30 Most Affordable Online Master’s Degrees in Accounting 2018

For those of us who need a sure thing in life, few career paths offer long term employment guarantee like the field of Accounting.

Stepping up to a Master’s in this already well-paying major, will reward one even more.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) estimates that the trend in Accounting job security will likely increase. Currently, the increase is expected to be 11%, adding a total of nearly 150,000 new jobs to the job market. Jobs are plentiful for those at both undergrad and grad levels. Make no mistake, Accounting is a solid investment.

However, salaries for those who earned a Master of Accounting (MAcc) or Business Management with an emphasis in Accounting versus stopping with just an undergrad is pretty substantial. According to a 2011 salary survey by Georgetown University, bachelor’s degree holders in Accounting earned a median $63,000 per year, while a MAcc earner can expect $86,310 per year.

Sure, technology may be increasing the number of skilled jobs for people in the fields of retail and industry. And robots might be taking the jobs of people in various industries. But as long as there are taxes and other needs to balance the books, Accounting will remain in-demand.

Accounting Degree Review researched over 200 online Master’s programs in Accounting and ranked them based on affordability and accreditation. These top 30 for 2018 are the best of the best.

Our Most Affordable rankings are listed in descending order based solely on cost per online credit for non-residents.

Recommended Online Accounting Degree Programs

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Western Governors University

Western Governors University, also known as WGU, is a private nonprofit university based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is entirely online. The institution was founded by 19 US Governors in 1997, with the use of a competency-based learning model, that is concurrent with students working online. WGU is made up of four distinct colleges, all of which offer both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, and also teacher preparation endorsement programs. The colleges include: the College of Business, the College of Information Technology, the College of Health Professions, and the Teachers College. As of June 2016, the University had grown to over 70,000 enrolled students.

WGU offers an exciting opportunity to achieve a Master’s of Science in Accounting, entirely online, giving students all of the critical competencies to have a successful career in accounting. This degree prepares students to work in the public or private spheres of accounting. This program prepares students to sit for the CPA exam, and has an excellent track record of graduates passing on during the first sitting. Students who want to take additional professional exams like the Certified Management Accounting Exam (CMA), or the Certified Internal Auditor Exam (CIA), will have all of the tools they need to excel based on the preparatory 150 required credit hours achieved in the MS program.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $270
Accreditation: NWCCU


American Public University System

APUS stands for the American Public University System, and is a private online learning institution, synthesizing American Public University (APU) and the American Military University (AMU). It is owned by the private corporation American Public Education, Inc. Their primary corporate office is located in Charles Town, West Virginia, and administrative offices in Manassas, Virginia. Even though the name suggests they are a public university, they are actually not, nor do they have connections to the military or US government. They offer associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, as well as dual degrees, certificates, and learning tracks. About 56 percent of students who attend APUS have reported that they served in the military.

The Master’s in Accounting at APUS takes the knowledge gained from the undergraduate degree and brings it to the next level, allowing students to be able to thrive in any industry seeking their skills, such as governmental agencies, private corporations or businesses, and others. The program is designed to take communication skills, written and oral, to the next level, making students competitive candidates for the top accounting positions. APUS designed the Online Master’s in Accounting program in collaboration with industry leaders and professionals in the accounting field, making sure it is up to date and relevant to industry standards. Applicants are required to have a four-year degree prior to applying for the program.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $350
Accreditation: ACBSP


Columbia College

In 1851, Columbia College opened its doors with the name Christian Female College, and was the first women’s college situated west of the Mississippi River. In 1970, the institution transformed from a two-year women’s college to a four-year college and became co-educational. It was also when they changed their name to Columbia College. Though the college is non-sectarian, and welcoming of all students, they have maintained a relationship with the Christian Church, and the Disciples of Christ. They serve more than 29,000 students per year between their 35 campuses, including their online campus. They have both a day campus and an evening campus, located in Columbia, Missouri.

