursework in finance and projections, where the BSBA coursework might adhere to a stricter math-heavy courseload. The course requirements are chosen by the university or college you attend, but for a BSBA, expect stats and calculus. Graduates with a BBA may look more attractive to employers who need a well-rounded accounting manager, where the BSBA grad may catch the eye of a boss who needs spreadsheets to look like they came from heaven.

Universities are realizing that people want to earn accounting degrees online. Few fields require professionals to have as much software experience and comfort with a mouse and keyboard as Managerial Accounting. Getting a degree in business and accounting online is just an efficient way to get it done. For this reason, well-regarded institutions are offering accredited online business management degrees at higher rates all the time. For non-traditional students, full-time workers, and those who prefer online coursework, now is a great time to earn a degree in business administration with a focus on accountant management.

How we crunched our numbers

For the top 20 Best Online Bachelor's Management Accounting Degrees for 2019, we pulled together three metrics to determine how these online programs stacked up against each other. Our chief concerns for students were affordability, return on investment and reputation. Our data came from the following sources:

  • Institution's undergrad tuition rates for in-state students
  • CollegeScorecard.gov and the 10-year average salary for grads
  • Niche.com and the overall grade as collected from former students and faculty

These three metrics were weighted evenly to determine in descending order.

So, whether you have a passion for being the boss of the numbers, or you know that accounting is your thing but need a way to spice it up, a bachelor's degree in business with a focus on management accounting may be a great option for you. Some helpful advice for you as you embark on your new career; just as the old joke says, don't stand around not doing anything, people will think you're the boss.

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∗Cost key/Annual Resident Tuition∗

$ = 9000 – 13,999
$$ = 14,000 – 18,999
$$$ = 19,000 – 24,999
$$$= 25,000 – 28,999
$$$$= 29,000 +

The Texas state legislature established Texas State University in 1899 under the original name Southwest Texas State Normal School. The purpose of the school initially was to teach agriculture and domestic sciences, while certifying any students who graduated from education programs in state public schools. Currently, they are known for the high level of research they conduct as classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Their campus sits on close to 500 acres in San Marcos, Texas. Texas State is the fifth largest postsecondary institution in the Texas State University System with a total enrollment of over 38,000 students.

The McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University offers a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree program that focuses on Accounting. This program is accessible to a larger population as a result of its hybrid learning style. Students can take half of the coursework online, and the other half maintains a traditional face-to-face learning style, ensuring that students can access peer and faculty support and community. This path of study applies to any career in business and leaves many doors open for graduates. TSU requires 120 credit-hours for the completion of this program, and students must achieve a 2.5 or above to be in good academic standing.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Cost: $$$$$

Cleary University began in 1883 as the Cleary School of Penmanship. In 1991 they transitioned to the Cleary Business College after incorporation. They have remained a private business focused institution of higher learning offering select and in-depth programming. They grant certificates, ABA, BBA, and MBA degrees. Their primary campus is in the town of Howell, Michigan, which is in Livingston County. Cleary has two additional academic centers located in Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan. Many of their programs can be achieved entirely online, making business study accessible to non-traditional students, and those who require flexibility. Their total enrollment includes 882 students.

Cleary University offers a BBA degree program in Accounting and Finance. This program gives students to option of studying online or in a traditional classroom. The course of study provides students with an educational foundation that can apply to a myriad of professions in the business sphere. Graduates may choose to gain an entry-level position immediately upon graduation or continue on an academic path towards a leadership position in business and financial fields. The student to faculty ratio at cleary is 11:1, ensuring that all students receive the personal attention. Not only are the business and accounting foundations a focal point in the curriculum, but students will gain fundamental training in ethics and communications.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Cost: $$$$$

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst was established in 1863 under the federal Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act. Institutionally, their original intent was to provide students with skills in agricultural, military, and mechanical arts. In fact, the name they first used was Massachusetts Agricultural College, though it was affectionately referred to as Mass Aggie or MAC. UMASS Amherst is categorized as an institution that conducts the highest level of research, as determined by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Their campus sits on 1,463 acres of land in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts, located just beside the Berkshire Mountains on the western side of the state.

The Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in collaboration with UMASS online offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree completion program that is delivered entirely online. Students have options for their actual major in the program, including Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Operations and Information Management. This course of study is designed as a degree completion program for non-traditional and professional students requiring flexibility to achieve academic success. Students must have at least one year of education under their belt before enrolling in the program. Students are encouraged to try the program out by taking a class while your application is in process. AACSB fully accredits the program.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Cost: $$$$$

Northeastern University was established in 1898 as a component of the YMCA called the Evening Institute for Younger Men. They underwent many changes and divested from the YMCA in 1948. After World War II they began offering admission to women, and a liberal arts track was added to form a comprehensive institution of higher learning. Once they were a nighttime commuter school, and now they are a high-level research private university. Their primary campus is situated on 73 acres of land in Boston, Massachusetts, in the sections of the city called Fenway-Kenmore, Roxbury, South End, and Back Bay. They have satellite sites in San Jose, California, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Seattle, Washington.

Northeastern University offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in FInance and Accounting Management, through their Online Professional Degree Department. This is a program designed for students wanting to enter the world of accounting and business with the foundations to manage budgets, leverage assets, maximize investments, and achieve financial efficiencies. Students will gain a skill set in quantitative and analytical frameworks. There is also a focus on communications and ethics. This program provides flexibility for students who have to balance their professional and personal lives with their academic endeavors. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredits this course of study.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management
Cost: $$$$$

Florida Atlantic University, which is often referred to as FSU, was founded in 1961 from a state legislature decision based on the growing academic needs of southern Florida. Subsequently, they were the first institution of higher learning in the Southeast region of the state. Their campus is situated on 850 acres of land in Boca Raton, Florida. Also, they have five satellite campuses scattered throughout the state, including in Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach, Fort Pierce, and Davie. They also have a campus called the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution. They are a member of the State University System of Florida, which is comprised of 12 distinct campuses.

Florida Atlantic University offers two online Bachelor of Business Administration programs that are entirely online. The focus on one of the programs is in Accounting, and the other is on Management with a concentration in both leadership and applied managerial skills. Both concentrations offer the third and fourth year programming entirely online. Students will gain foundational business and accounting skills in both programs, that can be applied to a myriad of career paths in the business and financial sectors. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) fully accredits both programs. For the Accounting specific degree program, students are required to pass the Accounting Competency Exam to qualify for classes ACG 3131 and ACG 334.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Cost: $$$$$

Kansas State University’s Global Campus is generally called K-State Global. Initially, K-State had a vision of extending educational opportunities to non-traditional learners and opened what was then known as the K-State Division of Continuing Education in 1966. They operated in connection to Kansas Cooperative Extension Service. Their course delivery always built on distance learning, though it took on many changes throughout the years, as they moved with technology. Currently, they are an entirely online campus, enabling students to participate in their over 70 programs from anywhere in the world. Their offerings include Certificate programs, Bachelor degrees, Master degrees, and Doctoral Degree programs with minor options that can stand alone.

The College of Business at Kansas State University’s Global Campus offers General Business Bachelor degree program that is delivered entirely online. In total it is a 120 credit hour course of study that includes four different concentrations that students can choose from including human resource management, operations/ supply chain management, marketing, and business analytics. This course of study is not only flexible and affordable, but it will open doors in a variety of career paths. Previous graduates of the program have gone on to gain employment in financial auditing in a Big 6 Accounting Firm, valuing investment opportunities in Wall Street financial markets, project management, and pricing and promoting new projects.

Degree: General Business Bachelor with focus on Accounting Management
Cost: $$$$$

The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, which is also known as UW Stevens Point or UWSP, was founded in 1894, initially as a Normal School that began with just 201 students. Currently, They are part of the University of Wisconsin System, and they grant Associate’s, Bachelor, and Master degrees. They also have one doctorate program in the field of audiology. The UWSP campus sits on 400 acres of land in the town of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The campus is known for its beauty and includes a large nature preserve and lake. The school’s offerings include over 120 undergraduate programs, as well as 48 majors and 78 minors.

The School of Business and Economics at The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point offers a Bachelor of Business Administration. This program is designed for working adults who require some flexibility, and therefore, classes are offered both in a hybrid format, and face-to-face at night. Students can choose a concentration including management, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, or FIRE (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate). The program works to build on previous associate’s or bachelor’s degrees. Students can choose a pace of study that works for their goals and lifestyle including the option of studying with full or part-time status. Program advisors are available for students and applicants to help craft a tailored program to meet individual needs.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration NIGHT program
Cost: $$$$$

The University of Minnesota Crookston, often referred to as UMC, was established in 1966. It is one of the five institutions that make up the University of Minnesota System. They are a four-year institution of higher learning situated on a campus 108-acre campus in the town of Crookston, Massachusetts. They are proud of the intimate environment that they foster, with a total enrollment of 1,821 students. In fact, their slogan focuses on the point of their size with the phrase, “Small Campus. Big Degree.” Their offerings include over 34 undergraduate degree programs, close to 40 areas of concentration, and 22 minors. All of these programs exist within their four academic departments.

