20 Established Business Rules You Should Bring to the Dating World

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

The worlds of business and dating have more in common than you may think. There are relationships, growth, and negotiation in both situations, and good ideas from one may apply in the other. Check out these trusted business rules that are great to follow in the dating world as well.

  1. Be ready for growth: Businesses and relationships can both start out small, but grow quickly. Always have a plan for what you'd like to do with future growth.

  2. Build trust: Businesses must be trustworthy to win and keep clients, and the same is true in relationships. Build trust within your relationship so that you'll have a strong foundation.

  3. He who cares least, wins: This saying is true in negotiations as it is in relationships. Be careful not to invest too much into a new relationship too fast, while the person you're dating cares less than you do.

  4. Find a mentor: It's a great idea to have a mentor for your career, but there's great value in having one for your dating life as well. Enlist a trusted friend who has been there to offer advice and emotional support.

  5. It costs much more to get a new customer than it does to retain an existing one: Saving a relationship that's worth working through is usually better than starting over from scratch.

  6. Interview lots of customers (dates): This is particularly true in online dating. Cast a wide net, and pick out only the best.

  7. Get involved in the community: Businesses can improve their profile by interacting within their communities, and those who are dating can benefit from this as well. Getting out there and being involved in your community can be great for meeting new people and enriching yourself.

  8. Never sleep with your boss: This rule is true in business and dating -- it's just too messy to sleep with a coworker, especially your boss.

  9. Use an appropriate tone in correspondence: When writing business emails, it's important to consider how what you're saying may be taken-and the same is true for dating.

  10. Don't leave customers in limbo: You wouldn't leave a customer hanging with a need or a complaint, so make sure and resolve issues within relationships as well.

  11. Listen to your employees: Business owners can't get far without paying attention to the needs of their employees, and your relationship won't do well if you don't listen to your partner's needs, either.

  12. First impressions are important: When meeting someone for the first time, pay attention to how you may be coming across.

  13. Show off your best work: Businesses like to highlight their best projects and most satisfied customers. Do the same in dating by highlighting your best attributes.

  14. Under-promise and over-deliver: Businesses make their customers happy by exceeding expectations, and this concept works in the dating world, too. Surprise your date with something delightful and unexpected.

  15. Remember to participate: Conversations work two ways, so listen and respond meaningfully.

  16. Address problems promptly: Businesses can do well by finding and resolving problems quickly. In relationships, this is important as well, keeping small issues from becoming big ones.

  17. Be consistent: Businesses must keep a consistent look, feel, and rules. When dating, make sure that you're always your genuine self any time you're interacting with others.

  18. Stay flexible: In order to stay in business, it's important to adapt to the needs of your market. In dating, you must be willing to be flexible and compromise in a relationship.

  19. Get over it: Don't let resentment and anger keep you down, whether it's with a customer or your date.

  20. Be honest: Businesses that engage in shady ethics often don't stay in business very long, and the same is true for relationships. Be open, honest, and always tell the truth.