The 24 Best Blogs for Dealing With Bankruptcy

Written By Staff

Bankruptcy is something that most of us hope to never face, yet with a poor economy and high unemployment, it is becoming a reality for more and more Americans. Whether your finances are a mess because of a failed business or you've lost your job and fallen behind in payments, you need all the help and advice you can get to weather this financial storm. On these blogs, written by accountants, lawyers and other financial experts, you'll get insights into the bankruptcy process, relevant laws and what you can do to protect yourself and your future throughout the whole process.

News and Information

These blogs offer some basic news, information and articles to help you learn more about filing bankruptcy.

  1. Bankruptcy Blog: If you need help with bankruptcy or debt, give this blog a read. You'll find the latest news about bankruptcy issues as well as guides that can help you deal with foreclosure, understand the laws and even file if you need to. Recommended post: "Importance of Being Credit Worthy in the United States."

  2. Total Bankruptcy: Whether you're looking for insightful stats on bankruptcy or are in need of legal advice, check out this blog to help you navigate the situation. Recommended post: "Credit Cards After Bankruptcy."

  3. WSJ Bankruptcy Beat: Taking a look at bankruptcy from the business perspective, this blog follows companies that are on the brink of going out. Recommended post: "Baby Boomer Bankruptcies on the Rise."

  4. The Online Bankruptcy Blog: With posts on consumer protection laws, types of debt, foreclosure and filing for bankruptcy, you'll find a wealth of information here. Recommended post: "Can I Clear An IRS Debt Through Bankruptcy?"

  5. Bankruptcy HQ: From the essentials of bankruptcy to the intricacies of its laws, this blog covers all the bases when it comes to providing readers with the best knowledge on the subject. Recommended post: "Am I going Bankrupt? - Sure Fire Signs You're Headed For Chapter 7."

  6. Better Bankruptcy: No matter what kind of questions you have about bankruptcy, you'll find helpful answers in the posts found on this blog. Recommended post: "A Legal Problem That Might Come Back to Haunt You."

  7. Bankruptcy News & Analysis: Through this blog you can find the biggest court cases and news concerning bankruptcy. Recommended post: "Diabetes America Files For Chapter 11 Protection in Texas."

  8. In the RED: If you want to take a look at bankruptcy for businesses, this blog can be one of the best sources of information on topics like law, resources and more. Recommended post: "Are "Termination On Bankruptcy" Contract Clauses Enforceable?"

  9. Weil Bankruptcy Blog: Is your business heading towards financial ruin? Read through this blog for advice on how to save it or handle the often complicated issues of filing for bankruptcy. Recommended post: "Amendments to the Bankruptcy Rules Go into Effect Today."

  10. Caveat Emptor: Whether you need help with debt or bankruptcy, you'll find some amazingly helpful articles here that can make managing your financial nightmare a little bit easier. Recommended post: "How to Avoid Ending Up in Jail for Debt."

  11. Clear Bankruptcy: Get advice on this blog from attorneys and other bankruptcy experts on how to manage your financial problems and get back on your feet. Recommended post: "FTC Warns Providers of Fake 'Free' Credit Reports."

  12. Credit Slips: Covering all aspects of credit, readers of this blog will find insights into managing everything from small debts to filing for bankruptcy. Recommended post: "Bankruptcy and the Crisis: Why so Few?"

Attorneys and Law

Get advice on bankruptcy from the pros with these blogs written by lawyers and legal experts in the field.

  1. Bankruptcy Prof Blog: Law professor Jonathan Hayes shares his expertise in the field on this blog. Read through it and you'll find out how bankruptcy can affect your finances in the long term and gain a better understanding of the latest relevant legislation. Recommended post: "Top Ten Parts of BAPCPA Congress Needs to Fix."

  2. Nolo's Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Blog: This well-known publisher of law books also offers a website to help you through the legal aspects of bankruptcy and debt, from garnished wages to state-specific regulations. Recommended post: "More Money for Foreclosure Prevention: Will It Help?."

  3. theBKBlog: Attorney Jonathan Ginsberg offers up some help to those facing bankruptcy on this blog, crammed with helpful legal advice anyone in financial trouble should read. Recommended post: "How Can Filing Bankruptcy Impact My Children?"

  4. The Bankruptcy Lawyers Blog: Keep up with changes in bankruptcy law through the news on this blog by attorney Kevin Chern. After you're done reading, you can also find an attorney and see if you meet the requirements to file for bankruptcy. Recommended post: "Bankruptcy Job Discrimination."

  5. The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog: Through this blog, you can read updates about bankruptcy litigation cases and other legal issues. Geared perhaps a bit more towards the professional attorney crowd, the posts are helpful to see how the process works all the same. Recommended post: "US Supreme Court Drops Bombshell "Summary Disposition" Vacating 2d Circuit's Chrysler Decision."

  6. Bankruptcy & Restructuring Blog: Follow this blog to stay in the know about bankruptcy law and legislation and creditor's rights. Recommended post: "Bankruptcy Court Allows General Growth's 'Bankruptcy-Remote'."

  7. Bankruptcy Law Network: Filled with news and information on bankruptcy, this site is one of the best resources for those in dire financial straits. Recommended post: "Don't Let The IRS Secret Lien Ruin Your Retirement!"

  8. Reed's Blog: Whether you work in bankruptcy law or are soon going to be facing it head on, this blog offers some helpful news and information that can make the process of filing a little easier. Recommended post: "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Your Rights."

State Specific

While these blogs are geared towards specific states, they often offer advice and information that can be applied nationwide.

  1. The Bankruptcy Blog: Learn a bit more about bankruptcy law and news in the state of California through this attorney-written blog. Recommended post: "Predatory Loan Modifications."

  2. Florida Bankruptcy Law Blog: Check back with this blog regularly to read more about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws in the state of Florida. Recommended post: "Bankruptcy Debtors Often Try To Hide Their Own Claims And Potential Lawsuit Recoveries."

  3. New York Bankruptcy Help: Law firm Shaev and Fleischman shares helpful advice on what it means to file for bankruptcy in the different areas of New York through this blog. Recommended post: "Westchester Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Attorney Gives 9 Tips For Success."

  4. San Diego Bankruptcy Law Blog: Keep up with news, changes to California law and current legal issues surrounding bankruptcy on this legal blog. Recommended post: "You're Unemployed and in Debt. Bankruptcy or Debt Negotiation?"