Top 25 Must-Read Accounting Blogs

Accountants sure love blogging. What else would you expect from a profession that attracts policy wonks, lovers of minutiae, and – let's just say it – nerds (of the very best kind!). All over the world, there are accountants using the power of blogging to share their knowledge, expertise, and unique personalities.

For the Love of Numbers

Some have a dry sense of humor or a quirky perspective; some have the trusted tones of a much-loved mentor. Others give tough, no-nonsense real talk about financial pitfalls, or tear into controversial subjects without a bit of trepidation. But they all come from writers who love what they do and want to help you keep your finances in the black, out of trouble, and on the up-and-up.

Below, you'll find what we believe to be 25 of the best accounting blogs. In compiling our list we looked for accounting-related blogs that are active, regularly updated throughout the year with knowledgeable, useful, well-written, and engaging content.

Note: Blogs are presented simply in alphabetical order by title, not ranked.

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An illustrious consultant, expert witness, and professor emeritus, Tom Selling maintains a well-informed blog at The Accounting Onion. Selling brings a wealth of knowledge, and a touch of wit, to financial matters both arcane and practical. Providing invaluable insight into current trends and exposing financial reporting inconsistencies, Selling is committed to “peeling away…issues one layer at a time.” Recent posts range from a detailed explanation of a costly tax loophole (“GAAP and the Federal Deficit”) to a moving tribute to a late colleague (“Walter Schuetze, 1932-2017”).

Accounting WEB is a professional organization for the 21st century accountant – an online community committed to being the world’s best source of information, skills, and ideas for the working accountant. With its finger on the pulse of modern accounting, Accounting WEB focuses on the newest technologies and concepts in the field, from software to law and ethics. Recent posts on the Accounting WEB blog include informed opinions on cloud accounting, using educational materials for marketing, and preparing clients for an audit.

The AICPA is the world’s largest professional organization for accountants and other professionals in the accounting field, with more than 400,000 members across the globe. In addition to setting ethical standards and developing exams and certifications for accountants, the AICPA provides news and information in the AICPA Insights blog, written by AICPA staffers and other accounting experts. Accountants can turn to AICPA Insights for information on everything, from mundane issues like passing the CPA exams to the difficulties of preparing for the tax and accounting impact of natural disasters.

Hosted by a group of CPAs from Belfint, Lyons, & Shuman, The Belfint Nonprofit Ledger answers questions pertaining to nonprofit accounting, management, and human resources, as well as comments on current trends. Belfint’s focus on the needs of nonprofit organizations is evident in every aspect of their blog; after all, as they explain, sound finances is “a necessity for survival” for nonprofits. Recent topics include an explanation of the difference between advertising and sponsorship revenue for nonprofits (a potentially game-changing distinction), and a post discussing how to use psychological research to increase charitable giving.

Maintained by staff CPAs from Bond Beebe Accountants and Advisors, the Bonde Beebe Blog is steeped in practical information for businesses, individuals, and consumers. By answering questions, giving advice, and providing resources, Bonde Beebe positions itself to be an excellent source of accounting fraud prevention. Recent posts have complex ideas like Bitcoin and Blockchain technology explained, and give advice one how to protect electronic personal health information.

Husband and wife team Chad and Donna Bordeaux write a charming and useful accounting blog, an extension of their family-owned accounting practice Bordeaux and Bordeaux (so aptly named). Mostly focusing on tax, investments, and small business, these CPAs offer sound advice for both the individual and business owner. Their posts have a wonderful quirkiness and pop-culture flavor, such as a post about the hit show Stranger Things, which delves into changes in taxation since the 1980s, or a post about the upcoming royal wedding (cleverly titled “Area Actress to Wed Ex-Soldier”), which veers into the tax complications of an international marriage.

After a decade of management experience, CPA Michelle Edwards began Trailhead Accounting Solutions, an accounting firm dedicated to helping small to mid-sized businesses with their everyday accounting and bookkeeping needs. With her blog, CPA in Erie, CO, Edwards helps business owners stay in the loop with technology, management, payroll, and other necessities. Edwards doesn’t do taxes, but she does make sure the businesses that often lack representation get the help they need. Recent posts have included in-depth Quickbooks tutorials and guides to understanding and calculating the cost of employee benefits.