Columbia College is also a well-known provider of advanced degrees in the accounting discipline, training students to be prepared to be successful in the fields of auditing, taxation, information systems, public and governmental accounting, as well as managerial. Because there are so many branches of the university, the offering of the Master’s degree program availability varies, depending on site. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a focus in accounting offers a balance of theory and practice. Since this program is offered 100 percent online, it is flexible enough to fit into the life of a professional with additional life commitments. Students of the MS program are required to take the Graduate Foundations Course, for 9 credit hours, and additionally have opportunities to take electives tailored to their career interests.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $415
Accreditation: HCL


University of Southern Indiana

The University of Southern Indiana, which is often referred to as USI, is a public university located on the outskirts of Evansville, Indiana, in Vanderburgh County. In their early days over $1 million was raised to acquire the almost 1,400 acres of land where the campus sits. The campus was built slowly, one building at a time, as funding became available. This multifaceted university was established in 1965, and has made a name for itself as a Carnegie Foundation Community Engaged University, which is an outlet for special programs and community engagement for up to 15,000 participants annually, both through outreach and interaction.

The University of Southern Indiana has many exciting online offerings, but one that stands out is the Master of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. The program is designed to create leaders in the multi-faceted field of accounting, and prepare students to take on executive positions such as Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, and Senior Accountant. USI’s advanced degree in accounting provides students with a lens to identify solutions to complex issues impacting businesses and corporations. This entirely online program is taught by faculty who are leaders in the field and who are committed to collaborative learning styles and cultivating inquiry based problem solving.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $430
Accreditation: AACSB


Boise State University

Located in Boise Idaho, Boise State University was established in 1932 by the Episcopal Church, and by 1934 it was an independent junior college. By 1965, BSU became a four year University offering both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. They are also known for delivering exponentially more undergraduate degrees than any other public university in Idaho, and offering more than 100 graduate degree programs. They are also known for the success of their athletic teams and the culture that surrounds sportsmanship on campus. The football team, known as the Broncos, have participated in the NCAA Division I athletics, since 1996.

Due to the significant growth in the field of accounting, Boise State University has risen to the challenge of creating a world class online Master’s Degree Program in Accountancy, that is designed to develop top leaders in the field. The meticulous curriculum that synthesizes the most critical advanced accounting skills and gives students all of the necessary skills to breeze through the CPA exam, while being prepared to enter the field in a leadership role. The degree can be accomplished in as little as 22 months, and as online students you will receive the same care and attention as traditional in-class participants. Another key principle that allows this program to stand out from the rest is it’s affordability.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $450
Accreditation: AACSB


Colorado State University-Global Campus

Colorado State University has created a global campus, which focuses on online learning. The school is known as CSU-Global Campus, and offers extensive programming in both online undergraduate or graduate degrees, as well as certificate programs. The online institution was founded in 2007, with the mission of accommodating adult and non-traditional learners, who require flexibility to be successful. CSU-Global’s headquarters are located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, which is part of the Denver Metropolitan region. One of the special features that this online school offers is the ability to accommodate transfer students and make it easy to provide degree completion resources. An interesting fact is that CSU-Global is the first 100 percent online university, as defined statutorily.

In line with the type of trailblazing efforts in online education that CSU has made, the well-revered and highly affordable Master’s in Accounting at CSU-Global is an excellent choice to not only prepare for the CPA exam, but also to have the up-to-date mandatory skills to be successful in the field of accounting. Students of the program will not only have what they need to work independently in the field, but also to engage in the field from the public sphere, including within the non-profit and corporate structure. One of the main outcomes of the program is that students are prepared to solve complex financial problems, and decode both qualitative and quantitative research to solve ethical and legal quandaries, as well as develop keep evaluation skills.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $500
Accreditation: ACBSP


Saint Joseph's College of Maine

The private Catholic liberal arts school, Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, is located in Standish, Maine on a 430 Acre campus, on the shore of breathtaking Sebago Lake. The campus has the benefit of being just 18 miles from the capital city Portland, also Maine’s largest city. One thing that sets Saint Joseph’s apart from other schools in the state, is that it is the only Catholic post-secondary institution in the within state lines, and is sought after as such. It was originally established in 1912, by the Sister’s of Mercy, as a women only institution, but in 1970 became co-educational, and six years later initiated a distance learning program for working adult students.

