Top 25 Accounting Blogs


There are a number of excellent blogs on accounting out there. Below, you’ll find what we believe to be 25 of the best accounting blogs of 2012. In compiling our list we looked for accounting related blogs regularly updated throughout 2012 with knowledgeable, useful, well-written and engaging content.


The blogs in this category are excellent accounting resources hosted by professors and students, mostly designed for educational purposes.

Accounting Coach – This blog is a part of a larger site called Accounting Coach created by CPA Harold Avercamp. While the site’s entire mission is to help make accounting fun and interesting for everyone, its most notable audience is students. The Accounting Coach blog regularly poses a single question with a detailed answer. For instance: “What is the employee’s Social Security tax rate for 2013?” It’s the perfect format for someone looking to test their skills and/or keep them sharp.

The Accounting Onion – Professor emeritus and highly connected CPA Tom Selling, PhD maintains this well-informed blog. It’s clear from each post that Selling is both experienced and knowledgeable in his field. Providing invaluable insight into current trends and exposing financial reporting inconsistencies, Selling is committed to “peeling away…issues one layer at a time.” Hear what he has to say about the promotion of status quo for money market funds in his post, “Is Money Market Accounting Fair to Investors?

Sleep On CPA – This interesting personal blog is maintained by a CPA Exam Candidate. She uses the blog to keep herself and others motivated as she prepares for the exams. Full of resources, tips, and personal stories, Sleep On CPA is dedicated to making herself (and you) a Certified Public Accountant. See for yourself: “How to Practice Research Section in Regulation?” This post combines the author’s personal experience and subsequent helpful advice when studying for a portion of the CPA exam.


These are perhaps the two best accounting fraud blogs on the Web. It will be easy to see why.

The Forensic Accounting Blog – Maintained by CPAs from Bond Beebe Accountants and Advisors, this blog is a wealth of information concerning forensic accounting. By answering questions, giving advice, and providing resources, The Forensic Accounting Blog positions itself to be an excellent source of accounting fraud prevention and investigation. Occasionally, the CPAs even venture into other areas of fraud, like with this post, “(Don’t) Lie to Me: Detecting Lies and Deceit in Interviews,” about looking for behavioral indicators that suggest someone is “avoiding the truth.”

The Fraud Files Blog – Tracy Coenen is a forensic accountant and fraud investigator whose blog highlights recent scams and scandals. Her personal commentary on fraud-related news is both helpful and interesting, not to mention informed. In addition to commentary, Coenen also offers advice when it comes to dealing with instances of fraud. Just listen to her take on Multi-Level Marketing.


These blogs simply stand out above the rest as overall excellent blogs in the accounting field. They may or may not lean to a specialization one way or another, but the majority of their content is helpful to anyone in the accounting industry.

Beancounter Ramblings – Husband and wife team Chad and Donna Bordeaux contribute to this helpful accounting blog, an extension of their family-owned accounting practice aptly named Bordeaux and Bordeaux. Mostly focusing on tax, investments, and small business, these CPAs offer sound advice for both the individual and business owner. As small business owners who are also raising a family, they have great perspective to offer their readers. Try reading “Don’t Be A Victim!” to discover some helpful things you can do to with your finances to prevent identity theft. You’ll find many more practical posts like this one on their blog.

Boring Is Optional – This is a not-so-serious accounting blog maintained by London accountant Mark Lee whose personal accounting mantra also serves as the title for his blog, Boring Is Optional. Filled with countless jokes and accounting anecdotes, Lee puts a new spin on the stereotypically drab accountant. Proving by example that not all accountants are boring, Lee’s posts are even humorous to the layman. Don’t believe us? Read this: “Are Marketers Smarter Than Accountants?

CPA Success – Operated by the Maryland Association of CPAs, this blog focuses on CPAs excelling in the field. Resident bloggers/CPAs Tom Hood and Bill Sheridan share stories, news, and strategies for accounting success. For example, Sheridan does a favor to CPAs everywhere in his post “The Social Media Tipping Point Has Arrived,” a stark wakeup call to change-resistant accountants refusing to engage in social media like Facebook and Google+. “Social isn’t just about socializing anymore,” he writes. “It’s about surviving.”