The Institute of Dental CPAs has been helping out small business owners in a very, very specific niche since 1956.  Any dentist running a private practice will find mouthfuls of advice for business success from the Dental CPA blog, from marketing to finances. Recent posts have dealt with the struggles of finding work-life balance for new dentists and women in dentistry, while others have covered the costs and requirements of buying a dental practice.

A self-proclaimed tax geek, Texas-based journalist Kay Bell isn’t a CPA, but a quick look at her blog Don't Mess With Taxes shows why she’s earned her place among tax accounting’s finest. Her writing background gives Bell the edge when it comes to communicating complicated tax issues to the reader – in fact, Bell’s motto is “Translating taxes into money-saving English.” Readable, smart, and a little bit snarky, Bell hits topics like changes to property tax deductions and how the video game Pong transformed taxation with entertaining (but useful) aplomb.

From the firm Clifton Lawson Allen, the Farm CPA Today blog is an invaluable source of financial information for agribusiness. Blogger Paul Neiffer, a Yakima, WA-based specialist in agribusiness, brings a surplus of practical accounting and tax advice for farmers. From taxes to payroll, Neiffer covers the special needs of farmers with clarity and character. Recent posts have covered changes in the tax code affecting farmers, such as the tax liability of equipment exchanges (no longer tax-free) and tax benefits for donating farm commodities like grain.

Fit Small Business is a Manhattan-based consultancy firm dedicated to small business, providing deeply-researched information small business owners can apply immediately to their day to day needs. They bring the finance and business knowledge of a strong staff of well-informed New York accountants and businesspeople to bear on current issues, new technology, and practical business tips. Entrepreneurs can find guidance on everything from Instagram advertising for small business and ranking small businesses on Google to negotiating salary with new employees.

Tracy Coenen is a forensic accountant and fraud investigator whose blog highlights recent scams and scandals. As an award-winning speaker, consultant, and author, Coenen brings an engaging personality and strong voice to a highly valuable Fraud Files Blog. Her personal commentary on fraud-related news is both helpful and interesting, not to mention informed. In addition to commentary, Coenen also offers advice when it comes to dealing with instances of fraud. One of her specialties is pyramid schemes, as evident from posts on the Worldventures class-action lawsuit and her warnings about MLM (multi-level marketing) scams.

Homeschooling is a rapidly growing phenomenon, and CPA Carol Topp in their corner. Full of more than just accounting tips, Topp makes sure homeschool leaders have the tools they need to keep their groups going, from tax advice to paying workers and managing volunteers. The Home School CPA also covers topics of religious interest, particularly Christian homeschooling. Recent posts have covered issues like dealing with fraud in a homeschool group and new IRS regulations for nonprofit organizations.

The Journal of Accountancy is the leading professional journal in the field, published by the AICPA. Besides the print magazine (which you will find in the waiting room of every accounting office), the Journal of Accountancy blog is dedicated to news, advice, and standards in the profession. It’s technical stuff, not for the layperson, but for accounting professionals who want to keep up with what’s going on in their profession – without a lot of silliness, fluff, or advertising – the Journal of Accountancy blog is a mainline to the facts. Recent posts include discussion of the impact of blockchain technology on the accounting business, and how AI will affect audits and accounting in the future.

A 20-year veteran of the accounting business, Brian Strahle founded Leverage SALT for tax consulting and research focusing on state and local taxes (SALT). Based in Washington, D.C., Strahle is committed to helping businesses operate in tax-efficient ways, with his blog acting as a vehicle straight to readers. Using a conversational style, and engaging readers with questions, Strahle addresses pressing issues that affect SALT. Strahle isn’t afraid of tough questions, from the philosophical (“Why do you keep going after things you don’t care about?”) to the controversial (“Are you prepared for the robots?”).

Operated by the Maryland Association of CPAs, The MACPA Blog focuses on CPAs excelling in the field. Resident blogger Bill Sheridan (and occasional guests) shares stories, news, and strategies for accounting success. From shout-outs to Maryland’s top accounting firms, to clear answers to complex questions, Sheridan and the MACPA make a compelling blog. Recent highlights include posts on automation in the workplace (“Automation is a Good Thing”) and a bit of tough-love motivation for professionals and businesspeople “(Still Dragging Your Feet? What’s Wrong With You?”).