The affordable online Master of Accountancy program at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine offers 36 credit hours designed to provide students with the tools to pass the CPA exam, while also imparting advanced skill building for students to be prepared to be private or public accountants in a variety of positions. Students who do not possess an undergraduate degree in business or accounting are still invited to participate in the program, though they will have an addition of five prerequisite courses to complete. The program is designed to offer a great deal of flexibility. Applications are constantly in review and students can begin at any of the five-ten week terms scheduled throughout the year.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $514
Accreditation: NEASC


Indiana Wesleyan University

Commonly referred to as IWU, Indiana Wesleyan University is a private liberal arts university with an evangelical Christian foundation. They are explicitly affiliated with the Wesleyan Church Denomination, and they are the largest member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, while also being the largest private university in the state of Indiana. The student body at IWU has grown by over 200 percent since 1985, which is when they first began offering classes. Their current enrollment is over 15,000 students,12,000 of which are taking online coursework. They are known for offering the largest adult education programming of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, and have been named as one of the ‘Top Ten Conservative Colleges in the US,” by the Young America’s Foundation.

The Master of Science Program in Accounting at IWU is known for it’s affordability and vision of creating global leaders in the financial sphere, as their programming stands out as exemplary in virtue and academic excellence. The model of learning follows the approach of the larger university, as they find ways to be Christ-centered in their academic foundation, while also creating an environment that celebrates the diversity of their students. The degree can be completed in as little as 18 months, and follows a cohort model that embeds collaboration and mutual support into the learning framework. Classes meet online, though students can opt for a one night per week in person class.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $547
Accreditation: HLC


Bellevue University

Located in the heart of Bellevue, Nebraska, Bellevue University is a private nonprofit university that, from it’s inception, has had a keen focus on meeting the complex needs of adult learners with education resources and outreach. Bellevue opened its doors in 1974, and soon became the largest private university in the state, while standing out from the rest with its target population of local working adults. Currently enrolled are over 10,000 students, many of whom study online, and many still who participate in traditional classroom based coursework. The US News and World Report ranked Bellevue University’s online program as 7th in the nation.

Bellevue University’s flexible Master’s in Accounting program is geared towards working adults, but it is also known for it’s affordability for all. Students walk away from the program with advanced skills in cost accounting, auditing, tax, and internal accounting, among many additional critical skills for a successful career in the accounting and financial fields. Students will have the option to specialize in the concentration of taxes and/or finance. Upon graduation participants will be well prepared to take and excel in the CPA exam, paving the way for a new career path in entry-level or a leadership role in the accounting field.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $565
Accreditation: IACBE


DePaul University

Founded by the Vincentians in 1898, DePaul University was named after the 17th Century French Priest Saint Vincent De Paul. It is a private university situated in bustling Chicago, Illinois. By enrollment, DePaul is the largest Catholic university in the United States. There are two main campuses serving DePaul students, one located in Lincoln Park, and one in The Loop. Enrolled are 16,000 undergraduate students, and 7,600 graduate and law students. DePaul is also known for their focus on experiential and service-based learning models, with a critical focus on pedagogy. Subsequently, they have been recognized as a national leader in service learning as a discipline, engaging community-based volunteer work as a form of instructional strategy.

Among DePaul University’s exemplary course offerings is the Master’s of Science in Accountancy, with 100 percent delivery of instruction online. Some of the things that set this program apart from the others of its kind are the faculty, who are from the same faculty pool as the residential degree program, and the preparatory techniques used, give students what they need to successfully enter the career path of accounting. This program is also known for it’s affordability. According to the annual survey of US employers, The DePaul University Online Master’s of Science in Accountancy program is ranked within the top 10 in the nation. All of the necessary skills to excel in the CPA exam are embedded in the curriculum, and offer students many options to excel.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $615
Accreditation: AACSB


Liberty University

Liberty University, also called Liberty or LU, is a highly acclaimed Christian research university classified by the Carnegie Classification as a doctoral research university. Located in Lynchburg Virginia, they describe themselves as a Christian Academic Community, emphasizing both intellectual and spiritual development. They have maintained a consistent relationship since 1999 with the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia, which informs some of the coursework. Students are required to uphold the code of conduct enforced by the university called The Liberty Way. In terms of enrollment, Liberty is the largest evangelical Christian School in the world, while also being the largest private nonprofit university in the country.

