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Accounting-Degrees.com provides free online accounting-related articles, academic program rankings, and career guides. Serving prospective and experienced accounting and finance students and professionals, we offer everything from useful field overviews for beginners to focused articles for working professionals seeking new credentials or career transition guidance.

To ensure the accuracy of our information and the soundness of our guidance, we analyze large-scale, representative datasets provided by unbiased, third-party research agencies. These regularly updated sources enable us to arrive at data-driven conclusions and provide current insight on educational and economic trends.

Prospective students may benefit from clarifying articles on the difference between auditing and accounting or between finance and accounting, while new graduates may take interest in our lists of the best cities for accountants or our state-by-state guides for becoming a CPA in specific states. Experienced professionals exploring career advancement or transition may consult our advanced degree program rankings pages, investigate teaching prospects, or explore exciting specialization areas such as forensic accounting.

Wherever you find yourself in your career, Accounting-Degree.com probably has helpful resources to offer. We make it our mission to connect our users with the information necessary for reaching their full educational and career potential.

We provide prospective students with a streamlined information pathway for all aspects of accounting degrees. We rely on a network of professionals and industry experts to offer holistic coverage of the accounting field for everyone -- from potential students to seasoned professionals.

What We Do

Committed to sharing reliable, current information pertinent to accounting students and professionals, our site features a wealth of online resources. We provide news, degree and career guides, program rankings, and various articles relevant to accounting and financial professionals.

Our articles help aspiring and current accounting professionals stay informed on recent and relevant economic, industry, and education trends. Topics vary widely, from tax policy and the growing income gap, to overlooked accounting niches, to blockchain technology and accounting. Accounting-Degree.com also connects professionals and students to valuable lists and reviews of topics such as the best cities for accountants and top-paying jobs in the field. We also provide curated resource lists such as top accounting and finance TED talks and best podcasts for accountants.

We provide guidance for students throughout the education process and beyond, from choosing a field and program to pursuing professional development and networking skills. Professionals and students exploring potential career paths or transitions benefit from our career guides, which outline responsibilities, skills, and requirements for roles such as managerial accountant, sports accountant, and cost accountant.

Dedicated to promoting continued accounting education, we help prospective students streamline their program search process by providing rankings that describe and evaluate top accounting programs. By highlighting and ranking high-quality programs, we help to streamline prospective students' program research and selection process. Our rankings sort schools by degree type and attendance format, location, and price. For applicants dealing with financial or geographical constraints, we also provide accounting program rankings based on price tag and geographical location.

The schools that sponsor us financially have no bearing on the way we rank school programs. We carefully assess program quality by consulting industry professionals, institutional performance data, student feedback and outcomes, and objective education data from government research agencies. See below for further discussion of our information sources.

How We Work

At Accounting-Degree.com, we draw our conclusions from data provided by diverse, credible sources including professional accountants, accounting students and alumni, industry experts, and research agencies. Collaborating with these various sources allows us to offer our readers well-rounded, unbiased, and data-driven perspectives on accounting education and career decisions.

Ranking programs is an imperfect science, but we base our rankings on concrete student outcomes statistics such as retention rates, graduation rates, and graduate employment and salary data. We also use machine learning, relying heavily on the school and career information provided by mass data-gathering agencies including the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the U.S. Department of Education (ED), and the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

The BLS, a U.S. Department of Labor research agency, collects, studies, and summarizes nationwide labor economics data and statistics. When creating career guides, we consult the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook, which offers salary and job outlook data for each career path. This handbook also outlines required skills, education, and duties for many careers. This information assists us in describing potential career paths for aspiring accounting and financial professionals.

A major federal department, the ED gathers and reports on comprehensive, nationwide school data. The ED uses this data to increase school transparency and to inform federal education assistance and access policies. Accounting-Degrees.com often references data from the ED's online tool the College Scorecard, which reports essential school data such as graduation rates, post-graduation salary figures, and average annual costs. This online tool also lists available fields of study, student demographics, and accreditation data for each school.

The NCES, another major education data research center, provides a College Navigator tool that reports data on school costs, programs, and financial aid offerings. The navigator tool also details enrollment, admissions, accreditation, and outcomes data.

Why We Focus on Education

Accounting-Degree.com dedicates itself to accounting education because we know how much degree credentials and learning can advance our users' careers. High-quality accounting education often improves job performance and qualifies students for promotions and salary advancement. Accounting education typically proves a worthwhile financial investment. According to the BLS, accountants and auditors earned a median annual salary of $71,550 in 2019, and professionals in similar occupations tend to make good money also.

We wish to empower the many working adults feeling trapped in their current jobs to forge exciting and lucrative new accounting career pathways. Given the widespread need for financial data managers, accounting-related degrees can open doors in almost any sector and industry.

Our clear, concise job descriptions and career guides help students understand the responsibilities, salary expectations, and educational requirements pertaining to various potential career paths and contexts.

Devoted to connecting students to the right programs, we work to make the often overwhelming task of choosing a career and/or program more manageable. Toward this end, our rankings pages collect, describe, and evaluate the field's top programs. We make it easier for prospective students to understand, compare, and choose wisely from the array of options available. We help students select and prepare for accounting-related careers and programs tailored to their career aspirations, time constraints, and financial means.

Our site saves users time and effort in researching programs, and our financial tools for students can help students save money also. Aspiring to improve access to education and economic mobility, we work hard to connect students with affordable programs, financial aid resources, and high-paying accounting jobs.

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