Types of Accounting Degrees

Anyone who has an interest in the field of accounting will soon find out that many different degrees are available. Each degree can take you in different directions with your future career. To help you better understand what each degree does, here are the degrees available:

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Certificate in Accounting

This certificate is ideal for those who are new to the field. While this type of certificate isn’t required for those seeking a college degree, it’s ideal for people looking to learn the basics of accounting such as bookkeeping. To receive this type of certificate, students will take around 10 courses to satisfy the requirements.

Associate’s in Accounting

Students interested in an associates degree will find that many local community colleges and technical schools will offer this degree. With this type of degree, students can land bookkeeper and accounting clerk jobs. While it’s limited in terms of opportunities, students that graduate can move toward a bachelor’s degree at a local university. The average time of completion is two years. Check out our ranking of the best online Associate’s in Accounting degree programs.

Bachelors in Accounting

Most universities offer bachelor’s degree programs that require a minimum of at least 120 credit hours. A large amount of these classes will focus on accounting, business strategy and general education courses. As the most common type of degree, students can land auditing, financial planning, consulting and technical accounting jobs. Most students can graduate within four to five years. Check out our rankings of the top accounting schools and best online Bachelor’s in Accounting degree programs.

Masters in Accounting

Requiring an extra year beyond a bachelor’s degree, students will focus in a particular accounting area. For example, these concentrations can include tax accounting or auditing. Opening the door to higher positions in the accounting field, graduates can be considered a specialist with their concentration. Check out our rankings of the best graduate schools for accounting and best online Master’s in Accounting degree programs.

MBA in Accounting

A master’s business administration degree with a focus in accounting can help prepare a student become a certified public accountant. In the United States today, most states require that a student has a minimum of 150 credit hours to take the CPA exam. Rules will vary state by state, though. Students that plan on taking the CPA exam should note that they should prepare early as this is a very extensive and challenging exam to pass. In fact, less than 50 percent of the test takers will successfully pass. Check out our ranking of the best online accounting MBA programs.

PhD in Accounting

To achieve this type of degree, a student must successfully graduate from a master’s program. Upon completion, a PhD will require years of hard and extensive work. As an accomplishment that is well worth it, this will open the doors to many opportunities. These job opportunities include budget analysts, accountant management and other forms of managerial jobs. Check out our ranking of the best online doctorate in accounting programs.

Choosing a Degree

Opting to go to college is a wise choice if you want to break into the accounting field. No matter what route you chose, keep in mind that there are many paths to follow. It’s best to research the types of jobs available and find one that best suits you. When you do find one that suits your needs, it’s best to research the education required. With hard work, determination and focus, you will find that with a degree in your hand, it shouldn’t be hard to find a rewarding job at all.

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