OSYB Number Crunch! – CPA Ed Becker controls this “news and views” blog centered on accounting and bookkeeping. An arm of his LLC, Outsource Your Books (OSYB), the Number Crunch! blog is a great source for recent accounting news as well as helpful advice on a range of topics including QuickBooks, small business, and taxes. For example, “Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks – What Options Do I Have?” is a helpful post Becker writes to help QuickBooks users understand how to properly utilize program functions called “memorized transactions.”

re: The Auditors – Francine McKenna runs this delightfully tasteful accounting blog. With more than 25 years experience working at Big 4 firms, this specialized news site tracks the business of the Big 4 audit firms. In addition to being a CPA, McKenna is a journalist whose objective yet critical voice earned her a column on called “Accounting Watchdog.” Occasionally, McKenna offers her own thoughts when it comes to Big 4 accounting, like this immensely encouraging post for individuals who’ve lost a job at one of the firms. It’s called: “Wait! I Was Just Getting Started…

The Wandering Tax Pro – An avant-garde CPA, Robert Flach takes a down-to-earth approach with his blog, The Wandering Tax Pro. Based in New Jersey, readers will find some of Flach’s posts specific to the state; however, he also does a great job of tackling federal news including recent issues like the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax), ATRA (American Taxpayer Relief Act), and the dreaded fiscal cliff. Though his writing style can be somewhat informal at times, it makes for a great read. Try his post “What Fools These Politicians Can Be!” to read his thoughts pre-fiscal cliff resolution.


We’ve identified some of the best accounting blogs geared toward specific industries. They might not be relevant for most accounting professionals, but they certainly deserve to be mentioned here among accounting’s best of 2012.

The Belfint Nonprofit Ledger – This blog aims to give guidance on accounting matters to nonprofit employees. Hosted by a group of CPAs from Belfint, Lyons, & Shuman, the blog answers nonprofit questions, comments on current trends, and provides sound accounting advice. Their recent post, “How Does the American Taxpayer Relief Act Affect Nonprofits?,” is a great example of their style and contributions to the nonprofit sector.

Dental CPAs – This “tooth-riffic” blog is aimed at everyone’s favorite place: the dentist office. Okay, so maybe everyone doesn’t enjoy the dentist, but any dentist running his or her own practice will find mouthfuls of advice for being successful at Dental CPAs. The team of CPAs that contribute to this site have been helping dental practitioners since 1956. Read their recent post, “10 Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice,” to discover new ways of marketing your practice on the Internet.

Dollars and Sense – With a name like that, how can you not host an accounting blog? Believe it or not, this accounting blog is designed for burger restaurant franchise owners, specifically McDonald’s. Outside of Mickey D’s owners, the larger goal of the Dollar and Sense blog is to provide tax and accounting information to the franchise industry. For instance, check out the post “2013 Restaurant Industry Predictions” for some interesting industry insights into 2013.

Farm CPA Today – This extremely informative blog for farmers and others in the agriculture industry is well-maintained by CPA Paul Neiffer. With a surplus of practical accounting and tax advice for farmers, this is definitely the first place we’d turn if one day we found ourselves on a farm. Just read his post “Help! What Is My Capital Gains Tax Rate?!” for an idea of how helpful Neiffer is to the agriculture industry, especially when covering such a complex topic like capital gains tax.

Home School CPA – Yes, even home schools need tax and accounting advice! That’s why they’re fortunate enough to have CPA Carol Topp in their corner. Full of more than just accounting tips, Topp makes sure home school leaders have the tools they need to succeed. Often Topp’s posts address a question she’s received from a reader, like this one: “Can a homeschool group self-declare 501c7 Social Club status?” Topp also operates a couple more niche accounting sites, one for writers and one for teens.


The following blogs are largely targeted at small businesses and provide helpful accounting advice to help them succeed.

