The 30 Strangest Business Books Sold on Amazon

Written By Staff

Business books offer a useful and cost-effective way to enhance your career and business understanding. Many offer success stories, strategies, and to do lists, but some are just plain weird. Here, you'll find a collection of 30 strange business books available on Amazon, some silly, some useful, but all entertaining.

  1. Rapid Problem Solving with Post-It Notes: This book discusses how any problem can be solved with Post-It Notes.

  2. Who Moved My Cheese?: Who Moved My Cheese? discusses dealing with change at work in an interesting way.

  3. The Professional Gambler: Make gambling your business by reading this book.

  4. Eat People: Eat People offers rules for changing the game as an entrepreneur, including "eating" people.

  5. Eat That Frog!: Kill procrastination by eating frogs.

  6. Duct Tape Marketing: Market your small business using duct tape and this book.

  7. How to Get Rich and Stay Rich: Complete with a rainbow through a dollar sign on the cover, this millionaire shares his blueprint for success.

  8. The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Steven Gary Blank shares an epiphany for products.

  9. Wall Street Meat: Wall Street Meat likens the stock market to a butcher shop.

  10. Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun: Learn how to be a leader from Atilla the Hun in this book.

  11. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur: This strange but effective book offers a guide for everyday entrepreneurs.

  12. How to Get Rich as a Televangelist or Faith Healer: Make money through religion with this tongue in cheek book.

  13. Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky: Sarah Lacy's book explores profit from chaos.

  14. Brainsteering: Use brainsteering to find a better way to make creative breakthroughs in business.

  15. Evil Plans: Hugh MacLeod's book appeals to Pinky and the Brain entrepreneur types.

  16. Inside Steve's Brain: This book will take you into the depths of Steve Jobs' brain.

  17. Purple Cow: Find great advice in this unorthodox business book from Seth Godin.

  18. The Naked Presenter: The Naked Presenter takes presentations to a different level, stripping away anything that's unnecessary.

  19. The Millionaire Messenger: The Millionaire Messenger takes a look at making money by giving advice.

  20. Whale Done!: Whale Done! explains why your coworkers have a lot in common with killer whales.

  21. Better by Mistake: Better by Mistake takes a look at happy accidents in business and more.

  22. Billionaire Baby: Want to get rich using your child's talent as a business? Check out this book.

  23. How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine: Complete with a Bentley on the cover, Randy Gage's book will teach the secrets of MLM.

  24. The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: Johnny Bunko shares the last career guide you'll ever need, in comic book form.

  25. Freedom's Just Another Word for People Finding Out You're Useless: Dilbert offers a funny look at office politics and mayhem in this book.

  26. The Roaring 80's on Wall Street: This book offers an odd look at the 80's stock market, complete with a tiger on the cover.

  27. How to be a Presentation God: If you'd like to become a presentation superhero, be sure to check out this book.

  28. Juggling Elephants: Manage your business like a circus with the help of this book.

  29. Gamestorming: Gamestorming discusses using games to communicate and become creative.

  30. The Thank You Economy: Don't think thank yous are valuable? Read this book to find out otherwise.