Best Online DBA Accounting Programs

BEST ONLINE DBA ACCOUNTING PROGRAMSA Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is the highest degree a business student can achieve. The DBA in Accounting program is focused on professionals who want to pursue business and accounting at the highest practical and theoretical levels. We have compiled the top five online DBA programs in accounting for students looking to pursue this advanced degree but need the extra flexibility an online accounting degree allows. These online accounting doctoral programs will help students gain a great understanding of accounting theories as well as applying them in a business context.

Founded in 1970, Walden University was started by two New York teachers, Bernie and Rita Turner.  They created a program for working adults wanting to pursue doctoral degrees.  Their first classes were in Naples, Florida, focusing on school administrators.  Walden is a for profit, private institution.

Walden University offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.  They are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Council (HLC) as well as the ACBSP for their business programs.  Walden consists of five colleges, College of Education, College of Management and Technology, College of Health Sciences, Barbara Solomon School of Social Work and Human Services, and College of Behavioral Sciences.

The DBA in Accounting program helps students strengthen their knowledge of managerial accounting methods.  Students will understand how to help their company’s competitive edge.  They will explore theories and principles in managerial decision making, employee performance evaluation and corporate governance.  Students will also gain accounting knowledge to deal with real world business problems that face organizations.

Estimated Total Tuition: $61,290

Liberty University is a non profit, private, Christian institution.  They are located in Lynchburg, Virginia.  They are classified as a doctoral university.  Liberty has over 14,000 residential students and over 100,000 online students enrolled in their programs.  They were founded in 1971 by Jerry Falwell, a senior pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church.  They are the largest private, nonprofit university in the nation and the largest university in Virginia.

Liberty University offers 349 programs on campus and 247 programs online.  They have 16 colleges and schools.  Students have a vast array of programs to chooses from.  Their business school is accredited by the ACBSP.

The DBA in Accounting program provides knowledge in specialized accounting training for success in the corporate world.  Students will gain in-depth knowledge in analysis of tax and auditing techniques and accounting theory.  Students will also study accounting ethics and best practices so they can become a well rounded leader.  Students will leave the program confident they have the knowledge to lead with integrity and professionalism.

Estimated Total Tuition: $34,200

Founded in 1993, Capella University is a for-profit institution in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Their education is predominately delivered online.  Capella has 38,508 students enrolled and offers 51 degrees with over 165 specializations.  Their asynchronous classes online allows students to study at their own pace.  Students will participate in lively discussions with their classmates and instructor.

Capella University is a competency based system.  The benefits of this curriculum gives students in demand expertise, knowledge they can use today, learning they can see, and value to employers.  Students will gain relevant knowledge needed to advance their career.

The DBA in accounting program develops students knowledge in accounting theory and practice so they can become leaders.  Students in the DBA program will be required to attend three four-day residencies along with their online courses.  The residencies build community learning experiences for students.

Estimated Total Tuition: $55,728

Argosy University is a four year, private, for-profit institution.  They were founded in 2001 with the merging for the American School of Professional Psychology, Medical Institute of Minnesota, and the University of Sarasota.  Through the schools seven colleges, they offer associate’s, bachelors, master’s and doctorate degrees.  Students are able to attend on campus classes, online or a hybrid of both.

Argosy is accredited regionally by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  They also are accredited by the ACBSP for their Doctorate in Business Administration through their graduate school of Business and Management.

Students will have access to free tutoring so they can have the support needed with select courses.  Computer and software tutorials are available 24/7 through the campus common.  Students will have flexibility of online courses with the a supportive academic environment   that combines practical training and teaching.

Argosy University offers a DBA program with a concentration in accounting.  Students will gain a deeper understanding of accounting theory, its evolution and corporate governance.   The program consists of 60 credit hours, which will take students three to five years to complete.  Students will need twelve graduate credit hours of accounting to enroll in the accounting concentration.

Estimated Total Tuition: $57,475