50 Best Money Blogs for Women

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

Money is a part of life for just about everyone, no matter your gender or age. However, women today frequently find themselves managing money whether they are students living on their own, or are parents running a household. If you are looking for advice and guidance when it comes to money, then see what these blogs have to offer for women on topics like personal finance, managing money, living frugally and simply, and smart shopping.

Personal Finance

These blogs will have you whipping your personal finances into shape in no time.

  1. Jean Chatzky. Jean helps women not only understand their personal finances, but also guides them to making smart money choices, living simply, and staying debt-free. You can also catch Jean on Money 911 on the Today Show.

  2. Get Rich Slowly. This well-known and respected site will help you get control of your personal finances with information on getting out of debt, investing, and more.

  3. Ms. Money Savvy. This woman shares her experiences as she works toward financial independence. Her posts include information on saving for a house, taxes, banking, and more.

  4. Money Funk. From online savings accounts to frugal meal plans, the posts on this blog will help you get your personal finances in order.

  5. The Digerati Life. Learn about topics such as options trading and high yield savings accounts, get retirement tips, freebies and discounts, and more.

  6. Debt Hater. While getting out of debt is the focus of this blog, you will also learn about other personal finance topics such as creating an emergency fund and living within your budget.

  7. Well-Heeled Blog. This personal finance blog features everything from retirement planning to living well within your budget.

  8. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds. This blog offers personal finance tips and empowerment just for women wanting to take control of their finances.

  9. Frugal Zeitgeist. Learn about consumer spending vs. smart spending, great ways to save, retirement funds, taxes, and more.

  10. Sound Money Matters. From advice on student loans to tips for dealing with the hospitalization of a spouse or child, the personal finance tips here are relevant to just about any woman.

  11. Taxgirl. Make sure you know all that you need to when it comes to your taxes with this blog that makes reading about taxes anything but boring.

Managing Money

Find out how others are managing their money or get tips on ways to better manage your own when you read these blogs.

  1. Money Wise Women. This blog focuses on not only teaching women about finances, but putting them on the road to financial success. Many of the posts also focus on finances for women who own their own business.

  2. Boston Gal's Open Wallet. This 30-something woman shares articles about money as well as her personal progress on increasing her net worth.

  3. Counting My Pennies. This young woman in her 20s is learning about growing her money and shares her insights and frugal lifestyle along the way.

  4. FruGal. This British blogger shares all sorts of personal finance and frugal living tips, including information about banking, credit cards, clothing swaps, and more.

  5. My Open Wallet. Madame X shares how she manages her money, her financial goals, and more.

  6. Fabulous Financials. This single mom blogs about her financial goals as well as her fitness goals with great suggestions for succeeding in both areas.

  7. Fabulously Broke in the City. After getting out of $60,000 of debt, this blogger shares her financial goals, ways to stay out of debt, and her love of photography around the city.

  8. A Gai Shan Life. Learn how to find great deals on just about anything you want to purchase, think about recycling and reusing, and watch the financial growth of this 20-something woman.

  9. How I Save Money.net. Learn how to better manage your money so that you can get out of debt with the suggestions here.

  10. Moneymonk. Find out what this woman does to grow her net worth and see what other helpful bits of advice she shares when you read this blog.

  11. plonkee money. This single British woman offers sound advice on managing money and spending.

  12. Saving To Pay Down My Home. This young woman is saving to pay off her mortgage while learning to curb her unnecessary spending.

  13. Sense to Save. This young wife and mother blogs about how to manage money wisely while staying out of debt and saving for the future.

Living Frugally

Living frugally can get you out of debt, help you save for the future, and teach you important lessons on money. See how these bloggers do it.

  1. Living the Low-Income Life. Shannon offers helpful information on living frugally and often poses questions she answers herself, then opens the comments for readers to reply.

  2. Simply Living on a Budget. The goal of this blogger is to help families live within their budget. Not only does she post budgeting tips, she also provides reviews and giveaways for items that can help families stay within their budget.

  3. The Frugal Girl. This frugal mom shares ways to live frugally, including tips for cooking, clothing the family, and grocery shopping.

  4. Suddenly Frugal Blog. Leah helps her readers learn ways to save money in many different ways, including cooking, clothes shopping, moving, and hosting frugal parties.

  5. Distilled Rose. This freelancer shares ways to save money as she works to cover her bills and stay out of debt.

  6. Queercents. The bloggers here are from the LGBT community and share tons of great ideas on ways to make your money go further.

  7. Frugal For Life. Find a ton of awesome tips for living frugally when you read the posts on this blog.

  8. The Frugal Family's Kitchen. Mary Webber posts frugal and healthy recipes as well as shopping tips to help you make smart grocery purchases.

  9. Frugal Babe. Frugal Babe writes about topics such as smart spending, planning for her family's future, and the spending mindset.

  10. Frugal Upstate. This blog features ways to repurpose what you already have, frugal shopping, inexpensive recipes, and more.

  11. Life As Mom. This mom shares lots of great ways to manage a household and manage the money in a frugal manner.

  12. One Frugal Girl. This frugal girl hands out lots of free advice on ways to live frugally without feeling the pinch.

  13. udandi and the craft of money. Crafting, cooking, and saving money are the fun topics that come together seamlessly on this blog.

  14. Miss Thrifty. While many of the actual products on this blog are for those in the UK, the advice and resources Miss Thrifty share here are universal.

Living Simply and Socially Aware

These bloggers not only live frugally, but they have made a conscious choice to live more simply and with an eye to doing so for social reasons.

  1. Passionate Homemaking. This wife and mother shares tons of great ways to live simply and naturally. Find everything from a recipe for homemade deodorant to a blender recommendation to food recipes.

  2. Saver Queen. The Saver Queen posts ideas for ways to live simply as well as frugally with plenty of suggestions for learning to be happy with less.

  3. Money and Values. Learn how to save money through frugal and socially conscious choices.

Finding Deals and Freebies

If you want to find deals, freebies, and giveaway or just learn new perspectives on spending money, then see what all these blogs have to offer.

  1. Budget Girl!. Budget Girl will help you find deals on anything from a spa day to car repair. She also offers tips on saving money and points out where you might want to avoid spending your money.

  2. Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls. This frugal mommy posts reviews of products and instructions on how to enter for giveaways.

  3. Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous. Tenille reviews products, then tells you how you can win them for free.

  4. Money Saving Mom. Learn about discounts and freebies and read posts that offer ways to make your dollar go further in this blog.

  5. Chief Family Officer. Family finances and cooking show up right alongside deals that can be found in stores to help keep your family within your budget.

  6. Juicefairy. The Juicefairy shares great ways to save money through both coupons and common sense information.

  7. Kingdom First Mom. Find out about coupons and other ways to save from some of the major shopping and grocery stores in America.

  8. Northern Cheapskate. This blog offers a nice balance of both giveaway opportunities and smart advice on rethinking spending for common items such as kitchen appliances, materials available for free at libraries, and gift-giving.

  9. Squawkfox. Learn how to save on everything from a gym membership to getting free help and resources for cover letters and resumes.