Top 25 Accounting Scholarships

With accounting jobs on the rise, students who pursue an accounting degree will have many opportunities in the work force. Accounting is in every industry and various career options are available with this area of study, but with the cost of higher education on the rise, students are feeling a burden paying for college. This doesn’t mean students don’t have any options. There are plenty of scholarships out there for students to pursue. There are a variety of scholarships for students who are studying accounting. Each scholarship has their own criteria and students must decipher which scholarships they qualify for. We have narrowed down 25 accounting scholarships students can apply for depending on the criteria.

Latest Accounting Degree Program Rankings

The NSA Scholarship Foundation was founded in 1969 to provide promising accounting students with financial assistance. Undergraduates students who are in a two year or four-year university working on their degree are able to apply for this scholarship. Students will need to demonstrate need, scholastic achievement, and leadership ability. Students will need to be U.S. or Canadian citizens and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The scholarship award ranges between $500- $2,200. In 2016 the NSA awarded $35,300 in scholarships to 32 students. Students can apply for the next scholarship between January-March 2017.

The Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship is open to part-time students who are interested in state and local government finance. Students who are in a part-time graduate program in business administration, accounting, or a related field can apply. They offer four $9,000 scholarships for 2017.  Students interested in this scholarship will need to submit a statement of purpose, plans to work in state and local government, academic grades and work experience, plans for coursework study from their past and present, letters of recommendation.

The Paul S. Mills scholarship is open to students who are seeking a undergraduate degree in finance related fields such as accounting, finance, insurance or risk management. Students enrolled or accepted into a part or full-time undergraduate program are eligible to apply. Six students will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Applicants will need to show financial need and be a U.S. citizen or legal resident. Students will need to submit an application and an short essay (500 words) explaining why they are pursuing an education in the financial service field and why the scholarship is important to them. The application period is between February 1 and March 30.

The Frank L. Greenhouse Government Accounting Scholarship was founded in 1987. The GFOA executive board created the scholarship to encourage careers in state and local government and recognize students who performed outstanding in their accounting studies. This scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in a full-time program and pursuing a career in state or local government. They offer two $9,000 scholarships.

The AICPA John L. Carey Scholarship was founded in honor of John Carey after his retirement in 1969. John Carey had dedicated his career to serving the accounting profession and encouraged accounting students to CPA’s. This scholarship is for students who have an undergraduate liberal arts degree or business degree and would like to pursue a graduate degree in accounting or a CPA license. The scholarship is awarded to five students for $5,000 each.

The COAG scholarship is open to all high school seniors in the state of Georgia and are U.S. citizens graduating the spring. GED students can also apply. Students must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in a field related to government/law enforcement, political science, accounting/finance, business or pre-law. Students will need to provide an acceptance letter or letter of enrollment from an accredited higher education school located in Georgia. They will also need to provide an 1,000 word essay.

Students who graduated from a public high school in Virginia and is enrolled in a college or university in Virginia are able to apply for this scholarship. The award ranges from $500-$1,000 and only one is award per year. This scholarship is merit based and students must be an accounting major.

Women pursuing an undergraduate accounting or finance related degree can apply for the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting Scholarship. They will need to provide proof of financial need, demonstrate an understanding in accounting and business through prior coursework or work experience, and proof of both professional and personal goals and a plan for achieving these goals.

Women who are pursuing advanced degrees in accounting can apply for the Laurels Fund Scholarship. This scholarship was founded in 1978 for female students. This scholarship awards a deserving female Phd students with up to $5,000. Students must have completed their comprehensive examinations to apply. The scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement and research activities, volunteer work and financial need. Students who meet this criteria should apply.

The Texas Fifth Year Accounting Student Scholarship program is to entice talented and qualified individuals to pursue accounting careers for the state. Individuals who are Texas residents and are enrolled in a university or college, which includes community college can apply for this scholarship. Students who are planning to take the CPA but have not already done so are eligible. Also, students will need to take satisfactory academic progress and will need to provide proof of it. Students will receive up to $5,000 through this scholarship.

Founded in honor of Dr. Herman J. Neal, this scholarship is awarded to multiple recipients for up $4,000. This scholarship is for African American students who are pursuing an accounting degree or a CPA license. Students must be a junior, senior or graduate student enrolled in an Illinois university or college.

Founded in 1974, Teachers of Accounting at Two Year Colleges is to continue the advancement of accounting education.  Teachers of Accounting at Two Year Colleges (TATYC) offers several scholarships to students who are pursuing an accounting degree at a four year university or college. Students who are attending a two year college and have taken 20 college credits, with six being in accounting can apply for this scholarship. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is a must and students will need to be recommended by an accounting faculty member, along with an one to two page essay about their academic and professional goals and an essay question to answer. They award seven scholarships for $1,000 each.