The University of Minnesota Crookston offers an accounting bachelor of Science that is similar to a Bachelor of Business Administration. This program is delivered entirely online. Students will learn the foundational skills to assist a variety of clients with financial reporting. A major focal point of the program is auditing. Many students leave the program and achieve positions in fields such as public accounting, banking, financial analysis, management accounting, taxation, as well as finance. The faculty emphasize technology and communication skills in the curriculum. Students also have many options to choose from concerning classes that will complement the required curriculum.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Cost: $$$$$

The University of Alabama at Birmingham has an online school called UAB Online. They have a myriad of program offerings, including blended format degrees and certificate programs, as well as programs that are entirely online. All of their programming is based on the what exists in there in person course offerings and subsequent curricula. The faculty is also the same as the leaders' students have access to on campus. They are considered one of the most diverse institutions in the country, and that is apparent in their online programming where students represent over 80 countries around the world. They are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) offers a bachelor of science degree program in accounting. This program is one of the few offerings that don’t require any on-campus visits. Students can choose to tailor their elective courses to meet their professional goals, as there are many options including a business management course. The foundations will be thoroughly covered, giving students a competent skill set, including in areas such as auditing, financial accounting, forensic accounting, along with many other disciplines related to the field at large. The entire program can be completed in as little as four years. The faculty includes experienced leaders in the areas of business and accounting.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Cost: $$$$$

Auburn University was founded in 1856 as the East Alabama Male College. Soon after, they became the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama, and then Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Since their establishment, they have been affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. They became the first public land-grant institution in the state. It was not until 1964 that Auburn University offered admission to their first African American Students, and it was a result of a Federal Court mandate. Their campus is situated on a 1.843-acre campus is the town of Auburn, Alabama. Their total enrollment is just under 30,000 students, approximately 1,800 of which are minority students.

The Raymond J Harbert College of Business at Auburn University offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program and accountancy for candidates who are seeking a second degree. This course of study prepares students to sit for the CPA exam successfully. The entire program consists of 30 semester hours, which translates to nearly five semesters of consistent study. Students with a business degree accredited by the AACSB can complete this entire program while continuing to work fulltime. Many of the lectures are recordings of the relevant in-person classes at Auburn University. The online program is also the same as the calendar for in-person students.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for second-degree seekers
Cost: $$$$$

Old Dominion University, often referred to as ODU, was established in 1930 as the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary. Currently, they are a public research institution, and one of the largest institutions of higher learning in the state of Virginia. ODU’s name came from the state’s nickname “old dominion.” Their campus sits on close to 250 acres of land, just five miles away from downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Also, they have two satellite campuses in the Hampton Roads region. A high level of research is conducted at ODU, as noted by the Carnegie Foundation. They provide close to $2 billion to the regional economy.

Old Dominion University Online offers a Bachelor of Science Business Administration degree program. This course of study is offered entirely online and requires 120 credit hours of study, 30 of which must be completed through Old Dominion University. Students can choose many of their classes, which may include a business management course. If transferring in candidates may talk to an enrollment coordinator to determine what courses make sense for their personal goals. All online classes are conducted live with regularly scheduled hours. This program makes it easy to seamlessly enter the ODU’s MBA program, with some options for early entry.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Cost: $$$$$

Park University was founded in 1875 and was initially called Park College. Their flagship campus is located in the town of Parkville, Missouri on 800 acres of land. Their oldest building, Mackay Hall, is on the national registry for historical places and is now where the administrative buildings are housed. They were affiliated with the Methodist Church for many decades, though they are no longer connected. Park University currently has 41 campuses throughout the country. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (ACA) and the Independent Colleges and Schools of Missouri provide regional accreditation to the school. The US News and World Report ranked them among the top 126-165 Best Midwest Colleges in 2018.

Park University offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in Accounting that can be not only achieved at four of their campuses but also students can take it entirely online. Students will also gain managerial skills and can participate in the business management course. This course of study prepares students to work as professional accountants in a myriad of professional settings. Park University also offers a Bachelor of Science in Management/ Accounting that is offered in person at many of their campus locations. Many companies are excited to hire park alumni, including Sprint, Cerner, Smithfield Foods, Berkshire Hathaway and UMB Bank.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Cost: $$$$$

The University of Mary (ND) was established in 1959 as a private college with Christian, Catholic and Benedictine affiliations. It was initially created as an all women’s institution of higher learning by the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery. They became co-educational in the 1960s and achieved university status in 1986. Located in Bismarck, North Dakota, on a rural campus, they are the only Catholic University in the state. Much of their vision and mission includes both making academia accessible to working, adult-learners and to support a culture of lifelong learning. They now have close to 3,000 students enrolled in all of their programming.