Liberty University offers an exclusively online Master’s of Science in Accounting, that provides students with accessible programming in terms of affordability, and flexibility. These options also offer students a the opportunity to engage in the program, despite life circumstances that may hold them back elsewhere. The curriculum provides opportunities for students to gain the unique skills that allow them to be leaders in the accounting field, including written and oral communication. The course of study is well rounded, and robust as students not only graduate with everything they need to succeed in the CPA exam, but also grasp business related and financial specialization skills that make them competitive candidates. The degree is accomplished with 30 credit hours.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $615
Accreditation: ACBSP


Post University

Post University is a private institution situated in Waterbury, Connecticut, established in 1890 with direct affiliations to Teikyo University in Tokyo, Japan, once named Teikyo Post University. They are highly acclaimed for their online programming, and in fact, in 2013, they were ranked 19th in the US News and World Report in the Best Online Programs Report. The online MBA Program was also listed as the top 100 online business graduate programs. In 2015, Post University joined the American Council on Education to create innovative learning models to engage non-traditional learners. Currently, they offer 25 undergraduate programs, as well as graduate and online programming.

One of Post University’s exciting degree offerings is the Master of Science in Accounting, which is offered affordably online, and intended for students to take their undergraduate experience to the next level in an applicable field of accounting. Graduates of the program are then qualified to take the CPA exam. The coursework offers an innovative approach to create well-rounded professionals; students are required to take courses in leadership, innovation, and creative, along with the more traditional business and accounting primary classes. A base of ethics and professional standards are applied to all aspects of the program, and each student is given a personal academic advisor for additional support make sure all of their needs are being met.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $625
Accreditation: ACBSP


Southern New Hampshire University

Known colloquially as SNHU, the Southern New Hampshire University is a private non-profit and non-sectarian institution located in Hookset, New Hampshire. The University is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE), of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. They were established in 1932 as the New Hampshire School of Accounting and Secretarial Science, and they took on their current name in 1969. US News and World Report ranked SNHU as #1 in Most Innovative Schools, and #101 in Regional Universities North. They were also named by Fast Company as the 12th most innovative organization in the world.

Southern New Hampshire University offers an affordable and top notch Master of Science in Accounting degree program, delivered entirely online. The program is designed for adults setting out for career advancement as Certified Public Accountants, corporate accountants, fraud examiners, auditors, financial analysts and those seeking leadership roles in taxation, banking, insurance, or other positions in the financial sphere. This degree program can be completed in as little as 15 months. The course structure is entirely flexible, as the online learning portals can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and SNHU is known for having one of the most affordable tuition rates in the country.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $627
Accreditation: ACBSP


UMass Lowell

The University of Massachusetts Lowell, also known as UMass Lowell is a nationally ranked public research institution, located 25 miles northwest of Boston, situated on both sides of the Merrimack River. It is part of the University of Massachusetts system, and happens to be the second largest post-secondary institution in the state. Their enrollment is 18,000 with 1,150 faculty members. They have over 122 bachelor’s degree programs, 43 Master’s degree programs, and 36 doctoral fields of study. The Manning School of Business offers nationally recognized programming, which include part-time and online MBA offerings. The online course offerings span most departments in the university.

UMass Lowell has a highly regarded Master of Science in Accounting Program, under the umbrella of the Robert J. Manning School of Business, and the Division of Online and continuing Education. One of the elements that sets this program apart from the rest is it’s affordability and focus on cutting-edge topics such as globalization, forensic accounting, government and nonprofit accounting. Courses are available year-round, and students are admitted on a rolling basis. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace, meaning one could choose to enroll in only one course per semester, if that is what fits into their schedule. The Manning School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which is the highest level of business school accreditation.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $640
Accreditation: AACSB


University of Maryland - University College

The University of Maryland University College, also known as UMUC is a public not for profit university located in the town of Adelphi, which is situated in Prince George’s County, Maryland. UMUC is known as one of the largest online and distance learning institutions in the world, and they have a 100 percent acceptance rate for all undergraduate programs. They offer 120 academic programs both in traditional classroom settings and online, which include bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degrees and certificate. UMUC is a member of the University System of Maryland, which includes eleven distinct institutions, and are accredited by the Middle State Commision on HIgher Education.

