28 Best Investment Blogs for Beginners

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

If you're in your 20s or 30s, you've got to be extra creative and ambitious when it comes to investing in your future. That's why it's vital to start researching investments and savings opportunities that will give you the maximum profits in the long-term, when you most need it. Read these investment blogs for a comprehensive education on investments and the economy so that you gradually build your wealth over time.

  1. The Online Investing AI Blog: George Ulmer blogs to help you retire after just 10 years of working. Recommended Post: The Truth About Education

  2. Generation X Finance: By now, you should have a few years' experience -- if not a decade or two -- in the workforce, and then you can turn to this blog for tips on accumulating wealth and paying off debt. Recommended Post: The Lost Decade of Investing

  3. Money Smart: First Houston Capital president and CIO Richard Leader blogs for the Houston Chronicle about different types of investment strategies, and why they will -- or won't -- work for you. Recommended Post: Why Momentum Investing is Popular

  4. 20s Money: Kevin's just 27 years old, but he's already established a popular investment and financial planning blog for other 20-somethings, full of tips for understanding the economy, stock market and your own goals. Recommended Post: Some Interesting 2011 Predictions

  5. Money Under 30: This popular blog was started by a young man who radically changed his financial situation, and whose excited to help you do the same, even if in you're recently out of school. Recommended Post: Organize and Thrive: How Small Changes Can Better Your Finances Forever

  6. Amateur Asset Allocator: Here's a valuable blog for learning about investing, from the very basics to managing your own wealth. Recommended Post: Determine Your Risk Tolerance

  7. Five Cent Nickel: This popular PF blog features introductory pages for learning about savings rates, CD rates, mortgages and insurance, as well as a plethora of posts about budgeting and building wealth. Recommended Post: Dealing with Investment Stress

  8. I Will Teach You to Be Rich: Ramit Sethi's a real force in the online PF and business world, and his NYT best-selling book by the same name will teach you to be successful and financially independent, too. Recommended Post: Automate Your Personal Finances

  9. rip lap: This life guide for 20 and 30-somethings is written by Steve, an ambitious and practical young man who shares smart recommendations for building wealth. Recommended Post: How to deal with a financial crisis

  10. My Money Blog: This blogger shares personal information about investments and net worth, going back to 2006, supplementing the many posts on investments and savings. Recommended Post: You Have Some Money. Where Do You Put It?

  11. Bargaineering: Find reviews and rate information of different investment, savings and banking plans. Recommended Post: You Still Need a Brick and Mortar Bank

  12. Free Money Finance: Find out how to grow your own net worth, even if you think your PF skills are below average. Recommended Post: My Thoughts on Using Financial Planners (Or "Why I Don't Go to a Fat Doctor")

  13. Planting Dollars: The posts on this blog deal with mortgages, tips for building wealth and other PF and investing topics, but in an easy-to-read, encouraging style. Recommended Post: Go to College or Invest?

  14. MoneyEnergy: This Canadian blog offers insight into the economy and markets of Canada, as well as international investment opportunities, like oil, gold and China. Recommended Post: The Highest Paying Dividend Stocks

  15. Darwin's Finance: Find a mix of everyday frugal living hacks and investment tips the author has been hounding since he was a teen. Recommended Post: How do Stock Options Work?

  16. Get Rich Slowly: Practice long-term habits that lead to stable, secure wealth when you read this blog. Recommended Post: An introduction to money market accounts

  17. Money Hacks: This blog covers everything about your money: earnings, savings, spending and investments. Recommended Post: Is the Economy Ever Going to Get Better?

  18. Wise Bread: This blog reads more like an online PF magazine and helps you view your investments as part of a long-term, comprehensive financial plan for your whole life. Recommended Post: 7 Common Investing Mistakes

  19. Joshua's Beginner's Investing Blog: If you want the basics of investments broken down for you -- bonds, real estate investing, dividends, preferred stock and more -- then read this blog. Recommended Post: New Investor's Guide to Inflation and the Inflation Rate

  20. Seeking Alpha: Seeking Alpha is an authoritative blog that offers recommendations, news and tips on managing your investments along with the stock market. Recommended Post: Cramer's Mad Money: 21 Earnings to Watch

  21. Investing Insights: This blog is published on Bloomberg Business Week's page and focuses on new trends in the stock market and investing. Recommended Post: Dividends Move Into Full Swing; A Return To The Normal

  22. The Digerati Life: A PF blog for getting what you want out of your job and your investments, The Digerati Life will allow you to maximize any money opportunity you pursue. Recommended Post: Stock Trading For Dummies: How To Profit From Trading

  23. My 1st Million at 33: Discover ways to make your first million at an early age, too, while browsing charts and analyses of how the market is behaving. Recommended Post: Outlook for precious metals

  24. Trader Mike: Get market recaps, trading and investing overviews from Blain, a trader who likes to keep things simple. Recommended Post: Tools of the "Trade" -- How I Invest

  25. Oblivious Investor: Here's another blog that simplifies investing for low-maintenance wealth and financial management. Recommended Post: How Much Work is Do-It-Yourself Investing?

  26. The Big Picture: Find videos, tools and posts that will clue you into the economy and financial markets. Recommended Post: 100 Most Respected Companies

  27. Gannon on Investing: Use this blog to learn more about the markets in the UK as well as basic tips for starting out in investing. Recommended Post: Why I Don't Invest in Chinese Stocks

  28. The Shark Investor: Discover your potential for investment success when you commit to learning about the markets and educating yourself on basic, legal investment principles. Recommended Post: Is Investing a Big Fat Lie?