20 Incredibly Useful iPhone Apps for Homebuyers & Sellers

Written By Accounting-Degree.org Staff

Whether you're buying or selling a house, there's a lot to consider -- what's available, what your price range is, comparable sales, neighborhood information, and more. It's a lot of work to gather all of this information, but using iPhone apps can make the process a lot easier. Read on to learn about 20 great apps for people engaged in a home sale.

  1. Zillow: Using the Zillow app, homebuyers can actually drive around a neighborhood and view values of all homes, not just those for sale. You can also check prices on sale properties, and check out homes on Google Street View if you're not in the area.

  2. Walk Score: If walkability is important to you in a home, check out the Walk Score using this app. You'll find out about nearby amenities and find the most walkable parts of the neighborhood.

  3. Open Home Pro: Open Home Pro is a must-have for real estate agents. You can use it to collect client information, publish real estate listings, and stay in contact with clients.

  4. AroundMe: Use AroundMe to quickly find out about what's around potential homes. You'll be able to search for banks, gas stations, hospitals, and other important businesses.

  5. Wikihood: Using Wikihood, you can learn about any neighborhood in the world. You'll learn about people, culture, buildings, companies, geographical information, and more.

  6. Sketches: Use Sketches to jot down notes and illustrate ideas on your iPhone. You can even annotate pictures, making notes about items within a home.

  7. Evernote: Whether you're buying or selling a home, keeping track of your notes, photos, and more is valuable. Using Evernote, you can create notes with photo, text, or audio, geo-tag notes, and even autosynchronize to your computer.

  8. CompleteForeclosures: Find great homes at foreclosure prices using this app. You'll find asking prices and home details, as well as guides for buying a foreclosure home.

  9. Home Buying Power: Show clients their buying power or figure out your own using this app. It allows you to focus on the right price point by entering your desired payment or income percentage, along with a down payment, loan term, and interest rate.

  10. Agent Feedback: Agents can keep home sellers constantly updated on feedback from open home visitors. It's a great way to stay on top of feedback from real buyers.

  11. Sex Offender Tracker App: Locate sex offenders in any neighborhood using this app. You can see pictures and the distance from your potential home.

  12. TourNarrator: Use TourNarrator to capture client feedback about properties using notes, photos and voice recordings. You can share these notes with clients, and even post them on your website in a formatted PDF.

  13. Photo Measures: Photo measures allows you to save measurements on your photos. You'll be able to take photos on tours, then plan your space with measurements you can refer to later.

  14. Mortgage Calc Pro!: Use this app to calculate fixed rate mortgages by entering loan information. You can include PMI, and even email calculations as a PDF.

  15. Redfin: Redfin's real estate app will allow you to see every home for sale on an MLS-powered map, complete with photos. You can save searches, favorites, tours, notes, and more.

  16. Real Estate-Real Easy: Create your own branded real estate app on the iPhone with Real Estate-Real Easy. You will be able to set it up and maintain it easily.

  17. ColorSmart: Using BEHR's ColorSmart, you'll be able to visualize colors in your new home. Take a photo, then fill in a BEHR paint color to see what it would look like.

  18. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms: Check out this app to find a dictionary of over 300 terms in real estate. It's great for new agents, or homebuyers who want to familiarize themselves with the industry.

  19. CrumbTracks: With CrumbTracks, you can store photos and videos that you've taken of homes. You'll even be able to annotate and share them with others, estimate monthly payments, and take notes about each home.

  20. My Realty Tool: My Realty Tool makes it easy for realtors to keep track of listings, keys, leads, and more. This is a great way to replace your spreadsheet of information.