The ABA Diversity scholarship while a little more specific than others, it is still worth pursuing. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in transportation, tourism, and travel can apply for this scholarship. Students must be a first year college students and have declared a relevant major. They must have a 3.0 GPA or higher. This scholarship takes academic merit, personal character, financial need and leadership capabilities into consideration. The scholarship amount is $5,000.

Catch the Dream scholarship program was founded in an effort to encourage Native Americans to pursue careers in the fields of mathematics, computers, business, engineering, and education by providing financial assistance to qualifying students. Students who are Native American and attend an accredited school by the state, federal or tribal level should consider applying. This scholarship has been awarded to students since 1986 and has helped many students pay for the college education.

Students who are attending a two or four year college or university in southwest Missouri can qualify for the American Society of Women Accountants scholarship. Students who are pursuing an advanced degree can also apply. Students will need to write a letter explain why they qualify for this scholarship along with their career goals. Student grades will be also be considered. They award one $4,000, two $3,000, and four $2,000 scholarships.

The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) awards this scholarship annually. Students with Hispanic Heritage and are pursuing a career in finance, accounting or a related field can apply. They must be a full-time students enrolled in a degree seeking program related to one of the fields mentioned. Students will need a GPA of 3.0 or higher as well as being a sophomore, junior, or senior or in a master’s degree program.

The A.A. and Hattie Mae Bush scholarship was founded in 1978 for residents of Amarillo. Bush who was an entrepreneur and accountant loved giving and helping younger people. Students who are majoring in accounting, reside in the 25 northernmost counties of the Texas Panhandle, and are a graduating senior or enrolled college student can apply for this scholarship. Students must be attending one of the following colleges: Amarillo College, Texas Tech University, or West Texas A&M University. Students must also maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA while in college. Students will be awarded $1,000 and is renewable every year pending approval.

This scholarship was founded in memory of Matt Fung, the former California state treasurer. There are two $2,500 scholarships awarded to students who are enrolled in a California college of university. Students must be an incoming sophomore, junior or senior at a four-year college or university and majoring in accounting, finance, public policy or related fields. They must be of Asian heritage and have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Students who have a record or community service or volunteer work are given preference.

The Executive Women International Scholarship Program (EWISP) awards more than $200,000 in college scholarship money to high school seniors each year. Students will be judged on academic achievement, leadership qualities, extracurricular actives, and good citizenship. Students will receive awards ranging between $1,000 and $5,000.

Undergraduate students enrolled full-time at a Pennsylvania college or university are eligible for the Pennsylvania Society of Tax & Accounting Professionals’ scholarship. Students must have completed 60 credit hours and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to qualify. Scholarships are competitive and students who have leadership skills, extra curricular actives, and financial need are taken into consideration. The scholarship awards one $2,000 and two $1,000 scholarships.

The Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship was founded in 1933 to encourage minority students to prepare for careers in state or local government finance. Students who are a minority and are currently a full-time or part-time, upper level undergraduate or graduate student studying governmental accounting, finance, economics, political science, public administration or business administration can apply for this scholarship. Past winners are not allowed to apply for this scholarship again. Students will need a recommendation from their academic advisor or department chair. The scholarship amount is $9,000.

The AICPA offers a scholarship for minorities who are studying accounting. They have been providing scholarships through this program for over four decades. Almost 8,000 students have received over $14.6 million in scholarships. Students will receive up to $5,000 per academic year.

The Nellie Martin Carman scholarship was founded in 1949 and requires students to come from a specific region. This scholarship is available to seniors from public high schools in King, Pierce, Snohomish counties in Washington state. Students will receive scholarship amounts between $500 to $2,000 a year. This scholarship is renewable for four years. Around 30-40 students are awarded this scholarship each year.

The Surety foundation offers a minority intern and scholarship program that offers up to $5,000 to students. This scholarship has been available since 2003. Minority students who have declared a major in accounting, business, finance, insurance, and risk management. They must also have a 3.0 GPA and have complete 30 credit hours with six of them relating to their major.

Students who live and are planning to attend a college  in Kansas should consider applying for the KSCPA merit scholarship. They have been providing scholarships for the past 50 years. This scholarship is given to high school seniors in Kansas.  This scholarship is awarded to students with a high ACT or SAT, demonstrate leadership skills and plan to major in accounting.  They award five $500 scholarships along with one scholarship each in the following amounts:  $600, $700, $800, $900 and $1,300.

Latest Accounting Degree Program Rankings