Online Accounting Student Resource Guide

Here's a list of online resources for prospective accounting students. Please let us know if you think there are resources that should be added.

General Information about Accounting

Students who get an accounting degree can get jobs in other career fields. They can pursue their careers as financial analysts, tax examiners or loan officers. An accounting degree can be earned online, which gives students and working professionals the flexibility of pursuing their careers without attending traditional classes.

Accounting is a good profession for those who love working with numbers. However, additional skills such as computer, analytical and communication skills give a professional an added advantage.

Types of Accounting Jobs

Public Accounting
There are more than 50,000 public accounting firms in the US. These firms hire auditors, consultants and tax specialists to assist clients manage their expenses. People can go up the professional ladder with higher educational credentials and experience.

Corporate Accounting
Professionals in this field can find work in the business industry as tax accountants, financial managers or internal auditors. The main responsibility of corporate accountants is to manage money going in and out of small, medium and large enterprises. Corporate accountants can rise to the post of controllers or chief financial officers.

Accounting in Education
Certified Public Accountants can get jobs as teachers and professors in institutions that provide accounting programs.

Accounting in the Government
Accountants can also find jobs in state, local and government offices. They help draft financial plans used to inform constituents on financial spending. They also manage and report all issues related to money including auditing financial accounts.

CPA Exam Help

Becker CPA Exam Review
This is an accounting education and advocacy group that supports the advancement of accounting professionals. The program offers students who do not pass the exam the opportunity to repeat the course tuition-free provided they meet certain requirements.

Bisk Education CPA Review
Bisk CPA Review has a good record of accomplishment since its introduction about forty years ago. More than 140000 students have used the review program to pass their CPA exams. The program offers candidates who do not excel in the CPA exam a full refund of the product purchase price and materials.

Gleim Publications CPA Review
This CPA Review Program offers candidates who do not pass their CPA exams the option of either a cash refund of CPA Gleim online or unlimited access to the program and appropriate tutoring until they pass.

Wiley CPAexcel – CPA Exam Review
The CPAexcel course from Wiley offers a 20% discount to students. The course does not have an expiration date. Students can access the material until they pass the exam. Also, CPAexcel provides free course retakes as well as software and content updates.

Kaplan CPA Review
This CPA Review package provides candidates with unlimited online access including updates for 24 months from the time of purchase. In addition, the package comes with a 2-year online access, free access to study materials and content updates posted on its website.

Accounting Journals

Review of Accounting Studies
This is a quarterly peer reviewed journal that covers all aspects of accounting. This journal was established in 1996. It is reported to have an impact factor of 2.022 and has been ranked 10th out of 86 accounting journals in the business finance category.

Journal of Accounting and Economics
This is also a peer reviewed journal that focuses on accounting and economics. It is written and edited by a number of accounting scholars from various universities.

The Accounting Review
This is a publication of the American Accounting Association. This journal was first published in 1926. It is one of academic materials used by the Financial Times to compile the business school research ranks. It is also used to compile Bloomberg BusinessWeek's top 20 journals. It is reported to have an impact factor of 1.92 and is ranked as the third best accounting journal.

Journal of Accounting Research
This journal is associated with the University of Chicago. It was first published in the 1960s. The journal covers topics on research using empirical, experimental, field study and analytical methods of accounting research. The journal has four regular and one conference issue each year.

Professional Accounting Networks

Accounting networks refer to professional service networks that provide resources to members for them to work on common problems. Such networks and associations work independently of their members. Some of the largest accounting networks in the US are known as the big four. However, there are many as over 30 accounting networks and associations in the US.

These professional service networks offer audit, tax, consulting, actuarial, advisory, corporate finance and legal services. The organizations handle many audit jobs for public traded companies as well as private companies.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AICPA is a national professional network of Certified Public Accountants. The mission of this professional body is to provide members with resources, information and leadership that enables them to offer services of the highest standards to employers, clients and the public. AICPA works in collaboration with state CPA organizations to lend weight to areas that are reliant on the importance of CPA skills to the public.

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
ACFE is the world's largest anti-fraud organization. It provides anti-fraud training and education. It has more than 60,000 members and aims at reducing fraud in business organizations worldwide. The services of this organization aim at instilling public confidence in the integrity and objectivity of accounting.

Ethisphere Institute
This is an international think-tank dedicated to the creation, sharing and advancement of business ethics, anti-corruption, sustainability and business ethics. The organization publishes a quarterly magazine, the ethisphere magazine, which provides a list of the World's Most Ethical Companies.

The organization provides the only third-party verification of programs and ethical cultures such as Certification Compliance Leader Verification, the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance and Anti-Corruption Program Verification. The Business Ethics Leadership Alliance is an ethics forum with a membership of more than 100 leading universities, corporations and institutions, which collectively use their experience and expertise to address emerging compliance challenges.

Accounting Job Boards

Accounting professionals looking for a job can post their profiles and resumes on this job board. Notifications for available jobs are sent to members via email. Users also get notified when there are jobs that match their profile information.

Accounting Jobs Today
This job site does not just provide accounting professionals the opportunity to apply for jobs but also use various tools to improve their job search. The site provides sample resumes to users to help them make their resumes as engaging as possible. In addition, the site provides resources for accounting education and articles with the latest updates in the field of accounting.

Online Accounting Job
Accounting jobs in various states are posted and regularly updated on this site. The site offers competitive remuneration for accountants keen on getting into the business world.

Accounting Crossing
This is a research firm that offers thousands of accounting opportunities all over the US. Information on this site is organized based on location and job type. The site also offers articles about accounting as a profession, which will help jobseekers in their job search.

Accountancy Job
This site is ideal for those who want accounting jobs in Europe and the UK. Users can register their resumes, sign up for job notifications by mail, and search for companies looking to hire.

Accounting Blogs

Accounting Tomorrow
This blog is inspirational and thought provoking. It offers information to young and established accountants on practices in the accounting industry. The stories covered in this blog touch on business practices and entrepreneurship among others.

The Exuberant Accountant
This blog is written by an accountant and looks at the positive side of accounting. Topics covered on this blog include employee engagement, leadership, management and others.

Accounting Round Up
This site is filled with news and commentary about various topics in accounting. The blog was created by Golden Marketing and provides interesting reading materials for accountants.

Understanding Accounting
Some people find it hard to read about accounting. This site offers important information on accounting issues that may interest accountants and those who want to pursue the profession.

Accountant Jokes and Fun
This blog site combines accounting information with humor. It provides an opportunity for accountants to take some time off from their work and browse through funny topics on issues concerning accounting.

Accounting Experts on Twitter

Many accountants use Twitter to build credibility, market their business, track their online reputation, and build up there professional network.

• @CPA_Trendlines: This expert provides live links to the latest news on tax, finance professionals and accounting.

• @AICPANews: This is the twitter handle for American Institute of CPAs. This organization was founded in the late 1800s and is one of the world's largest association representing accountants. It has more than 300000 members in 128 countries.

• @going_concern: This is the twitter handle for Going Concern an online tabloid that covers issues in accounting and business finance.

• @FreedMaxickCPAs: This handle provides information on the 100 biggest CPA firms in the US. The handle serves accounting professionals in the manufacturing, healthcare, tech, real estate, audit, tax and consulting sectors.

• @DianeKennedyCPA: Diane Kennedy is a business owner, investor, speaker and tax strategist.

• @peakaccounting: This handle helps budding accountants or students who are frustrated with bookkeeping, tax and accounting.

• @JodyPadarCPA: Here accountants can find links to resources on Tax and CPA.