How to Become a CPA in Maryland

Working as a Certified Public Accountant can be a very lucrative career. The Wall Street Journal has reported that CPA salaries can average more than $80,000 per year. The good thing about this career is that the skills of a CPA are necessary in every office.

If you’re looking to embark on a career as a CPA in Maryland, you must complete a few requirements before you are able to do so. You must first meet the education requirements set by the DLLR’s Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing . Those requirments include completing a minimum of 120 semester hours from an accredited university and obtaining a baccalaureate degree in accounting. Of those 120 semester hours you need to have completed at total of 30 semester hours in Group 1 accounting and ethics coursework. Those hours include 3 semester hours in each of the following courses: Auditing, Managerial Cost Accounting, and U.S. Federal Income Tax. It also includes 9 hours in accounting electives.

Additionally, you must complete 21 semester hours in business related coursework. Those hours include 3 hours in 5 of the following 9 subject areas: statistics, corporations or business finance, management,marketing, economics, business communication, quantitative methods, and computer information systems. In addition to these requirements 3 credit hours must be completed in an ethics course.

Once you have completed the required course work and obtained a baccalaureate degree, you may register to take the Maryland CPA examination online . To register you need to pay all fees associated with taking the exam. Also submit an original copy of your transcript that shows your coursework and degree. You will then receive a tutorial and sample tests to familiarize yourself with. Carefully review these materials before taking the exam.

Once you have registered for you exam, you will be given a test date and location where you will take the examination. To successfully complete the exam you need a passing score of at least 75 on each of the four sections. Credit on each section of the exam is valid for 18 months and all sections must be passed within 18 months to complete the exam successfully.