Accounting Associations with Student Memberships

Written By Staff

If you’re studying to become an accountant, you may be interested in learning which accounting associations have student memberships. Joining a professional association while you’re a student can have many benefits. It provides a place for you to get information about issues and trends of interest to accountants and those working in other areas of business finance. It also offers you opportunities to network with experienced professionals through conferences and other events.

Some of the Benefits Specific to Students

Joining a professional association as a student can be especially important for a developing career. As a student training to become an accountant, you may not have a true sense of what it is really like to work in the industry. Joining a professional organization can provide some of that. Professional organizations also provide networking opportunities during which students can meet accounting managers and leaders and make contacts for internship and job leads. Since many of the top associations understand that it can be costly to join while you are still in school, some of them will offer memberships at special student rates. As you start your career, you will probably find that you want to keep your membership in some organizations even after you have established yourself as an accountant.

Some Groups With Student Memberships

As you consider associations that offer student memberships, here are a couple of the organizations you are likely to find.

  • The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) offers various levels of membership, including an affiliate student membership that can benefit students early in their college studies. You can apply for this level of membership whether you are a full-time or part-time student. In addition to having inexpensive access to their many resources about the industry, you will also receive discounts on conferences and have opportunities to apply for scholarships. They provide an easy sign-up process online.

  • The Professional Accounting Society of America (PASA) offers a collegiate membership to business and CPA students. You can learn more about this at the PASA College Corner, which details a number of the benefits you’ll receive. These include resume help, professional networking, online articles, and discounts on various services, products and training opportunities. You can also learn how to start a PASA chapter at your university.

These are just two of the many professional organizations that provide special memberships for students. Some other organizations that provide student memberships, and that you may want to look into, include The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), the Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance, and the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). Some states also have specific organizations you can join. Whichever association you decide to become a member of, make sure you take advantage of all the great benefits that a student membership can offer.