The Best Blogs for Women in Business

Written By Staff

Women in business have successfully made a place for themselves over the years and continue to be a symbol of growth in the business sector. Many of these successful women share their experience through their blogs. If you are a woman in business or a student studying business, then you should check out these great blogs from women in business that are full of tips, resources, support, and more.


These blogs are filled with great content just right for women entrepreneurs.


Women looking for advice on strengthening their leadership potential should check out these blogs.

  1. The Glass Hammer. The posts on this blog are full of great information for women executives.

  2. Women on Business. Business thought leaders can find news and information here.

  3. Executive Women Networking Blog. Women executives will find plenty of great information on this blog.

  4. Women Presidents' Organization (WPO) Blog. This organization connects top women entrepreneurs in multi-million dollar companies and provides information relating to business in their blog.

  5. Success Strategies for Business Leaders. Zoe Routh provides plenty of great tips to help you develop your leadership style.

  6. Kathy Garland. Leaders in business will find performance strategies on this blog, including topics such as setting goals and improving focus.

  7. Womens Leadership Exchange. Find tips for strengthening your leadership qualities in this blog.

Small Business

These blogs are filled with great resources for women running small businesses.

  1. WomensNet.Net. This online community is exclusively for women interested in starting and expanding their own businesses.

  2. Womens Business Gallery. The information here is tailored for women running a small business and is specifically centered around topics for businesses with an online presence.

  3. Women in Consulting. Whether you are a business consultant or run a different type of small business, this blog provides great tips on topics such as Twitter mistakes, using testimonials, and networking etiquette.

  4. Small Business Success For Women. Women running small businesses should check out this blog for advice on making your business more successful.

  5. Jim Blasingame The Small Business Advocate. Find a ton of great information about running a small business here, including topics such as why you should blog, growing your business, and the importance of the small business' relationship with the bank.

  6. The Boss of You. These two women share their secrets to successfully running your business the way you want to do so.

  7. Small Business Blog. While not updated frequently, this blog does offer information for small businesses such as social networking, outsourcing, and taking business online.

  8. SNOBS Social Network for Opportunistic Businesswomen. Women running a small business will find everything from online marketing tips to dressing-for-success advice.

  9. Small Business Trends. Stay on top of the latest trends that affect your small business when you follow this blog.

Motherhood and Work from Home

Take a look at these blogs that are awesome resources for working from home and balancing motherhood and business.

  1. Business Mom Mentor. Moms working from home can find a wealth of great tips for managing clutter, balancing work and family, and more.

  2. Work at Home Business Options. If you are working from home or hope to do so, find everything from job leads to advice on successfully running your small business.

  3. PowerHomeBiz Small and Home Business Blog. This blog features tips for starting and managing a home business.

  4. Christian Work at Home Moms - Christian moms who work from home will find both spiritual encouragement and tips for managing work from home and balancing that with family.

  5. Women working at home will find lots of great resources on this blog.

  6. Mums in Business. This Australian blog features tons of great articles on balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, no matter where you live.


For tips on how to market to women to more general marketing information, these blogs will provide you with plenty of information.

  1. In Women We Trust. Woman-friendly marketing and sustainable business are the main features on this blog.

  2. Marketing to Women Online. If you are interested in the relationship between marketing and women, then don't miss this blog.

  3. Joyful Business. Laura West posts ways to utilize marketing that brings together the law of attraction and business.

  4. Jensense Contextual Strategy. Stay on top of the latest news and information from the world of contextual advertising here.

  5. Lip-Sticking Blog. Marketing for women running small businesses is the focus of this blog.

  6. Diva Marketing Blog. Learn how to market your business using new media strategies here.

  7. Advisory Link Marketing to Women. Learn about marketing to women with topics such as gender communication differences, the presence or absence of women in traditional marketing strategies, and marketing to different generations of women.

  8. Dianna Huff's B2B MarCom Writer Blog. Dianna Huff posts strategies for improving online marketing here.

Online Business and Social Networking

Whether you are promoting your business online, your business is solely an Internet-based venture, or you are interested in social networking online, these blogs cover it all.

  1. The Next Women. Online businesses from around the world run by women is what this blog is all about.

  2. Clare Lancaster. Clare Lancaster posts information and resources for online businesses.

  3. Savvy Web Women. This blog is full of awesome information to help women become better aquatinted with online resources for their business.

  4. SN4BW. Businesswomen interested in connecting with other businesswomen through social networking will want to follow this blog.

  5. eWomenNetwork Blog. This blog combines networking with great tips, information, and news relevant to women in business.

  6. ClickNewz! Lynn's Internet Marketing Journal. Find a wealth of information on Internet marketing for your business here.

