71 Frugality Blogs That Will Change Your Life

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

Whether you're getting out of debt, living on scholarships, or just want to simplify your life, learning about frugality is a great place to start. We've put together this collection of bloggers who can teach you all about living well on less. Read on, and you'll find 75 experts in living the frugal life.


You can learn about anything and everything frugal with these blogs.

  1. Almost Frugal: You'll learn about frugality from Almost Frugal.

  2. Suddenly Frugal: Leah Ingram discusses suddenly becoming frugal.

  3. Common Sense with Money: Common Sense with Money covers better living through wiser spending.

  4. Frugal Upstate: Live a good life on a budget with Frugal Upstate.

  5. Notes From the Frugal Trenches: Notes From the Frugal Trenches follows the journal of a frugal 20 something in England.

  6. Frugal Hacks: Check out Frugal Hacks for a look at some smart ways to stay frugal.

  7. Being Frugal: Live more and spend less with Being Frugal.

  8. Frugal Dreamer: Learn about living a simple and rewarding life on less through the Frugal Dreamer blog.

  9. Frugal in the Fruitlands: Find out how to live less large with this blog.

  10. Queercents: Follow Queercents for a syndication of personal finance writers in the LGBT community.

  11. One Green Generation: Live the life you want to live with the help of One Green Generation.

  12. Simple, Green, Frugal Co-Op: This blogging co-op discusses simple living, self reliance, and other ways to live a green, frugal life.

  13. A Frugal Living Blog: Read this blog to see how you can stretch your pennies a bit further.

  14. Frugality in the Making: This blog features, tips, tricks, and more for becoming frugal.

Frugal Living

Read these blogs to master the art of frugal living.

  1. Frugal Living: This blog and community features frugal cooking, simple living, and more.

  2. Erin's Frugal Living Blog: Check out Erin Huffstetler's blog for a look into good bargains, freebies, and other great resources for frugal living.

  3. Jus' Frugal Living: On this blog, you will find out how to live life to the fullest, frugally.

  4. Living Frugal Tips: Create a rich life by living on less through Living Frugal Tips.

  5. Cheap Healthy Good: Find frugal recipes and food tips on Cheap Healthy Good.

  6. Living the Frugal Life: Kate is a former food professional who loves to pinch pennies.

  7. Easy Frugal Living: Learn to live well on less with the help of Easy Frugal Living.

  8. Pat Verreto's Frugal Living Blog: Read Pat Veretto's blog for a guide on daily, hands-on frugal living.

  9. Sorta Frugal: Sorta Frugal features crafts, cooking, and more frugal creations.

  10. Frugal Homemaker: Frugal Homemaker explores all things frugal.

  11. Frugal for Life: Through Frugal for Life, you'll learn about spending and wasting less, while saving more.


You'll read all about scoring deals with these blogs.

  1. Mighty Bargain Hunter: Study personal finance, spending, and more on the Mighty Bargain Hunter.

  2. Bargain Hunter: Check out Bargain Hunter to see freebies and more.

  3. Frugal Living and Having Fun: Find great deals from popular retailers on this frugality blog.

  4. Frugal & Fabulous: Get clued in to giveaways, deals, stockpiling opportunities and more with Frugal & Fabulous.

  5. Bargaineering: Use Bargaineering to find out how to make the most of your money.

  6. Frugal Coupon Living: Frugal Coupon Living is all about stretching pennies and saving dollars.

  7. Rather Be Shopping: Rather Be Shopping features coupons, tips, and more for frugal living.


These women are experts in keeping things frugal.

  1. Frugal Living NW: Read Frugal Living NW to learn how to be content, spend wisely, give generously, and leave a legacy.

  2. Northern Cheapskate: Nurture your frugal nature with Christina's guide to coupons, savings, and more.

  3. The Frugal Girls: The Frugal Girls will show you how to live well with less money.

  4. A Frugal Life: A Frugal Life discusses the frugal life of a working wife.

  5. My Open Wallet: Madame X is an anonymous New Yorker who offers a peek into her financial life.

  6. Free to be Frugal: Niki offers a guide to living frugal.

  7. FruGal: FruGal discusses musings on money and frugality.


If you need help figuring out how to keep your family frugal, be sure to read these blogs.

  1. Frugal Dad: Frugal Dad writes about financial resources with a conservative approach to personal finances.

  2. Real Life Living: Real Life Living follows a family's progress toward a simple, frugal, and debt-free life.

  3. 4 Hats and Frugal: 4 Hats and Frugal follows the journey on a mom, airman, student, and frugal shopper.

  4. Kingdom First Mom: Kingdom First Mom balances faith, family, and frugality.

  5. Family Balance Sheet: Protect your assets, reduce liabilities, and grow your net worth through Family Balance Sheet.

  6. Money Saving Mom: Money Saving Mom will help you become a better home economist.


These blogs focus on the budgeting side of living frugally.

  1. BudgetPulse: BudgetPulse will give life to your finances with personal finance tips and news.

  2. Wise Bread: Wise Bread will help you live large on a small budget.

  3. Monroe on a Budget: This blog features frugal finances and budgeting.

  4. Budgets are Sexy: Read this blog to find out why budgets are sexy.


Read these blogs for a discussion on saving for frugality.

  1. SavingAdvice: SavingAdvice offers a guide to saving you money.

  2. Tight Fisted Miser: Read Tight Fisted Miser for a look into extreme frugality.

  3. How I Save Money: Find tips and tricks for saving money, managing credit, and reducing debt with How I Save Money.

  4. Savvy Chic Savings: See savings for savvy chicks with this chic frugal living blog.

  5. Not Made of Money: Save money with this husband and wife personal finance blog.


Read about big-picture finance blogs to be more frugal.

  1. Frugal Zeitgeist: You'll see how to be happy with what you already have by reading the Frugal Zeitgeist.

  2. Enemy of Debt: Enemy of Debt offers motivational money management.

  3. Poorer Than You: Find issues for college students and twenty-somethings on Poorer Than You.

  4. Finance for a Freelance Life: In this blog, you'll find a discussion on freelance finance.

  5. M is for Money: M is for Money will give you an introduction to finance.

  6. Bible Money Matters: This personal finance blog covers budgeting debt, and faith based finance.

  7. Fighting Foreclosure: Read this blog to learn about one blogger's quest to fight foreclosure.

  8. Own the Dollar: This blog makes sure that your dollar doesn't own you.

  9. Money Ning: Money Ning shares insights on saving, investing, frugal living, and beyond.

  10. Dual Income No Kids Finance: You'll find finance for couples on DINKS.

  11. Blogging Away Debt: Read about the journey to debt free life with Blogging Away Debt.

  12. Get Rich Slowly: Get Rich Slowly writes about personal finance that makes cents.

  13. Clever Dude: See how this clever dude manages family, marriage, finances, and life.

  14. Christian PF: Christian PF shares resources for making, saving, growing, and giving money.

  15. DailyWorth: Daily Worth will help you know your worth.

  16. Free Money Finance: On Free Money Finance, you'll learn about growing your net worth.

  17. The Sun's Financial Diary: Read this blog to take a look at your financial goals.