Top 25 Popular Economics Blogs

Written By Staff

With the presidential election rolling around next week, it makes sense that the economy — both on the national and international levels — remains at the forefront of most American citizens’ minds. But such a meaty topic involves so many different theories and histories and points of view, deciphering them oftentimes proves quite the chore for the average reader. The following blogs, aimed at varying levels of familiarity with economic topics, seek to change all that.

  1. 1. Blogs at Financial Times:

    Head here for multiple perspectives and analyses regarding current financial news from around the world. Financial Times bloggers also cover political stories impacting overarching economic climates both national and international.

  2. 2. FT Alphaville:

    Financial Times’ flagship blog deserves its own entry here, and it targets professionals (and future professionals!) with daily news and discussions about current events and trends. Readers particularly interested in markets should especially give it a follow and start participating in the rigorous discussions that inevitably ensue.

  3. 3. Freakonomics:

    An economist and a journalist join forces to make the often daunting topic of economics easily understood and digested by general audiences. It’s a fun and informative exploration of how the subject’s basic principles drive the minutiae of day-to-day existence.

  4. 4. The Circle Bastiat:

    Adherents to the tenets of Austrian Economics or readers wanting to learn more about what it involves should stop by the Internet’s biggest resources exploring the topic. The Circle Bastiat comes courtesy of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, whose website hosts the blog and contains even more information about the school of thought.

  5. 5. Planet Money:

    NPR’s popular radio show and podcast also comes accompanied by a blog that distills complex economic concepts into language most audiences can wrap their brains around. It looks at general news stories regarding business and finance to keep visitors abreast of current events and trends.

  6. 6. Cafe Hayek:

    Run by George Mason University, Cafe Hayek offers up commentary on today’s economic and political outlook, sparing nothing when it comes to opinions and what subjects to cover. Libertarians especially love their analysis because it revolves largely around lauding a free market system.

  7. 7. Economix:

    Multiple contributors lend their voices to this resource by The New York Times, which blends economics and the latest news into one read accessible to a wide audience. Because the discipline drives daily life, it behooves Americans to understand the inner workings and perspectives behind everything.

  8. 8. DealBook:

    Another New York Times read, DealBook features the latest business deals impacting the national and international economy. Which is kinda sorta important to know when following how money flows in and out of governments and the people, so pay attention!

  9. 9. Real Time Economics:

    Presented by The Wall Street Journal, this blog, edited by Phil Izzo, covers economic concerns around the world; though America, as one would expect, forms the crux of its content. From business news and analysis to what’s up with the Federal Reserve these days, Real Time Economics covers most of the stories readers need to know.

  10. 10. The Consumerist:

    Because spending trends do hold sway over how economies operate, it makes sense for fans of the subject to pay attention to what the consumers themselves have to say. Issues like recalls and rip-offs that change how businesses conduct themselves need to be taken into consideration before investing and predicting future outcomes.

  11. 11. Greg Mankiw’s Blog:

    He chairs the Department of Economics at Harvard, so it’s probably safe to assume that Greg Mankiw knows a few things about the subject. Consistently cited as one of the best economics blogs around, this one offers up detailed insight into past and current movements and trends.

  12. 12. Blogs at The Economist:

    The Economist’s suite of blogs covers the most timely world financial and business news, as well as arts, sports, and culture for a bit of relief. No matter what relevant topic one desires to learn about, chances are they will be able to find some expert discussions occurring here.

  13. 13. Curious Cat Investing and Economics Blog:

    Whether learning about recommended strategies for personal finance or researching broader economic concepts, Curious Cat delivers. Be sure to check out the bookstore and glossary for more data regarding wise investing decisions and a greater understanding of the terminology involved in economic discussions.

  14. 14. Business Insider:

    Like the title states, this blog-backslash-magazine focuses on today’s business news, covering nearly every major industry imaginable. It provides a bevy of articles suitable for a wide range of economic interests and experience levels, making it one of the more accessible resources on this list.

  15. 15. An American Perspective from China:

    China stands primed to emerge as the planet’s next hegemonic power, so anyone wanting to learn more about economics should probably pay close attention to what’s going on over there. Tsinghua University’s Patrick Chovanec covers pretty much everything Americans need to know about the changing financial climate of the Asian juggernaut.

  16. 16. Daily Finance:

    Greenhorn and seasoned investors alike reference Daily Finance when searching for current advice regarding fiscal decisions. For day-to-day economic decisions, it provides one of the blogosphere’s best resources on the subject.

  17. 17. EconLog:

    The Liberty Fund and Library of Economics and Liberty present a detailed inquiry into Austrian economics, providing a blog, podcast, and other media dedicated to dissecting today’s financial outlook from that particular perspective. The EconLog regularly draws in awards and honors for its expert analysis and aims to reach a broad audience of professionals, students, and independent seekers alike.

  18. 18. Marginal Revolution:

    Another George Mason University offering, this amazingly popular blog covers pretty much anything and everything relevant to politics and economics. Professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok post some of the Internet’s most insightful, painstaking glimpses into the past, present, and future of finance’s reign over humanity.

  19. 19. Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal:

    University of Michigan’s Miles Kimball admits his “partisan nonpartisan” leanings outright, analyzing economic data from this not-uncommon perspective. He also runs “sub-blogs” regarding religion, humor, politics, happiness, and other subjects for variety’s sake.

  20. 20. Vox:

    The Centre for Economic Policy Research focuses on economic policy from a European vantage point, bringing together the keenest minds on the subject together for intelligent discussions about what’s to come and what should be done. Its core audience revolves around professionals and politicians, but any economics geeks out there could learn quite a bit from what the experts have to share.

  21. 21. Economist’s View:

    Mark Thoma is a professor of Economics at University of Oregon, and he uses his not-so-little corner of the Web to discuss the latest news within his field as well as his own commentary. Though an expert in econometrics and macroeconomics, the author does cover a nicely broad range of economic topics.

  22. 22. Felix Salmon:

    This opinionated Reuters blogger attracts his fair share of lovers and haters, but it would be a tremendous lie to deny his popularity. Most of Felix Salmon’s writings revolve around all things financial, but he does quite love himself some technology and social media!

  23. 23. Calculated Risk:

    Real estate, investment banking, and other economic and financial outlets receive thorough dissection at Calculated Risks, one of the most respected blogs on the subjects available. For anyone interested in American economics, this ought to be considered an essential bookmark.

  24. 24. Econbrowser:

    A pair of professors — one from University of Wisconsin, Madison and another from University of California, San Diego — keep readers on top of the latest in economics news, adding in their own advice and opinions on the matters at hand. And with archives stretching back to 2005, readers can check out how things have changed over a given span of time.

  25. 25. MacroBusiness:

    Based out of Australia, MacroBusiness looks at national and global markets with equal enthusiasm, peering mainly into what the current numbers mean for businesses and personal finance alike. With many different contributors, visitors here receive a broader look at what’s in store and what’s at stake.