The University of Maryland University College offers an exciting online Master’s of Science in accounting and financial management. The affordability makes this program desirable, as well as the focus on preparation for organizational leadership, and gives students the credentials to hold a title like Financial Chief Officer. Each student is required to participate in a capstone course and project, titled Accounting and Financial Management Capstone, accounting for 3 credit hours. Applicants must have first completed 15 credit hours in undergraduate accounting courses with a C grade or higher. The curriculum for this program was designed in collaboration with leaders in the accounting field.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $659
Accreditation: AACSB


Cal State San Bernardino

California State San Bernadino, also known as Cal State San Bernardino, and CSUSB, established in 1965, it is one of the 23 campuses that comprise the California State University System. The campus is situated on 441 acres, surrounded by the San Bernardino Mountains, in the University district of San Bernardino. CSUSB also has a 40 acre branch in Palm Desert, which opened in 1986. The Princeton Review named CSUSB the Best College in the Western Region in 2014, for the tenth consecutive year. One of the ways they have become known nationally is the fact that they are the largest teacher training institution in the region.

Cal State San Bernardino has a highly revered Master of Science in Accountancy program, known for being affordable, and for effectively providing its constituents with the necessary skills and accreditation to be leaders in the accounting field. There is both classroom based program and an entirely online option. Students must complete a minimum of 48 credit hours to graduate from the program, which is at least 24 quarter units of 600-level course work. Prospective students must enter the program with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college, while also providing an acceptable GMAT score, unless it is waived by the program coordinator.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $675
Accreditation: AACSB


Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is a Roman Catholic Liberal Arts University, founded in 1889, situated in the town of St. Leo Florida, just 45 miles north of Tampa. This multi-faceted university is associated with the Holy Name Monastery, a Benedictine Convent, and Saint Leo Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery, all of which are named for the Pope Leo the Great. Saint Leo is one of the five largest Catholic Colleges in the United States, and one of the first American universities to provide distance learning and online educational opportunities for students, which was initiated with the goal of educating men and women who serve in the military, beginning in 1973 during the Vietnam War.

One of the affordable and accessible offerings at Saint Leo University is the Master’s Program in Accounting; they also, however, offer a competitive MBA with an accounting concentration. The program is designed for working professionals to gain the skills and knowledge to rise to the top if the accounting profession and play key leadership roles, and provides students with accounting skills and complex problem solving techniques. Student also walk away with key analytic and evaluation skills, enabling them to plug into potential questions of legal concern, and tax law compliance, as well as identifying ethical questions. The program was developed as a foundation for the CPA exam, and exhibit a high pass rate from graduates.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $720
Accreditation: IACBE


Clarion University

Clarion University of Pennsylvania is located in the town of Clarion, Pennsylvania and is one of the fourteen schools that comprise the Pennsylvania State Schools of Higher Education. Established in 1867, they offer a wide range of degree foci and denominations of associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as certificates. Originally, they were founded as the Carrier Seminary of Western Pennsylvania; in 1920 they became a fully accredited University. In the fall of 2016, their total student enrollment was 5,224 students, 4,330 of which in undergraduate programs. The university is 66 percent female, and 15 percent of students are minorities. Clarion is especially proud of their extended studies programming, which include a wide variety of online offerings.

The Clarion Master’s of Science in Accounting Degree is an affordable program that prepares students to play leadership roles in the accounting field, and exceed the education requirements to pass the CPA exam. Graduates of the program will then be qualified to seek employment at the big four and other CPA firms, while also having the skills and credentials to work in many accounting disciplines, including government and not for profit sectors, and private accounting agencies. Full time students will be able to complete the program in one year, with many options to attend part time over a longer duration. The program is entirely online, with many support resources embedded into the course of study.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $750
Accreditation: AACSB


Maryville University

Maryville University of St. Louis is a private not for profit university situated in the city of Town and Country, just west of Saint Louis County. Established in 1872, it is one of the oldest private post-secondary institutions in Greater Saint Louis. It initially was founded by the Religious of the Sacred Heart, in South Saint Louis, with the intention to serve underprivileged youth and young women. In 1923, Maryville became a four year college, and towards the end of the 1950’s, they acquired 290 acres of land that became their new campus in 1961. The have a specific School of Adult and Online Education, which offers accessible learning to working adults, through weekend and evening college, as well as online coursework.