The University of Mary (North Dakota) offers two relevant Online and Evening Bachelor of Science degree programs, one of which is in Accounting through the Gary Tharaldson School of Business, and the other in Business Administration. Both of these programs were designed for optimal flexibility as well as affordability. Each program is geared towards working adult learners, which also corresponds to the flexible format options. They have many similarities like and offer the like of a business management course, but have their distinctions. Both are offered in an accelerated format, making it easy to matriculate into an MBA program quickly. Either program will prepare students for careers in finance and business. Both programs offer financial aid options.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Cost: $$$$$

The Southern Illinois University Carbondale, also known as SIUC was founded in 1869 and is the largest school within the Southern Illinois University System. Their campus sits in the College town of Carbondale, Illinois on 1,132 acres of land. Their student body represents all fifty states and over 100 countries from around the world. Total enrollment is close to 15,000 students. Their degree programs include three associate’s, 100 bachelor, 73 master’s, and 36 doctoral. They also have professional degrees in medicine, law, and architecture. The US News and World Report tanked SIUC as number 96 among best national universities.

The College of Business at Southern Illinois University offers programs that tie into the demand for the business and financial industries, including an Online Accounting Program, and an Online Business and Administration Program. Both were designed with flexibility in mind, making the course of study relevant to adult learners with many personal and professional commitments. Each program consists of 60 credit hours that cover and engage diverse coursework including a business management course and classes in communications and ethics. Program courses are divided into eight-week segments, allowing full-time students to take up to four courses per semester. Students are required to purchase a USB webcam, so proctored exams can be taken at home.

Degree: Bachelor of Business and Administration or Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Cost: $$$$$

The University of the Incarnate Word, or, UIW, is a private Catholic university founded in 1881. The main campus is located in San Antonio and Alamo Heights, Texas. The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, created the school when they came to San Antonio in 1869 to assist with treating a cholera outbreak. Initially, it was a women’s college, educating teachers, nurses and future nuns in the border region. College classes were added to the curriculum in 1909, and the name of the institution was changed to the College and Academy of the Incarnate Word. The university currently operates two high schools; one is an all-girls school, and the other is co-ed. It also operates two elementary schools, where the students in the education department do a majority of the teaching of primary students.

The University of the Incarnate Word began offers two essential undergrad degrees through the AACSB accredited H-E-B School of Business and Administration. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and the BBA in Accounting are 120 credit-hour, four-year degrees that teach the basics of accounting and management. Both degrees are offered entirely online, with courses that are 8-weeks long and offered six terms per year. The faculty is scholar-practitioners with real-world experience, as well as teaching experience in both face to face and online formats. For the Accounting degree, 120 of the 150 credit hours needed to sit for the Texas CPA exam, including 30 semester hours of approved upper division accounting courses, and a three-hour course in ethics.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Cost: $$$$$

Alaska Pacific University (APU) is located in Anchorage, Alaska and was founded in 1957. Initially, this small liberal arts and sciences college was called Alaska Methodist University and was founded by Peter Gordon Gould. Gould was an Aleut from the village of Unga in the Aleutian Islands. He became the first indigenous Methodist minister and later returned to minister to other indigenous Alaskans, and champion education without the need to be removed from native communities. The main campus is currently located adjacent to the Alaska Native Medical Center on the campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). In 1978 the school was renamed Alaska Pacific University. Despite the University's deep roots with the Methodist faith, they currently have no sectarian affiliation or educational offerings. In 2016, APU partnered with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, which is the largest Tribal health program in the country. They develop academic and cultural programs that bolster the needs of the state and Alaskan natives.

APU’s Business Administration Management program is primarily designed for experienced professionals across a wide variety of fields. The second-degree bachelor program allows those who did not previously focus on accounting, to advance in their careers. The business school at APU is an IACBE accredited program. It emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning in areas like leadership and organizational change, values and ethics, and communication skills. APU encourages small peer cohorts to provide the collaborative education and engaged discussion. Students can choose between two-degree emphases, non-profit management or health-care management. The non-profit focus offers an in-depth look at the business functions and skills required for non-profit program management. The health-care management track provides an overview and understanding of the business functions necessary for providing services in healthcare management.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management
Cost: $$$$$

Located in the infamously academic city of New Haven, Connecticut, Albertus Magnus College is a Catholic private liberal arts college. The school was founded in 1925 by the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs. It was named for St. Albertus Magnus, who was a medieval philosopher and scholar. The school's initial goal was to educate women “to become thinkers and leaders and the noble among the ladyhood of the future.” The early years of Albertus Magnus College were accompanied by extensive growth, expanding by 1940 to its current 50-acre site. Instead of building new buildings for dormitories, classrooms, and libraries, the administration would routinely buy nearby Victorian mansions and convert them for their purposes. Today, many of these historical sites continue to serve the purpose of student education. The school began offering graduate studies in 1992.

