Extracurriculars Are an Important Part of College Life

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

You might have come to college with the end goal of getting a college degree, but the path to get there shouldn't only involve taking classes and working on homework. College has a lot to offer you outside of the classroom as well, teaching you valuable skills and adding great experience to your resume that is really too good to pass up. If you're not already participating in some extracurriculars at your school, here are some reasons that you might want to sign up for, join or start a group this semester.

They help you achieve balance. School shouldn't be exclusively about class. Students should also be getting to know their peers and spending time doing things they enjoy as well. Extracurricular activities are a great way to do both of those things at once, making time in your day both to learn and to play.

You'll learn valuable skills. Teamwork, critical thinking, time management, leadership, self-confidence, networking and organization are some skills that are invaluable when making the move into the workplace. Activities outside of your courses can be a great place to hone these skills, prepping you for the working world.

You can follow a passion. You may not want to major in something but that doesn't mean you can't love doing it right? Activities outside of school let you indulge your passions in life, whether you like to play sports or create art, even if it isn't your main focus while you're at school.

You'll make new friends. Social interaction is an essential part of human life. Joining a group of students who share your interests can mean an instant group of new best buddies, forming a support system for you as you go through college and making everything a little bit more fun.

Students who engage in extracurriculars tend to do better in school. Studies have shown that participation in outside activities has a positive affect on performance in school and educational ambitions. Join a few groups you like and see if it makes you into a better student.

Don't spend your entire college experience locked in the library studying, get out there and mingle with your peers. It can actually be pretty beneficial for your career and your education as well as your personal life.