Maryville University is responding to the need for more accountants, by offering this affordable and highly accessible online Master of Science Program in Accounting. They have created the program with the most up-to-date industry standard information to bring their students to the top of the accounting field. This unique program pairs students with subject matter experts and embeds the Becker preparation course into the curriculum, for success on the CPA exam. Students have the opportunity to graduate from the program in as little as 10 months, and are not required to take the GMAT or GRE. This is also considered a bridge program, meaning students do not have to have an accounting background to qualify.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $765
Accreditation: ACBSP


Stetson University

Stetson University is a private not-for-profit institution comprised of four colleges and schools along the I-4 corridor in Florida, though the primary campus is located in DeLand. Stetson ranked as the fifth Best Regional University in the South, in the US News and World Report’s Guide to America’s Best Colleges. The Washington Monthly also ranked them as number 7 nationally, in the 2015 College Guide to master’s universities. They have been named a military industrial complex friendly school. The 175 acre campus is nationally designated by the National Historic Register of Historic Places, as many of their buildings are some of Florida’s oldest education buildings.

Stetson University has a Master of Accountancy Program that is taught online, and known as one of the most affordable, as well as result-oriented. The faculty are award winning, and play a big role in supporting online non-traditional students to succeed in the field. The course of study can be completed in as little as one year’s time, and provides a distinct foundation in information systems and business. The curriculum will prepare students to successfully pass the CPA exam, while also providing the fundamentals of advanced accounting knowledge and business practice. Stetson has many systems in place to support graduates with career placement following graduation.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $784
Accreditation: AACSB


Champlain University

Champlain University is a private co-educational university, established in 1878, located in the town of Burlington Vermont. They offer traditional undergraduate programming as well as extensive online undergraduate courses, and online certificate and degree programs, in over 80 subject areas. Champlain enrolls over 2,000 students from 41 states and 22 countries, 62 percent of which are male. They are known for the intimate class settings, with the average class size at 17, and 30 being the max, and a student to faculty ration of 12:1. They offer 9 Master’s degree programs, all of which heavily incorporate online learning. In 2013, the US News and World Report ranked Champlain College in the top 25% of US Colleges offering online bachelor’s degrees.

Champlain University offers a dynamic online Master’s degree in Accounting, that is both affordable and flexible, designed to fit the life of a busy working adult. Students not only learn critical advanced accounting skills, but key leadership and communication training is embedded into the curriculum. It is viable to complete the program in as little as ten months time, but students can also achieve the degree in 20 months with part time status. The faculty are experts in the field, and are not only academic scholars, but esteemed industry veterans. The prerequisite of financial knowledge and accounting is required for applicants. There is an emphasis on passing the CPA exam upon graduation, in order to achieve a leadership role in the accounting field.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $795
Accreditation: NEASC


UMass Amherst

University of Massachusetts at Amherst, also referred to as UMass Amherst, is a public research and land grant institution, while also being the flagship campus the University of Massachusetts State System. They are the largest public university in New England, and are tied for being the 27th best public university in the country. There are approximately 30,000 enrolled students, and 1,200 faculty members. The main campus is located just north of downtown Amherst, a town that was ranked first in best college towns in the US, and the US News and World Report ranked Amherst among the top 10 Great College Towns in America. UMass Amherst was categorized as a Research University with Highest Level of Research Activity.

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst offers an affordable and dynamic Master’s of Science in Accounting, through the Isenberg School of Management. They have designed the program based on industry standards, making sure their graduates stand out from other candidates applying for leadership positions in the financial sphere. They also gives students the opportunity to gain critical skills and competencies on an accelerated timeline. Students can choose a hybrid approach, that offers some in-class learning, with some online coursework, and the program that is entirely online, allows for completion of all 30 mandatory credit hours from anywhere in the world.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $800
Accreditation: AACSB


University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut, also known as UConn was established in 1881, and is a public land grant, National Sea Grant, and National Space Grant Research University, located in Storrs, Connecticut. The main campus sits on 4,400 acres of land, and is a mere 30 minute drive from Hartford Connecticut, and is only 90 minutes from Boston. It is ranked as the Best Public National University in New England, and is tied for number 18, as the Top Public School in the Nation. UConn is one of the founding institutions of the New England’s Knowledge Corridor, which is the Hartford Connecticut/Springfield Massachusetts regional economic and cultural partnership alliance.

