Top 10 Accounting and Finance TED Talks

#1. Chris McKnett – The Investment Logic for Sustainability

If you find yourself frustrated by problematic investments even after studying the statistics involved in various companies' performances, you will get a lot out of the TED Talks video: The Investment Logic for Sustainability. In this in-depth look at power investing, Chris McKnett explains how there's more to investing than just performance numbers. Financial data is only a part of what needs to be considered in a company's chances of growth. Other aspects include company structure, social connection amongst others.

#2. Loretta Napoleoni – The Intricate Economics of Terrorism

We're all afraid of the possibility of terrorism, but is there more to these acts of violence than meets the eye? Do governments fuel their economies on the money that backs terrorists? Loretta Napoleoni, bestselling author and expert on financing and money laundering associated with terrorism, explores the connection of the local economies of terrorist groups as well as the connections between money laundering and the U.S. Patriot Act.

#3. Paul Kemp-Robertson – Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet the Future of Branded Currency

There's a new kid in town when it comes to world currency and how we use money. How trustworthy is this new kind of money, and how trustworthy is the old system of bills and coins, and the "invisible" transactions of bank funds? Paul Kemp-Robertson investigates the relationship between banks and traditional finance and the era of cyber banking and non-bank currencies.

#4. Cameron Herold – Let's Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Getting young people involved in the world of the entrepreneurs promotes better grades and a big head start in many areas of life. Cameron Herold talks about how the skills derived from understanding the complexities of business help even typical classroom underachievers make connections between the skills and the studies.

#5. Annette Heuser – The 3 Agencies With the Power to Make or Break Economies

Does the credit scoring system really work? Annette Heuser, Washington branch executive director of German Bertelsmann Foundation would argue no. In fact, the inaccuracies of the system that are inherent in the way it operates and the total domination of 3 major reporting agencies has the potential to destroy personal lives and business finances. In this TED Talk she explores a new way to govern credibility that dramatically shifts power and improves the world's financial future.

#6. Mariana Mazzucato – Government – Investor, Risk-Taker, Innovator

The world of finance may feel that investors would do better without the government involvement that exists in the world today, but economist Mariana Mazzucato explains the role of government in finance that is ground-breaking and what makes the bureaucratic system the biggest of all risk takers. What goes on behind the scenes can be vague to many in the world of venture capital, but not all private ventures are truly private. In fact, Mazzucato reveals how some technology, such as Google and the iPhone, may not have even made it to the starting gate without government intervention.

#7. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon – Women Entrepreneurs, Example not Exception

Women are tough and proactive business entrepreneurs in a new age of a troubled global economy. Even though they have secured a strong foothold in business, women today still struggle with conflicts and are victims of an ever present gender gap in the business world. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon discovered the inequities present in today's business society while pursuing her MBA studies at Harvard University after a career in finance with PIMCO, a global investment firm.

#8. Geoff Mulgan – Post-Crash, Investing in a Better World

Geoff Mulgan is founder of the think-tank Demos, director of the Young Foundation and author of the book "The Art of Public Strategy." In this TED talk, Mr. Mulgan uses his 50 years of experience in the world of organizing and his roles in the UK government to explore better ways of investing in our world's future rather than falling back on the old institutions that pulled us down in the first place. This talk centers around how government stimulus, bailout money and other investments by the system could be much better used to strengthen socially responsible companies and funding ways of improving resources.

#9. David S. Rose – How to Pitch to a VC

The world of business finance is tricky, and getting an idea started can be daunting. Venture capital is one of the most powerful ways to finance a business, but it is also one of the most difficult to arrange and then close. David S. Rose is a pitch coach and investor who talks about the best ways to succeed when speaking with a venture capitalist.

#10. Jessica Jackley – Poverty, Money – and Love

Co-founder of, Jessica Jackley talks about how microloans have given impoverished people a better way of life, and how this form of investment can help create a better world while giving investors a positive way to give back. Microloans help those in poor countries become entrepreneurs and provide help for themselves. These loans are not handouts. They are no-interest investments that have a 98% repayment record.