41 Awesome Social Networks for Finance Geeks

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

Learning about finance is so much easier when you can see first-hand what others are doing to achieve success. That's the beauty of social networks with a focus on finance. The following social networks offer opportunities for finance students and geeks to contribute as well as learn from others. Whether you are interested in investing, business, participating in peer-to-peer loans, or personal finance growth, the following social networks are sure to help you make connections with others in the world of finance.

Investing and General Finance

From learning investment strategies to staying on top of market news these social networks all have a focus on investing and general finance topics.

  1. Zacks Investment Research. The research done with Zacks is mathematically-based and available for you to learn about markets and trends. Create a portfolio, connect with community and more at this site.

  2. Covester. An excellent way to learn from others experience, Covester allows members to watch the investment habits of other members in order to learn how to invest their money.

  3. InvestingMinds. Whether you want to benefit from what others say or share your own investing ideas and experience, you can do so on this site that provides a place for everything from investing clubs to chat rooms.

  4. Minyanville Financial Infotainment. Meet other investors on this financial social network where you can learn about smart investing strategies, read articles, participate in forums, and read blogs.

  5. Cake Financial. When you join Cake Financials, you can manage your investments and participate in a community of other investors.

  6. MarketWatch Community. Members can create profiles to help connect with others, then find, organize, and share financial articles on this social networking site.

  7. The Motley Fool. Keep an eye on top performing stocks and get news and investment tips at this popular investing site.

  8. ZeccoShare. The investment community at ZeccoShare offers investment tracking, sharing of ideas and tips, and specific groups where members gain knowledge and support from each other.

  9. UpDown. Practice investing with a $1 million portfolio and even earn money from doing so. Also, get tips and experience from others in this community.

  10. Money Talk. No matter if you just need help with personal finance, if you are an experienced investor, or you run a small business, you are welcome to participate in this community. Find news and advice from this resource that includes forums, RSS feeds, and an entire section on 401k resources.

  11. TradeKing Community. Investors come together at this site to share their insight and learn from others as well as keep on top of the latest happenings in the world of investments.

  12. Wikinvest. Learn about specific companies, investment concepts, funds, markets, and more at this site where members can also contribute and grow their reputation through participation.

Business and Economics

Business and economics are an important segment of finance. Find communities among these listed below to help grow your business or just connect with successful business people who can help you learn more about finance and economics.

  1. Jigsaw. Members in this community earn points by contributing contact information for their business contacts. As members earn points, they can then receive contacts. Growing your business connections is directly associated with your participation in the community of this social network.

  2. Daylight Network. Join others to discuss and attempt to fix the current wounded economy with this social networking site. Participate in prediction markets, join in discussions, read blogs, and vote on a variety of talking points.

  3. LinkedIn. This popular social networking site is an excellent place to make business contacts, stay in touch with friends and associates, let your presence be known, and generally help grow your business.

  4. Plaxo. Another popular business network, Plaxo also allows for connecting, finding, and staying in touch with colleagues through sharing of contacts, websites you frequent, and even a calendar and the capability to go mobile.

  5. Ryze. Make business contacts and promote yourself on this social community designed specifically for business networking.

  6. APSense. Create your business presence here and invite associates and friends to join your network. Members can vote positively for legitimate businesses and negatively for scams or spammers that make their way in, ensuring only the legit businesses have a presence.

  7. The Business Social Network. Join this group to promote your business and even find similar businesses where you can network and collaborate.

  8. AboutUs. A wiki-style network, this group promotes businesses, websites, and organizations so that interested parties can find out detailed information about these businesses and organizations. AboutUs is a great place to get your venture noticed.

  9. Naymz. For business professionals seeking to take their reputation to the next level, Naymz is the place to go. Build your professional network while growing your business brand at this site.

  10. Fast Pitch. Participate in this social network to take advantage of opportunities for both networking with other professionals and marketing your business.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

Maybe you are looking for low interest loans to fund an education or perhaps you are interested in investing some extra cash to help a single mom or an entrepreneur in a third-world country. Either way, these peer-to-peer loan social networks will help connect you with others.

  1. Zopa. This social finance network connects members who are seeking loans with credit unions who offer low-interest rates. Don't worry if you aren't in the US, Zopa also has sites for Italy, UK, and Japan.

  2. Prosper. Based on a principle similar to eBay, this site allows member-borrowers to create a listing and set the interest rate they are seeking, then lenders participate in an auction to fund the loan.

  3. Lending Club. This social lending club allows borrowers to get low rates and lenders to make money on loans they fund. Lenders can select the borrows to whom they wish to loan money.

  4. Virgin Money. Virgin Money offers two types of opportunities for members looking for loans. Choose to borrow or lend money through friends or family and let Virgin Money make it official or go directly to Virgin Money to fund your loans.

  5. GreenNote. This popular alternative to student loans allows members to finance loans to individual students at low interest rates. Students, parents, and investors are all welcome to join this group.

  6. Loanio. Members can bid on loans they fund to other members seeking money. Borrowers with special needs can participate in co-borrowing where a friend or family member borrows the same money you are, but you go in together on the loan. Loanio has temporarily suspended new memberships while they are registering their promissory notes. Check back again soon to register.

  7. Kiva. Offering a little different twist on personal lending, Kiva allows those funding loans to give amounts as small as $25 to help entrepreneurs in struggling countries. Follow along to see the progress of your selected borrows as they grow their new businesses.

  8. RSF Social Finance. Similar to Kiva, this group connects funders to borrowers in the greatest need. The money generated through members in this group go to support "environmental, social, and economic sustainability."

Debt Reduction

Find help from both professionals and peers to help you control your debt and get out from under your financial burdens.

  1. I Hate Debt. Join this community of people working to eliminate their personal debt. Connect through blogs, chats, message boards, photos, and more.

  2. ClearPoint. Aimed at helping lose the stigma sometimes attached to being in debt, ClearPoint allows members to connect with others through videos, message boards, and a blog to learn ways to get out of debt.

  3. Debt Consolidation Care. Participate in this community or read articles and use the many calculators available to help successfully reduce your debt.

  4. Care One Credit Counseling. Choose to sign up with this credit counselor or just participate in the social networking available where you can access tips, tools, message boards, blogs, and more.

Personal Finance

From managing your money to saving for college or retirement to monitoring your net worth, the following personal finance social networks will connect you with others who can help you reach your goals.

  1. BillMonk. Not only can you keep track of your money with this group, you can even track items you loaned to others or items you have borrowed.

  2. Kiplinger.com. Connect with others on this popular site and learn what you need to know about personal finance. Manage your finances with the tools, articles, quizzes, online forums, and more.

  3. SaveMoney.com. Members can get plenty of tips for ways to save money with this group that includes a tip of the day and forums.

  4. Art of Saving. This personal finance social network helps members reach their finance goals, whether they be saving for retirement, increasing net worth, or lowering bills.

  5. NetworthIQ. Monitor your net worth at this social network site that allows you to track, share, and compare your personal finance progress.

  6. Geezeo. This approach to personal finance allows members to ask specific questions of financial experts, share with other members, and learn ways to manage your personal finances like a pro.

  7. Buxfer. Track your expenses, manage your IOUs with friends, organize groups of others to allow for easy expense sharing and more with Buxfer.