Mark's Acc Jokes is a not-so-serious accounting blog maintained by London accountant Mark Lee, who never met an accounting gag he didn’t love. Filled with accounting witticisms, one-liners, and anecdotes (both personal and fictional), Lee puts a new spin on the stereotypically dull accountant. Proving by example that not all accountants are boring, Lee’s posts are even humorous to the layman. Don’t believe us? Take a look “Internal Auditors Can Miss the Obvious” for a different take on the classic “stealing wheelbarrows” joke.

CPA Ed Becker, owner of Outsource Your Books, LLC, maintains the OSYB Number Crunch blog, a guide to accounting for small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs. Besides extremely helpful posts on management, taxes, and bookkeeping for business owners, the Number Crunch! blog is a great source for recent accounting news, written by Becker and his staff. Topics that can make a difference for small business owners include tips on running effective meetings that don’t waste employees’ time, and an explanation of how self-employed people pay themselves.

Transparency reporter at, Francine McKenna makes re: The Auditors a must-read for anyone interested in accounting and finance. With more than 25 years experience working at Big 4 firms, McKenna uses her specialized news site to track the business of the Big 4. In addition to being a CPA, McKenna is a journalist whose objective yet critical voice earned her a column on called “Accounting Watchdog.” Besides old-school, feet-to-the-fire reporting on scandals, corruption, and policy, McKenna looks at the future of business, with posts like “Revenue Recognition is Coming.”

Houston, TX CPA Reed Tinsley is an accountant, educator, speaker, and consultant with substantial expertise in health care business and accounting. Tinsley's blog, simply called Reed Tinsley CPA, focuses on the special considerations of the healthcare industry, from Medicare and Medicaid to data collection and management. For accounting professionals in healthcare, no blog is more useful (or in-depth) than Tinsley’s. Recent posts include advice on handling Medicare overpayments, correct coding of insurance claims, and year-end tax planning for healthcare professionals. Dry stuff, maybe, but invaluable.

Longtime Texas CPA Wayne Belisle aims to provide small businesses with ideas to increase profits, sales, and cash flow. Belisle’s family business (working alongside his wife Dora) has been providing tax preparation and bookkeeping since 1992, but Belisle has been in the game since 1973. With that deep experience, Small Business Profit Explosion provides information on bookkeeping, management, saving money, and more. Recent posts have included the difference between tax software and a real-world accountant, and preparing for taxes early.

The TaxProf Blog, written by Pepperdine University professor and dean of the Pepperdine Law School Paul Caron, is one of the most active blogs in the business, and one of the most informed. From professional accomplishments (like swearing in new CPAs from Pepperdine) to news and opinion, Caron combines the expertise of the professor with the broad sweep of the hard-core news junkie. Caron’s area of specialization is tax law, so stories on law education, tax reform, and professional events all keep the blog moving quickly and engagingly.

Armed with loads of tax knowledge and a healthy dose of candor, Russ Fox of Clayton Financial and Tax in Las Vegas, NV, gives readers practical tax advice that lays it on the line. In his posts to the Taxable Talk blog, Fox brings a little of the accounting professor, and a little of the Vegas bar buddy, providing some very technical lessons and tips with personality and character. Plus, he’s got some great insights into tax responsibilities for professional gamblers, if your poker games get a little more serious. Posts about dealing with IRS scammers, or his annual roundup of the year’s worst tax offenders, keep the proceedings both valuable, and light-hearted.


A wonderfully eccentric, 40-year accounting veteran, Robert Flach takes a down-to-earth approach with The Wandering Tax Pro blog. Writing in an informal, instantly-recognizable voice, Flach takes on current events, politics, and money with a sharp sense of humor and a “mad as hell” fearlessness. Posts from 2017 have run heavy on the politics, with well-informed consideration (and occasional take-downs) of government shenanigans, especially with tax reform. His up-front title, “Like Frankenstein, The Tax Code Must Be Destroyed,” pretty much says it all.

Florida CPA Nicholas J. Pennewell’s blog, Where Every Penny Matters, provides straight-forward, thorough advice on all things tax for individuals, businesses, and non-profits. You’ll find helpful takes on recent tax news, such as the new tax bills, as well as great tips on relevant tax issues. Some of his most valuable, compelling recent posts include advice on W-2 email scams, phishing email scams, and how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies affect taxes.