  7. Creative Blog Solutions. Learn ways to promote your business online professionally and successfully.

  8. Sista Sense. Posts here feature information for black women running online businesses.

General Business

These blogs focus on a wide range of topics relevant to women in business.

  1. Women Grow Business. Read about topics such as business networking, communications, and more.

  2. Women in Business. This blog at offers plenty of thoughtful and timely posts relevant to women in business.

  3. Women’s Lunch Talk. Find success strategies on this blog written by the CEO of WomensMedia.

  4. Secret Women's Business Network. The posts on SWBN are all about harnessing women's natural abilities to use them to their advantage in business.

  5. Women Business Directory. This blog features tips on ways to help women start and run their businesses.

  6. Lynette Allen. Allen coaches women in business and shares her insight as well as some of what she is doing on her blog.

  7. Women Can Do Any Thing. Time management, marketing, and using Twitter for business are just a few of the many topics on this blog.

  8. AW WebBiz & Social Media Blog. Find advice to help women advance their career in this blog.

  9. Birds on the Blog. This blog invites women to discuss a wide range of topics related to business.

  10. All Business. Learn about everything from green business to choosing the right business credit card to marketing trends.


From women entrepreneurs emerging from humble beginnings to established leaders in the industry, these blogs offer something for businesswomen around the world.

  1. CIPE Development Blog. This is the blog of the Center for International Private Enterprise, an organization working toward "strengthening democracy around the globe through private enterprise and market-oriented reform."

  2. The Business Woman – Official Blog. Businesswomen from around the world can post their stories here.

  3. Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global. This blog is dedicated to bringing business opportunities to women around the globe.

  4. Community of Women Entrepreneurs. This blog is devoted to helping women around the world with resources, suggestions, and support to grow their business while also strengthening them economically and politically.

  5. Expat Women Blog. This blog is devoted to women living outside their home country and frequently features business and entrepreneurship content.

  6. Blog JUMP. This international blog empowers women around the world to reach their professional goals.


While these blogs are designed for a specific geographic region, they frequently also contain lots of great information for any woman in business.

  1. Her Business Blog. This blog features information just for Australian businesswomen.

  2. Women’s Network Australia Blog. The largest networking organization for businesswomen in Australia provides awesome tips and information on their blog.

  3. Women in Business. This blog is from an organization that promotes small businesses on the Isle of Man.

  4. YWIB. Young Women in Business is targeted at businesswomen in western Canada, but this blog also contains information for any young woman starting out.

  5. Women's Exchange of Washtenaw. While much of the information here is specifically about opportunities for businesswomen in Washtenaw County, there is also plenty of advice for businesswomen anywhere.

  6. Gautam Ghosh – Website. With content mostly related to business in India, this blog also features other business information.

  7. Michigan Economic Development Corporation. If you are running a business in Michigan, then stay on top of the latest in entrepreneurship, women in business, and more here.

Inspiration and Lifestyle

Find inspiration and lifestyle tips and resources to enhance your business life.

  1. Life Coaching for Women. Find inspiration for living your life better, becoming more successful in business, and more from this life coach for women.

  2. Debbie Debbie posts inspiration and information to keep women on their path to success.

  3. Corporette. Read this blog to stay on top of the latest fashion trends for savvy women in business and the corporate world.

  4. Woman Tribune. This blog features articles on business, family, and lifestyle just for women.

  5. The Barefoot CEO. Busy working women will find inspiration from The Barefoot CEO.

  6. WE Magazine for Women. Find everything from career development to personal development here.

  7. Davina. Davina provides inspiration for life and business in this unique blog.

Some of Everything

These blogs don't necessarily fit into any of the other categories, yet each bring something worthwhile to women in business.

  1. News On Women. Read news about successful women in business on this blog.

  2. We Decide. This blog is a part of the Women Impacting Public Policy and combines politics and business for women.

  3. Koinonia Business Women. Christian business women will find everything from collaboration to testimonials for your business.

  4. Blog Business World. Find a selection of books about business success and the stories behind their authors here.

  5. A Girl Guide to Project Management. Get weekly updates that will help you ensure you manage your projects on time and on budget.

  6. Wellness Corporate Insights. Learn how to promote employee health and wellness with this blog.

  7. Work and Family Blog. Get policy and news information on work and family issues.

  8. Success 4 Business Women. A consultant specializing in women in business, Joy Huber posts about ways to improve communication on her blog.

  9. AAUW Dialog. This blog will keep you updated on the latest progress to find equity for women.

  10. Rashmi's blog. Rashmi is an entrepreneur who shares her take on business, especially with an eye on start-ups and online ventures.