94 Important Personal Finance Posts for Women

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

Several generations ago, women were rarely in charge of their own personal finances. Happily for many women today, that is no longer the case. Whether you are an accounting major, a single mom learning to support a family on a limited income, or are a woman just looking for more information on how best to manage your personal finances, these blog posts are full of suggestions and tips that will help you become a master of your personal finances.

Relationships and Marriage

If you are planning a wedding, learning to get along with your spouse when it comes to money, or are experiencing divorce or the death of a spouse, these posts have something to offer you.

  1. 13 Tips To Reduce Your Wedding Budget. Find out how you can reduce the amount you plan to spend on your wedding with the advice in this post.

  2. Avoid Putting your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen in Debt. Take a look at the typical expenses incurred by those participating in a wedding and learn how you can reduce their expenses for your wedding.

  3. Personal Finance for Couples- How to Start the Finance Discussion With Your Significant Other?. Talking about money can be difficult for some couples. Take this advice for ways to talk with your significant other. This post is part of a series on personal finance for couples and includes links to the other four posts.

  4. Love and money matters. Get solid tips in this blog post on how to build a stronger financial relationship with your significant other.

  5. Can Your Spouse/Partner Manage The Family Finances Without You?. While this post is written from the perspective of a husband who handles the finances, it is also sound advice for women who handle the accounts.

  6. 7 Tips To Help You Stop Fighting Over Money. Learn how you and your spouse can stop fighting about money and start working together.

  7. If I Get A Divorce, Does My Spouse Still Collect My Social Security Benefits?. Discover the answer to this question when you read this post.

  8. Debt Tax. This post covers some complex laws about death of a spouse, debt, and taxes.

  9. 13 Inexpensive Date Ideas. Carrie offers great ways to spend time with your sweetheart without going over your budget.

Family and Household

From teaching your children about money to choosing life insurance to considering buying a house, these posts provide plenty of great suggestions to help you along.

  1. How to Trim Fat from the Family Budget. Get a handful of easy changes you can make to help save a little money.

  2. How Do You Deal With Family Members Who Are Bad At Managing Money?. Find tips on how to handle the situation when you have a family member who is bad with money.

  3. How to Make a Multi Family Household Work. Learn from a woman who has been there herself how to make the most of what can be a difficult situation for many.

  4. How to Maximize Your Entertainment Dollar. Take a look at a few ways you can make the most of the money you spend on entertainment.

  5. More Coupon Organization Ideas. If you use coupons to save your family money, then check out this blog post that offers great ways to organize your coupons.

  6. How Much Should You Leave Your Children's Guardians in Your Will?. Read about the importance of naming guardians for your children and what to consider when leaving them money to care for your children in case of your death.

  7. Why Shouldn’t You Add Your Kid’s Income Onto Your Tax Return?. This CPA mom explains why you should be careful about claiming your children's income on your taxes.

  8. 8 Vital Money Lessons to Teach Your Children. From recognizing scams to avoiding credit card debt, share these lessons with your children to ensure they get off to a sound financial start in life.

  9. Life Insurance Reality Check – Do you have enough?. Learn the basics about life insurance and find out if you have your family protected with your current amount of life insurance.

  10. Personal Finance Equations You Should Know: the Amortization Equation. If you have a mortgage, then check out this post to understand what you are paying for with each monthly payment.

  11. Teaching Your Children About Money Lesson #3: The Meaning of Sacrifice. This money lesson is a great way to teach younger children about money.

  12. Kwedit.com: Social Payment Network for Teaching Kids about Credit Use. Learn how you can use Kwedit.com to safely teach your children how to use and manage credit.

  13. Janine’s 10 Year Financial Plan. This post is actually one woman's entry into a financial plan writing contest, but it demonstrates how a single mom facing exciting life changes is planning to fund her future.

  14. The Ultimate Home Buying Guide — Buying vs Renting Detailed Comparison. This post offers an in-depth look at whether you should buy or rent a home, especially if you are just starting out.

Getting out of Debt

If you are like so many others and have created debt, read these posts to learn how you can get out and stay out of debt.

  1. 3 Common Credit Card Problems...and How to Deal with Them. If you are struggling with credit card debt, find out what Manisha Thakor has to say about these three problems.

  2. Debt Reduction and Elimination Ads: The Real Scoop. Find out about debt reduction and elimination services and whether you should pay for these services.

  3. How To Identify A Shopping Addiction, Poor Spending Habits. Answer these five questions to see if you have a problem and learn what you can do to protect your finances.

  4. Lending Club Drops Borrower Interest Rates. This post covers a few details about Lending Club and talks about how to use a loan through them to consolidate your high-interest debt.

