How to Come to Class Prepared

Written By Staff

Whether you're fumbling to find a pen or haven't read the assignment, coming to class unprepared can make the following hour or so of lecture seem like the longest of your life. Even worse, you likely won't be learning as much as you're worried about being called on or are still trying to find a pen and paper to take notes. Being prepared for class every day is an essential part of being a good student and will improve your educational experience immensely. If you're not quite sure what that being a prepared student entails, here are some tips to help you get ready for class the right way.

Always keep your bag fully stocked with supplies. Instead of freaking out because you don't have a writing utensil in your bag at all times. Additionally, keep a small folder with paper or a little notebook with you so that even if you forget tuck your notebook in your bag you'll have something to write with. Other supplies like tissues, sticky notes and tabs can be useful as well.

Use the syllabus. There should never be mystery surrounding when things will be covered or due in class. It's all right there on the syllabus from day one. Look at your syllabus before class to see what you'll need to bring or what you can expect to learn about. Better yet, write the information down in a personal planner.

Do all assignments before class. There really isn't much of a point to going to class if you haven't read the material you'll be discussing or learning about. If you have a reading assignment, make sure to cover all of it and take notes. If you have homework, don't slack off and bring it to class with you.

Review before class. It never hurts to go back over your notes from last class before you head to this week's class. A quick review will help you remember where your professor left off and get all the information fresh in your mind.

Be organized. There are few better skills to learn as a college student than solid organization. Being able to find your notes, homework and other class essentials will go a long way towards helping you be prepared and getting the grades you want.

Stop being that kid in class who's always rustling around, struggling to come up with answers and walking in late. Instead, start prepping for class ahead of time leaving your mind free to focus on the real lessons your professors are teaching you.