The University of Connecticut’s Online Master’s in Accounting Program is known as one of the most acclaimed programs of its kind in the Northeast, and is UConn’s very first online Master’s program. The program has been recognized by the United States Distance Learning Association for best practices in online learning. The online format nurtures student-centered learning, and supports students to succeed. The faculty members in the program are not only academic scholars, but also have on-the-ground industry experience. Students have the opportunity to tailor the program to their needs, skills, and interests with eight electives, and only two required courses.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $825
Accreditation: AACSB


Regis University

Formally known as Regis College, Regis University is a private Roman Catholic, Jesuit Institution, founded by the Society of Jesus, in 1877. They are one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Their main campus is located in Denver, Colorado, and is divided into five colleges including: Regis College, The College of Contemporary Liberal Studies, the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professionals, the College of Computer and Information Sciences, and the College of Business and Economics. In 2013, the US News and World Report ranked Regis University as one of the best colleges and universities in the western united states, for 22 consecutive years.

Regis University offers a non-traditional Master of Science in Accounting Program, embedding an additional six undergraduate courses in business and accounting if needed by the student. Students are given all of the necessary preparations to pass the CPA exam upon graduation, and obtain a competitive position in the field of accounting and/or the financial sphere. This program has both on-campus options, and an entirely online program with asynchronous courses that provide flexibility for adult learners with additional life commitments. One of the exciting aspects of the program is the heavy foundation in ethics, which is regarded highly by industry employers.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $850
Accreditation: HLC


Auburn University

Located on 1,841 beautiful rolling Alabama acres, Auburn University was founded in 1856 as East Alabama Male College. In the time since, Auburn has become a academically renowned public university, and the second largest post-secondary institution in Alabama. This flagship school is a designated Land-grant, Space-grant, and Sea-grant institution, based on the amount and type of research it conducts, a rare designation for a public school of its size. Shortly after it first opened its doors as an agricultural school for Alabama men, Auburn promptly shut them again due to impending civil war. However, in 1866 Auburn welcomed its next freshman class, with several buildings and dormitories lost to fires and other wartime destructions, tuition fees and the U.S. Morrill act allocating land and funds to colleges of that time, began the slow rebuilding process for Auburn. With a very successful football team, there is a lot to celebrate as an Auburn Tiger. Being ranked consistently in the U.S. News and World report’s top 50 public schools gives Auburn students a lot to celebrate academically too.

The online Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program at Auburn is designed to allow students to pass their CPA exam the first time, and mirrors the residential program almost identically. With an 83% initial pass rate for online students, and an affordable per credit hour rate, Auburn has a great return on investment for students considering this path. The rigorous course work can be completed full-time in 2 years (5 semesters, taking 2 courses per term), while also working full-time if students choose. Online students are required to meet their residential counterparts for a three day on-campus residency in the April of their final semester. During the residency, students will participate in the Auburn MAcc Leadership Summit which is comprised of social events, business seminars, and leadership workshops, a tremendous and unique opportunity for online students to network and grow their skills far beyond their coursework.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $875
Accreditation: AACSB


Penn State World Campus

Pennsylvania State University is one of the largest Public Universities by enrollment in the United States. Founded in 1855, Penn State has a long history of commitment to service, upheld by students and faculty alike. The much deserved title of “Public Ivy,” has been given to Penn State, meaning a publicly funded university, providing a quality of education comparable to those of the Ivy League. With a dedicated institution for online learning, the Penn State World Campus is ranked in the Top 10 for its online undergraduate and graduate programs in U.S. News & World Report for 2017. With a focus on non-traditional students, transfer students, students in the military, and others for whom online learning is best suited, Penn State has more than 125 programs and certificates to choose from, exemplifying their competence and commitment to distance education as a priority, not an afterthought.

The Master of Professional Accounting Degree program from Penn State World Campus prepares students to become a licensed CPA with a 30 credit course of study, satisfying the 150-credit hour educational requirements for CPA licensure in Pennsylvania and most other states. The Master’s in Accounting program is taught by experienced full-time Penn State faculty who come from all educational and professional backgrounds, including CPAs and Accountants. Each faculty member at the World Campus is experienced in teaching online and are prepared to teach students how to analyze and evaluate economic problems, as well as other aspects of becoming a professional accountant, business analyst, or financial advising professional.

Cost Per Credit: $930
Accreditation: AACSB


Ohio University

Ohio University opened to students in 1809. It is a rather large and mostly residential, public research college located in Athens, Ohio. Ohio University was the first university chartered by an act of Congress, and has made a name for itself, having one of the most beautiful campuses in the midwest. It was on that very campus, specifically on the historic “College Green”, the central quadrangle lawn and the location of significant campus buildings, where for the first time in 1964, U.S. President Johnson publicly referenced his Great Society initiative to elimination of poverty and racial injustice. This event brought Ohio U into homes across America and garnered news in all continents.