  5. What is a Debt “Snowball”?. Discover what a debt snowball is and how it can help you pay off your debt.

  6. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, And Disclosure (CARD) Act Of 2009- Effect On Credit Card Holders. This post guides you through the changes as a result of the law and how it may impact you.

  7. Repentance of Debt. Find out how this woman rebuilt her credit after falling into debt.

  8. Just Say No: To Instant Credit. The allure of saving a bundle on your purchase by simply opening a credit card is a dangerous step away from financial security. Find out why.

  9. No, I'm Not Cutting Up My Credit Cards! (Maybe You Shouldn't Either.). It seems plenty of people are advocating for those in debt to cut up their credit cards. This post explains why that might not be necessary and when it may be necessary.

  10. Why Pay High Credit Card Interest Rates with Low Rate Alternatives Out There?. This post details how and why you should consider 0% interest balance transfers.

  11. Top 8 Benefits Of Debt Consolidation. If you are considering debt consolidation, then see what you can gain from going this route.


Especially in the current economic times, frugality has become a popular lifestyle choice. These posts help you live frugally in creative ways.

  1. The Difference Between Living Below and Within Your Means. Learn the difference between living within and below your means and why the distinction is important.

  2. Reducing Your Automotive Expenses. Follow these suggestions to keep the amount you spend on your car down.

  3. Cheapism: Your Guide to the Best Budget Products. Read an in-depth review on the website Cheapism.

  4. Eating Organic on a Budget. If you prefer to eat organic but have to stay within your budget, then check out the tips on this post.

  5. 5 Ingredients. 5 Minutes. 5 Meals.. Not only do you get five great recipes, but you can learn the concept of using foods already on hand that won't break the bank. Be sure to check the comments section for more ideas.

  6. A New Story to Tell: Single Mom Redux. This newly single mom talks about returning to her frugal roots and how she included her children in the plan.

  7. How to Spot a Great Price on Meat. This post offers guidelines on purchasing the protein for your dish at a low price.

  8. How I saved over 70% on my grocery bill. Learn how this couple shops for groceries to save both time and money.

  9. Ideas for Budget-Friendly Gifts for Guys. Use this woman's suggestions the next time you are stuck for a gift idea for a guy in your life and need to stay within your budget.

  10. Saving Money at Safeway with eCoupons. Even if you don't have a Safeway nearby, this post offers a look at the new trend of eCoupons.

  11. DIY Alternatives to Processed Foods that Save You Money. Find five recipes plus some thoughts on the benefits of saving money and eating healthier foods in this post.

  12. A New Way to Save When Grocery Shopping. Learn about Flyerside, a site that helps you plan recipes and find the ingredients on sale and inexpensively at your local stores.

  13. How to get a phone for free: one reader's story. This story illustrates important points about shopping for a cell phone, including shopping around and negotiating.

  14. 10 Ways to Cut Your Fitness Membership Costs. If you are in the market for a gym membership, then check out this advice before you sign any dotted line.

  15. This is What Frugal Looks Like: Married with Luggage. Discover what Betsy Talbot from Married with Luggage has to say about being frugal.

Making Money, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom trying to earn a little extra income or are filled with the entrepreneurial spirit, these posts cover several aspects of making money in less traditional ways.

  1. Recap of the 3-week course on earning money. This post provides advice on how to make extra money by freelancing, how to understand what your customer needs, and getting into the mindset of earning money.

  2. The Get-Started-Now Guide to Becoming Self-Employed. Get advice on how to start your own business with little to no money from someone who has already done just that.

  3. How to Avoid 'Work from Home' Scams. If you are thinking about looking for a job you can work from home, then you should check out this post.

  4. Earning at Home Part #1: My Points. See what this mom says about working from home opportunities.

  5. 25 Online Resources For Freelancers and Small Businesses. Find out what you can get for free to use in your freelance or small business.

  6. 10 Places to Make Money Online. Learn about ten specific online services or companies that offer a great way to make extra income.

  7. Some Practical Advice for Using Facebook For Your Small Business. This post offers a close look at how to use Facebook as a tool for your small business.

  8. Cutting back for the sake of sanity. Sometimes enterprising people, those trying to get out of debt by taking on more employment, or freelancers trying to make ends meet will work insane hours. Find out why sometimes sanity is a better route.

College and Retirement

Whether you are considering a college fund for your children, a retirement fund for yourself, or both, these posts will guide you through it all.

  1. Retirement or Education?. This post takes a look at where you are best served putting your money when considering saving for retirement or education.

