37 Best iPad Apps for Your Personal Finances

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

Personal finance doesn't just happen in your home office while you're sitting at the computer, it happens everywhere -- at the bank, in a restaurant, at your accountant's office, and more. So why should your personal finance tools live in your home office? Use these iPad apps to stay on top of personal finance in an effective way, no matter where you are.

  1. MarketDash: Using MarketDash, you can manage your stocks, plot points, and compare stock tickers.

  2. moneyStrands: Monitor your bank accounts, get reminders for upcoming bills, and more with moneyStrands.

  3. Forbes Annual Investment Guide: Get advice for long term investment using the Forbes Annual Investment Guide on the iPad.

  4. Bloomberg: Find analysis tools and news on the Bloomerg app for iPad.

  5. Budgets: Track budget categories, create charts, and more using Budgets.

  6. StockWatch: StockWatch offers portfolio and research for stocks in one app.

  7. Fresh Xpense: Capture expenses and receipts, even offline, using Fresh Xpense.

  8. BlackGold: Use BlackGold for oil, gas, and gold tracking.

  9. Shop Savvy: Check the prices of items right in the store, and even get price matching with Shop Savvy.

  10. Mint: Manage bank accounts, loans, bills, investments, and more using Mint.

  11. PowerOne Financial Calculator: Find nearly 60 finance, investment, and conversion calculators on this app.

  12. Grocery iQ: Make your grocery shopping simple and fast with the help of Grocery iQ.

  13. Key Ring Reward Cards: Scan in your loyalty cards and save room on your key ring with Key Ring Reward Cards.

  14. Expense Tablet: Although it's not a full featured financial manager, you can keep track of your expenses over different accounts, as well as incomes.

  15. Agile Snowball: Snowball your debt with Agile Snowball, an app that allows you to find the best repayment plan for any given scenario.

  16. Ask Dave Ramsey: Find out what Dave would do in financial situations through Ask Dave Ramsey.

  17. Gold Tracker: Keep an eye on the price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium using Gold Tracker.

  18. BillMinder: Stay on top of when bills are due by using BillMinder.

  19. Economy: Get up to date information on economic indicators, including consumer credit and unemployment with the help of Economy of iPad.

  20. MarketScan: MarketScan for the iPad is a clean, simple app for following stocks through multiple data sources.

  21. Moneydance: Keep your finances up to date on the go with Moneydance, and you can enter transactions while you're out.

  22. Real-Time Stocks: Follow real time stock prices to keep up with your portfolio using Real-time Stocks.

  23. HomeBudget: Homebudget is used for tracking your expenses, income, bills, and balances, staying on top of your home's financial situation.

  24. Easy Books: Use this software on the iPad to create reports on profit and loss, balances, and more.

  25. Compoundee HS: Calculate compound interest using this iPad calculator.

  26. iBank Mobile: Use iBank Mobile to track your spending and account balances from the iPad.

  27. Calculator XL: Do all of the calculations you need on the iPad with Calculator XL.

  28. Square: Turn your iPad into a cash register with the help of Square.

  29. E*Trade Mobile Pro for iPad: Using this app, you can trade on your E*Trade account, find breaking news, and even video support.

  30. Quicken Online Mobile: Get your Quicken on the iPad using Quicken Online Mobile.

  31. Zillow: Research real estate on the go using Zillow's iPad app.

  32. TipAgent: Calculate the appropriate tip or split check amount with the help of TipAgent.

  33. PocketMoney: Keep track of your finances and your net worth by entering your accounts, bills, and more on PocketMoney.

  34. iBearMoney: Manage your personal finances by tracking different accounts and transactions, and budgeting your income and expenses on iBearMoney.

  35. Yahoo! Finance: Find the best financial coverage from the Yahoo! Finance app.

  36. Expensify: Expensify offers iPad users easy, paperless expense tracking and reporting.

  37. SplashMoney: Keep your accounts organized and stick to your budget, even on the go.