Albertus Magnus College offers a B.S. in Business Management program that can be completed either online, on-campus, or both. The program is located in the Tagliatela School of Business and Leadership. This flexible online four-year program was constructed for non-traditional students who hope to enter Management Occupations upon graduation. Students earn a base of knowledge and experiences that enable them to be business leaders, capable of making ethical business decisions throughout their evolving career. The B.S. in Business Management program allows students to be primary in Business Management or choose a concentration in Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, or Marketing Management.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Cost: $$$$$

The University of West Georgia is located in Carrollton, Georgia. They were founded in 1906 when the Georgia legislature decided to create the Fourth District Agricultural and Mechanical School. This need was in response to a call for “more realistic educational program for rural youth” aged 13 to 21. They are now a public, four-year university with a comprehensive course and program offering. These programs include doctoral degrees and certificate programs, and everything in between. Their proximity to the beautiful city of Atlanta (only 45 miles west of downtown) makes the culture of the school diverse and applicant pool rigorous. They serve 13,520 students as of Fall 2017 and consistently rank among the best southern schools in every significant university review body. The University is classified as an R3-Doctoral University by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

The University of West Georgia offers students an online school called UWG Online. One of these programs is the B.B.A. program in accounting. This flexible online/classroom hybrid program provides students with a liberal arts based educational foundation. This will enable them to stand out as a well-rounded candidate for employment in financial or management accounting in industry. Students will also be prepared to move on to a master’s level accounting and finance study. An internship course is available to those students who secure a qualifying internship. Within the state of Georgia, there are only five schools that are accredited by the AACSB. UWG business school is proud to be one of them.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Cost: $$$$$

The Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas has no shortage of excellent colleges and universities enriching the lives of students there. Amberton University, a private, nonprofit university in Garland, Texas, is one of them. Amberton is an Evangelical Christian school and was an extension campus of Abilene Christian University from 1971 until 1982. The school moved from Mesquite to Garland, Texas in 1974. They also operate a branch campus in Frisco, Texas since 2006. They identify their purpose as to identify and provide for the educational needs of the community. As such, they offer many programs that cater to working adults and nontraditional students. This mission is so ingrained in the school atmosphere that the on-campus coursework is completed in a professional office building, leaving behind the common college grounds including dormitories, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and intramural athletics. The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools fully accredits Amberton.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Accounting program at Amberton engages with the working minds of an accounting student, preparing them for entry-level positions in management accounting and business administration. Graduates will possess a broad range of skills in business, as well as the competency of a management-minded person. Students will have the option of specializing in areas in financial analysis, budget preparation, financial management, management accounting, government, finance, and consulting. As of now, the program is offered in the campus-based classroom lecture mode only. Graduates must complete 120 hours of study to complete this degree program, 33 of these must come from Amberton.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration- Management/Accounting
Cost: $$$$$

The Canton State University of New York was founded at St. Lawrence University in 1906 as the School of Agriculture (SOA). It now is the oldest public postsecondary, two-year college in New York State. The school became a member college of the State University of New York in 1948. It was finally renamed State University of New York College of Technology at Canton, both to incorporate the SUNY affiliation, as well as to keep the Ag and Tech roots of the school present in its name. SUNY Canton has three academic schools for students to achieve their certificates, two- or four- year degrees. These schools are the School of Business & Liberal Arts, the School of Science, Health & Criminal Justice, and the Canino School of Engineering Technology.

Through the School of Business, SUNY Canton offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree that is 100% online. The program is catered to students who have a keen interest in finance. Students who excel in mathematics also find great success in this program. The virtual classroom gives BBA-Finance students the opportunity to network with other students from around the world. Students al the choice of engaging in a work internship with companies in their communities, as well as online finance clubs with other students who share their interests. The program boasts a 100% job placement rate upon graduation, for those students who are willing to relocate for a finance or accounting job. Of those employed, they report a median salary of $80 thousand per year upon placement.

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance
Cost: $$$$$