  2. Start Saving for College the Day They Are Born. Learn why you should start saving for your child's college as soon as possible and find out about some ways to do that.

  3. Creating a Risk-Free Retirement Plan. Read this post to find out a risk-free way to save for your retirement.

  4. Will You Work Past Your Normal Retirement Age?. Deciding to work past normal retirement age has its benefits. Find out what they are here.

  5. how to choose a retirement strategy – or not. Discover why agonizing over retirement strategies might not make good sense.

  6. 9 Mistakes People Make with their IRA. See if you are making any of these mistakes when it comes to your IRA.

  7. The New Meaning of Retirement. Take a look at these ideas to learn a new mindset about what retirement can be.

  8. Setting Aside 10% Of Your Work For Retirement, Not 10% Of Your Income. This retirement savings plan involved doing a little side work and banking all the earnings for retirement.

  9. My Early Retirement Plan. Find out how this 20-something is working toward early retirement.


Taxes are tricky, so take this advice to protect yourself as well as insure you are paying only what you need to.

  1. How the IRS Picks Its Audit Targets. Find out how to keep yourself from unnecessarily putting yourself at risk for an audit.

  2. Don't give Uncle Sam an interest-free loan. Kay Bell explains why you should not strive for big tax refund checks in this post on her popular blog.

  3. Tax Tips for 2009 Tax Year. Learn how to prepare, organize, and maximize your deductions and credits.

  4. Bread of the World Launches Tax Credit Campaign for Low-Income Americans. This post discusses a few tax breaks for low-income families as well as a campaign to ensure these tax breaks stay in place.

  5. New Tax Law Changes for 2010 Boyee!. Take a look at some of the tax law changes, offered up by a CPA.

  6. How to Avoid and Prepare For a Tax Audit by the IRS. Learn about six audit red flags and what to do in case you are audited.

  7. 5 Income Tax Filing Assumptions that Could Cost You Big. When filing taxes, assumptions can be costly. See if you are making a false assumption when you check out these five common mistakes.

  8. Federal Tax Brackets and Law Changes for 2009. This post provides a good overview of several tax law changes that may affect your taxes this year.

  9. Understanding the Making Work Pay Tax Credit. This new tax credit offers $400 for singles and $800 for married filing jointly. Find out more about it here.


Get tips on ways to invest, even if you don't have a lot of seed money.

  1. Six Common Myths about Stock Market Returns. Read this post to learn the truth about six common misconceptions about the stock market.

  2. How to Invest Now with Little Money to Start. If you are just starting out with your investing, then you won't want to miss this post.

  3. How to Invest in the Stock Market via Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds. This post is a great primer for those just starting out in the investing game.

  4. When to Sell a Stock. If you are new to the stock market, then learn how to know when is the right time to sell or hold your stock.

  5. Tax Saving Fixed Deposit u/s 80C. Learn about a popular investment strategy that has a guaranteed return.

  6. Financial Age Regression. Take a look at what the recent market lows mean for investing, and get advice on some ways to wisely invest in this environment.

General Advice

Take this advice to better understand or manage your personal finances.

  1. A New, Sophisticated Take on Personal Finance for Women. Find out about LearnVest, a personal finance site for women, and the woman behind it all.

  2. Creating a System of Personal Finance Records – Textbook Personal Finance. Learn what documents to keep where and how to keep records in order.

  3. Suze Orman's Top 10 Money Tips for Women. From listening to your gut to not handing your finances over to your husband, find out what this personal finance guru has to tell women about money.

  4. Don't Forget Your Finances, but Don't Let Them Slow You Down!. This post reminds why you should not neglect your finances, but also stresses the importance of not letting them rule your life, either.

  5. 10 Essential Money Skills for a Bad Economy. These money skills are good to have any time, but they are especially helpful when times are tough.

  6. What To Do When Your Wallet or Purse is Stolen. Find out what steps to take if your purse is stolen to protect yourself from identity theft.

  7. Money in Our Life: 5 Personal Finance Basics to Work On. From paying with cash to setting measurable financial goals, see how this couple is working on the basics.

  8. One Financial Goal to Rule Them All. Find out what this one goal is and see how it applies to saving for an emergency fund and for getting out of credit card debt.

  9. Suze Orman Answers Your Money Questions. Suze Orman talks about saving for retirement over college, graduate student savings, and more.

  10. If your bank legitimately calls you, call them back. This tip is a great one to keep in mind if your bank calls asking for your password or any other personal information associated with your account.

  11. The Rise of Internet Banking. Look at the pros and cons of doing your banking on the Internet.

  12. 7 Money Lessons from Monopoly. Break out that Monopoly board to learn valuable lessons about finance and money.