The Online Master’s of Accountancy program at Ohio U is a highly rewarding, well-regarded degree, while maintaining the flexibility and affordability of an online program. Online university programs that receive consistently high rankings for professor accessibility, best business programs, and who are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business like the one at Ohio U, have structured their online Master of Accounting program to correspond with the breakneck pace of technological advancement so that professionals are graduating with industry-best practices. They promote the use of foundational principles as well as emerging trends like big data, cloud computing, and mobile accounting so graduates emerge with the skills necessary to make your mark in a variety of professional settings.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $1,023
Accreditation: AACSB


St. John's University

St. John’s University is a private post-secondary school, with roots in the Roman Catholic Church, known for being a research institution. They were established in 1870 by the Congregation of the Mission, also known as the Vincentian Fathers. Currently located in Utopia Park in Hillcrest Queens, New York, it first began in Borough of Brooklyn. St. John’s is organized into five distinct undergraduate schools and six graduate, with a total enrollment close to 17,000 students across all programs. They have additional campuses in Staten Island, Manhattan, and Rome Italy. They have a not for profit status, and the board of trustees is privately appointed.

One of the affordable graduate programs that St. John’s offers is the online Master’s of Science in Accounting, designed for professionals to take their accounting careers to the next level, while learning in depth literacy of the most complex accounting issues. There is a real demand for leaders in this growing field, and St. John’s is responding, by making sure to have the most up-to-date and relevant curricula, while staying in-step with the evolving practices of the industry. Students can complete the 33 credit program in just one year, on a full time basis, which meets the requirements to sit for the CPA exam.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $1,215
Accreditation: AACSB


Tennessee Technological University

Tennessee Technological University, commonly referred to as Tennessee Tech is a public post-secondary institution located in Cookeville, Tennessee, situated just 70 miles east of Nashville. The campus sits on 235 acres, and beside the well-known Dixie Avenue. When it first opened it was in 1909, it was called The University of Dixie, and at the time was a private institution. Faculty at Tennessee Tech work hard to ensure intimate classroom environments, with 26 students being the largest class size, with a 20:1 student to faculty ratio, and fewer than one percent of classes taught by a teaching assistant. In the spring semester of 2017, Tennessee Tech enrolled more than 9,600 students.

The Tennessee Tech Online Masters in Accounting Program is designed to allow students to simultaneously earn a Master’s degree and sit for the Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) exam. This program has a primary goal of producing excellent accountants emphasizing professional certification and the fundamental skills of business.Tennessee Tech employs a hybrid model, meaning that while most of the content is administered online, the faculty ask that students are present on campus for two residencies professional development, peer networking, and application of content. These residencies will take place two separate weekends over the length of the program. That way, students will receive all of the flexibility of an online master’s degree, with the benefits of meeting one another and faculty, and applying learned skills in person. This is the first and only hybrid MAcc of its kind in the state of Tennessee.

Cost Per Credit Hour: $1,260
Accreditation: AACSB


University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham, or UAB, as it is affectionately referred, is not very old. Beginning as an extension of The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, it only became an autonomous institution in 1969. Today it is one of three schools that make up the University of Alabama system. In the time since the early 1970s, UAB has grown enormously, both in size and in its reputation for unparalleled excellence. As the state of Alabama’s largest employer, UAB brings people from all over the world to engage with this institution in the heart of The Heart of Dixie. As the only R1 research institution in the state, UAB and their four-year medical school is a part of the UAB Health System, one of the largest academic medical centers in the United States.

The UAB Collat School of Business features a 100 percent online Master’s in Accounting degree program that places students’ academic and professional success at the forefront of all they do. With the offer of year-round internships, even those in the online course of study, UAB provides students with opportunities to explore career options and gain valuable experience. As an example of the commitment to students professional success, the Collat School offers an Annual Accounting Boot Camp that prepares students for career placement upon graduation. Their award winning faculty are active and connected in the professional business community, which proves to support the networking opportunities of students, and career placement at all worldwide Big 4 accounting firms, as well as regional and local CPA firms, and with corporations and government. UAB is also committed to affordability and student access. Generous scholarship support is available for students in this program.

Cost per Credit Hour: $1272
Accreditation: AACSB