20 CEO Blogs Every Biz Student Should Read

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

Whether you're working on your MBA or just starting out as an undergraduate business student, you can augment your education with a little help from the web. These blogs will give you a window into the world of a CEO so you can see what they do, how they do it and just what goes on inside upper management in a company so you can learn more without spending a dime.

CEO Blogs

These blogs are written by CEOs managing a variety of different types of businesses.

  1. cnewmark: Get closer to the Craig behind Craigslist through this site.

  2. CEO Blog: Jim Estill shares his thoughts on time management, leadership, personal development and more in this blog.

  3. George F. Colony's Mind: This blog is home to the CEO of Forrester Research.

  4. Aplicor Blog: CEO Chuck Schaeffer shares his thoughts about business and more on this blog.

  5. Dr. Mohan Kaul: This blog is maintained by Dr. Mohan Kaul, Director General and CEO of the Commonwealth Business Council, and offers some insights into the business world of India.

  6. Blog Maverick: Keep up with what billionaire CEO Mark Cuban is up to on this blog.

  7. Jeremy Newman CEO Insights: This blog from the CEO of BDO International is full of great posts for accountants and those in the accounting industry.

  8. The CEO's Blog: On this blog you'll be able to hear directly from the CEO of natural foods store Whole Foods.

Tech CEOs

These CEOs will help you learn more about working in the technology industries, especially on the web.

  1. Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Get a tech twist on your CEOs with this blog from Ross Mayfield, Chairman, President and Co-founder of Socialtext.

  2. CEO Unplugged: This blog is maintained by Justin Kitch, CEO and founder of Homestead.com, and is a great place to learn about entrepreneurship.

  3. Charlie's Blog: On this tech company blog you can learn more about account opening and funding.

  4. CEO's Blog: This blog is the place to find out what's going on inside Persistent Systems.

  5. RexBlog.com: Founder of the content and media firm Hammock shares information on media, technology and tech stuff on this site.

  6. Mark Logic CEO Blog: Dave Kellogg, CEO of Mark Logic Corporation offers his thoughts on technology and business on this blog.

For CEOs

Even if you're not a CEO yet, you'll find all kinds of great business management tips on these sites.

  1. OnlyOnce: This blog will teach you more about what it takes to be a first-time CEO.

  2. CEO Tools Blog: Check out this site for some helpful tools online and off to aid CEOs in better leadership and management.

  3. N2Growth Blog: Read this blog to learn more about corporate growth.

  4. Small Business CEO: Here you can find some valuable tips and information to help you run your own small business.

  5. The Rise to the Top: Wanna improve your marketing skills? This blog is here to help.

  6. How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki offers some great advice on things like marketing, social media and more for businesses and entrepreneurs.