Jobs You Can Get With a Supply Chain Management Degree

Written By Staff

A degree in supply chain management (SCM) equips people with the knowledge and practical skills to handle inventories, do packaging and manage a company’s merchandise. Such individuals can comfortably come up with various initiatives to streamline supply processes with an aim of maximizing customer value and gaining a competitive advantage over others. People who pursue degrees in SCM have a wide variety of career opportunities. Here the top five jobs available for SCM majors.

Industrial Production Manager

An industrial production manager is responsible for managing and directing production activities within a company. He presides over the production process, analyzes costs, orders appropriate materials and meets production goals. He also looks for ways to make the production process more efficient, hire workers and make sure all the activities within the plant stay on schedule. Industrial production managers earn an average salary of $93,940 per year. Most of them work full time. A few work less than 40 hours per week.

Distribution Manager

A distribution manager is responsible for managing all the logistics within an organization. He oversees warehouse operations, orders product testing, purchases orders, keeps track of inventories and ships finished products. A distribution manager may also deploy truck drivers, devise shipment routes and monitor the progress of major shipments. Distribution managers earn an average salary of $95,130 per year. Most of them work in warehouses and enterprises. Others work in rail transportation channels, federal executive branches and freight trucking companies.

Supply Chain Analyst

A supply chain analyst evaluates an organization’s workflow and identifies new ways to streamline various processes. He examines the demand and supply so that a company does not run out of essential items. This involves data mining, quantitative analysis and database management. Supply chain analysts earn an average salary of $57,626 per year. Most of them work in offices during regular business hours. Some may do site visits, especially if the company has warehouses. The demand for supply chain analyst jobs is expected to increase by 10 percent. This is considered faster than the average employment rate of other supply chain management positions.

Purchasing Manager

A purchasing manager helps the organization operate smoothly by ensuring that all the production units are supplied with the items they need. He always keeps a constant check on the stock levels, prepares invoices, conducts research on the best products and suppliers, develops purchasing plans and ensures the suppliers are aware of the objectives of the business. A purchasing manager may also train other staff members and forecast levels of demand for products and services. Purchasing managers earn an average salary of $108,120 per year. Most of them work in busy manufacturing and retailing companies.

Demand Planning Manager

A demand planning manager is tasked with estimating the amount of merchandise needed for upcoming periods. He also identifies the current sales trends based on the season and promotions. Some demand planners may lead meetings on inventory forecasts within the organization. Demand planning managers earn an average salary of $87,704 per year. Most of them work in manufacturing companies across different industries. Others work as private consultants.

The increasing demand for goods due to the surging population has led to many open positions for SCM jobs across different industries. The number of open positions is even expected to increase significantly over the next few years. This means a lot of prospects for those who are pursuing a degree in supply chain management.