CPA in Erie, CO – CPA Michelle Edwards hosts this blog dedicated to helping small to mid-sized businesses with their everyday accounting and bookkeeping needs. This self-described “mompreneur” offers her more than 10 years accounting management experience to the world—everything from reviews to immensely practical posts like this one: “QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts.” We just wish her blog title was a tad more creative!

Better Business BlogManaged by SMT & Associates in Illinois, the Better Business Blog specializes in providing tax and accounting advice to businesses, though it does sometimes address individual accounting issues. Every post is practical, answering relevant accounting questions many businesses today are asking. For instance, read the post “Big Changes for Investors in 2013” to see what kind of financial insights the firm has for businesses this year.

Small Business Explosion– This blog, owned and operated by CPA Wayne Belisle, aims to provide small businesses with ideas to increase profits, sales, and cash flow. While Belisle does regurgitate a lot of great information from other sources, he also provides his own advice and spin now and again. For instance, check out his post “Using Systems to Improve Sales and Profits” to get an idea of his voice and the kind of experience and wisdom he has to offer, in this case, regarding ways to maximize your time and eliminate interruptions at work.


Last but not least, here are our top six accounting blogs with a special focus on taxes.

Cafe Tax – At this quaint blogging space, businesses and individuals alike will find a plethora of great things to drink–er, read. From sound personal finance to small business tax advice, Cafe Tax author Joe Arsenault has something for everyone. His conversational writing style makes his news and advice easy for everyone to digest as well. If you’re a business owner, you’ll really appreciate Arsenault’s recent post, “Year End Business Plan Review Tips,” providing some practical tips to establishing a successful business plan.

Don’t Mess With Taxes – A self-proclaimed tax geek, Texas-based journalist Kay Bell might be the only one of our featured bloggers that isn’t a CPA. However, a quick look at her blog will dispel any notion that she doesn’t deserve to be listed here among tax accounting’s finest. In fact, her writing background gives her the edge when it comes to communicating complicated tax issues to the reader. Start with “Redefining ‘Wealthy’ For Tax Purposes” first. This easy-to-read post will give you an idea of Bell’s style as she explains the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) of 2012.

Leverage | SALTHosted by tax consultant Brian Strahle, this blog focuses on state and local taxes (SALT). Based in Washington, D.C., Strahle is committed to helping businesses operate in tax-efficient ways. Using a conversational style, often asking questions of his readers, Strahle addresses pressing issues that affect SALT. His post, “State Budgets and Taxes: What Will Happen in 2013?,” is a perfect example of his style. In it, he discusses how the federal government’s spending affects state budgets.

Our Taxing Times – Trish McIntire is a tax professional whose blog is a personal commentary on current trends in the US tax system. McIntire has a great way of making her posts accessible to readers while still communicating relevant tax information. You should read her Christmas Eve post, “AMT, The Gift You Don’t Have to Wrap!,” for a great idea of her style. In the post, McIntire tells Congress that an AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) patch is all she wants for Christmas and explains why she and a million other Americans should want it.

Taxable Talk – Armed with loads of tax knowledge and a healthy dose of candor, Russ Fox gives readers practical tax advice that isn’t drab or boring. In his posts, Fox is a unique blend of both tax teacher and bar buddy, providing helpful lessons and tips while still feeling like you could grab a drink with him. His post “Your Mileage Log: Start it Now!” is a good example of Fox’s teacher side.

Where Every Penny Matters– Authored by Nicholas J. Pennewell, this blog provides straight-forward, thorough advice on all things tax for individuals, businesses, and non-profits. You’ll find helpful takes on recent tax news as well as great tips on relevant tax issues. Check out his post “Wedding Day and Taxes!” as an example of the kind of excellent tax advice Pennewell has for everyone–in this case, newlyweds.

With that, our list of top 25 accounting blogs is concluded. As of this writing, each of the blogs mentioned above has been actively posting and interacting with readers in recent weeks, making valuable contributions to the accounting field. For many of the blogs, this is a practice they’ve continued faithfully for years.