5 Capstone Projects for an Accounting Student

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

Capstone projects help degree programs evaluate if the graduating students are prepared to be independent thinkers in the workforce. These projects stretch students beyond rote memorization and mastering processes into strategic thinking, concept creation and leadership development. Students can demonstrate their hard and soft applied skills with visionary application to an accounting capstone project similar to one below.

Home-Based Business Overhaul

Some home-based business owners have passion for their product or service, but no professional aptitude in financial management. One lucky home-based business can give an accounting student a graduation necessity in return for free professional services.

To transform a home-based business’s entire financial infrastructure, use these guidelines.

  • • Budget creation

  • • Financial software introduction

  • • Bookkeeping services

  • • Cost analysis/cost reduction

  • • Valuations for potential investors

Monitor the business for progress throughout the year, and report on increased profits and smoother operations.

Local Small Business Help

A local customer-based small business will be beyond these basics. However, an accounting capstone can help small businesses fill in the gap for costly financial consulting they may not be able to afford.

Approach a small business and offer to work on strengthening these areas.

  • • Communications system upgrade costs

  • • Financial planning for better employee benefits

  • • Forecasting industry changes and trends

  • • Marketing for wider visibility costs

  • • Risk management

Document customer growth and better employee relations, and create a model based on these strategies for other small businesses to follow.

Community Finance Initiative

Financial illiteracy plagues many poor communities and leads to more debt, low savings and predatory lending. A free financial literacy workshop in a church or community center can help people learn finances.

This accounting student capstone project gives back to the community by spreading this knowledge.

  • • Cash flow management

  • • Estate planning, life insurance and wills

  • • Investment principals and products

  • • Refinancing and consolidating debt

  • • Tax reporting and filing

Describe individual case studies and the model similar workshops can follow.

Accounting for Kids

Good financial habits begin when people are young. Schools teach mathematical subjects, but leave fine accounting skills out of the curriculum.

Leading an after school accounting program for kids produces knowledge on possibilities to increase financially-set adults and future accounting professionals with early training in these areas.

  • • General ledger techniques

  • • Introduction to accounting and MBA degrees

  • • Logic and its applications

  • • MS Excel

  • • Student loan fundamentals

Explain how other schools can incorporate such programs nationwide.

City Overhaul Project

A challenging accounting capstone can utilize publicly-accessible government data to address a city concern. The media reports on local issues such as high public transportation costs, abandoned buildings, crumbled structures and service reductions.

Draft a proposal to address a real city issue and emphasize these top-tier skills.

  • • Analyzing and auditing data

  • • Projecting fiscal year balances

  • • Quantitative data and analysis

  • • Restructuring and financial scenario analysis

  • • Value added analysis

If this project is good enough, it could lead to actual change in city services.

Accounting is an apt profession for people lovers. Accountants provide organizational, budgeting and financial services people rely on in their personal and business lives. Capstone projects for an accounting student provide the perfect opportunity to show the difference accountants make for people and businesses every day.